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Hallensteins - 25% off Everything


Same code as an earlier deal, which was marked as expired. But it still works! Includes sale items.

Free shipping for orders over $50 NZD, $5 otherwise.

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  • Does it work with sales item?

    • Yes.

  • Wheres all your polos gone?

  • Just got a pair of chinos, two tshirts, and a pair of boardies for $50NZD


  • Not bad, and can be combined with their 2 for $69 offer, but pretty limited selection at this time.

  • anyone bought a boston chino? how tight are they compared to the regular "slim fit"

    i found the sizes to be a bit hit and miss. i have one pair of chinos which fits fine but i bought a platinum slim pants the other time and it was so tight they were literally tights

  • Not much to choose from… but I still spent $60…
    Uhh I gotta control myself

  • Love the half zip merino sweaters. Dont think much of the chinos or jeans though.

  • Thanks OP - caved and bought a merino vest. For $35 aud you cannot go wrong.

    Hallensteins deliver really quickly too I've always found.

  • ithanks op. did you get code in email ? i always wonder why some members get these codes and some dont

    • email

      Nope. I was about to place an order so I tried out some 'expired' codes, and this one still worked.

      • Awesome !

  • +2

    Thanks OP. $3 boardies are a catch.

    • +1

      Gottalove 3 buck boardies, got enugh to last the next 3 summers. 16 boardies= 42 aud wow!

  • Thanks OP. bought some Hoodies.

  • Anyone know whats the looser fitting Chinos? Boston, Newport or Brooklyn?

    The website doesn't give much away.


  • +1

    Thanks OP. Super happy with my last order from Hallesteins, they shipped it the day of the order with DHL and i had it in Brisbane the next day.

  • yeah the delivery is great. the jumpers are really good for the price just a shame the chinos are a bit cheap feeling and too skinny.

  • Anybody got any idea about the merino sizing? I float between a L and XL in most things I buy, just dependent on how small the size runs.. any help would be appreciated!

    • +1

      Sizing is a tad big, the L merino I have measures ~57cm in the chest. Hope it helps.

      • Thanks mate!

        • Pair of chinos and 3 merino jumpers for $115 AUD, just pray the quality is alright, have heard mixed results about Hallensteins

        • I dont know about the chinos but the merino jumpers are reasonable quality for the price. Not amazing but good value.

  • 6 boardies and a hoody for $40 wooooo thanks OP!

  • Just received my latest order. Quick review of a few items:

    Size 30 jeans - way oversized, it's loose enough to take off without unbuttoning even though 30 is my usual size. Waistband seemed to be stretched out of shape - might be a return?
    Size 28 jeans - way too small, impossible to pull up to waist let alone button
    Size 30 Boston chinos - slightly loose at the waist but wearable. Fair bit of loose/uneven stitching. Material feels decent enough but fit is funny at the crotch and the pockets flare like crazy, especially when walking. Looks ridiculous if not covered by a jacket/shirt.
    Size XS button down shirts - way too roomy at torso and arms despite being a "slim fit".
    Size XS T-shirts - no problems there - it's a T-shirt. Arms could be longer though.

    Everything's going back but the T-shirts (and the chocolates). Since they don't have free returns I'm probably not going to be coming back.

    • Yes Hallensteins clothing is quite cheap in construction. The only things I buy are the merino sweaters which are actually very good. shirts dont fit me well, and the chinos are too skinny and dont like the material. but yeah +1 for their merino sweaters, great for the price.