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Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400r - $31.20 PICKUP / DELIVERED - JB HIFI


Price from other stores: between $38 - $70.


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  • yay, was looking for this :)

  • My Ditter V12 is gonna love this

  • its like watching the apple share price… this a new low… how low can this go

    • More like watching the apple share price… this is a new high… how high can we go, how high can our profits go, all whilst putting our profits off-shore to escape local company taxes (U.S.)!

    • I dunno man… I'm guessing you weren't watching it in the 90s :)

      What if you had bought Apple stock in 1997

      I actually remember at the time, hearing about how they had a billion dollar loss that financial year.

      Awww man now I feel old.

      (… and pissed I didn't buy a share or two)

  • Well, as with everything, since I've just bought it, it will come up cheaper somewhere else the next day.

  • nice, i paid $35 about 6 months ago…love it, awesome keyboard for couch computer/HTPC use!

  • Good price. I've been very happy with mine.

  • Does it work on MacBook?

  • Any good mice for this? I want to be able to also use it for gaming

  • Just bought 2 more.
    Really nice unit for controlling anything plugged into a TV.

  • $29.64 after OW 5% pricematch (yep - both JB and OW have the K400R)

  • Will this work if plugged into a wdtv live?

    • Yes, it works well with my WDTV live.

      Arrows to navigate, Esc = Back, Enter = OK.

  • will this work on apple tv?

  • I love this keyboard, if you're considering one go for it… Works well when I need to do work on the HTPC.

  • Its perfect for HTPCs if you dont mind its size.

    Track pad is ok for htpc use but its not anything fantastic.

    I wouldnt recommend it to do much typing on either as its not that great of a keyboard.

    But for its price and how much youd use it on a htpc its pretty much perfect. Would love a model with backlighting.

  • i have the K400 and its the piece of junk.. the mouse buttons are crap, if you dont press them in the center they dont work.

    • Get a new one.

    • +2 votes

      I have both and will vouch the K400 mouse buttons are crap, especially the left bigger one, the K400r are a lot better though.

    • sorry but these keyboards are junk…. specially if you paid RRP

    • yes, as a keyboard in general, these keyboards are not great for accuracy…but neither are most laptop keyboards.

      this keyboard is made for a specific purpose: occasional/couch use (ie. HTPC). it obviously places more emphasis on convenience/size/form factor (and affordable price) rather than accurate performance. it is NOT intended to be a desktop replacement keyboard or for extended typing (where accuracy and precision is important).

      find me a comparable (in convenience/size/form factor) keyboard at this price, that has better performance. you can't.

      if the performance does not satisfy your needs, then unfortunately you will have to sacrifice something else (convenience/size/cost) to find better performance. it's a trade-off…so it depends on the factors that are most important to you.

      personally: the K400R is absolutely the WORST keyboard/mouse i own (including laptop/netbook) in terms of accurate performance…but it's also absolutely my favourite and the one i use the most, because it serves its purpose. for someone who loves lounging on the couch in from of my TV to use my HTPC for media and casual internet browsing, the K400R is EASILY my favourite and most used item purchased from ozbargain for under $50. (probably use my tablet more, but that was more expensive)

  • Will this work with Note 2 connected to hdtv? i.e Android?

  • Is that the US model or UK model in the pic? Note the nasty enter key? Be careful,………

  • Does anyone have any experience with the Mele F10 - I'm decided between the two

  • Anyone tried using this with Raspberry Pi/Raspbmc?

  • Does anyone know if this will work on the same receiver as the logitech MK710. It also has a unifying receiver

  • can you scroll with the trackpad? ie: drag finger down the edge of trackpad to scroll scrollbar? (or two finger drag to scroll?)

    this is something the K700 does not do, which can get annoying.

  • Thanks op! Bought, not sure why, don't really use HTPC currently, but i'm sure I will one day =p

    Seemed like a good idea at the time lol

  • Anyone knows if this will work with android please.

  • Just wanted to add in my 2c to say that these are GREAT for a HTPC, but would be horrible to use as an everyday keyboard.

    As noted, the mouse buttons are pretty crap, however I almost never use them, instead tapping on the touchpad. For something wireless that I can tuck beside the couch until I actually need it. I use this in tandem with an Xbox 360 controller, and between the two of them I can easily do everything I want to from my couch.

  • In case anyone hits the setpoint software not allowing the setting tabs to be installed, try un-pairing in the unifying software and re-pairing, I tried everything else, Logitech need to fix this bug!

  • Just got one, thanks OP. Great range, good response time, light and feels solid. Plug and play worked perfectly, including track pad gestures.

    Keyboard typing feels unnatural, but acceptable for typing short paragraphs.

  • A very poor keyboard made of cheap plastic… Always feels like I'm going to bend it when I hold it

    • Agreed, own 4 Logitech keyboards tried it in the store and was surprised they released something so flimsy.

  • Anyone know of a similarly priced and quality wireless keyboard + trackpad/trackball with Bluetooth instead of Wireless?

  • Pretty impressed with this KB. Picked it up from OW. Works out of the box with my existing unifying receiver.

    Admittedly the keys are a little small and certainly not as comfortable as my MK710. The entire thing is also a little flexible. The trackpad isn't overly sensitive but better than my terrible Sony VAIO. Otherwise I don't have any complaints. Typing is quick enough for Youtube, i'm using it to write this post. The media/f keys work do their function. The trackpad is fairly accurate and two finger scrolling works well. It even comes with batteries. For the price it's a great piece of kit!

    Also I love the extra mouse button on the left side of the keyboard. It lets you point and click with your thumbs - pretty cool.

    This is a great addition to my HTPC.

  • I've got one of these on my HP N40l Server/HTPC in the living room, paired up with a Logitech M325 mouse. It's an absolutely perfect combination for the things most server/htpc users would want. The keyboard is perfect for use in XBMC, with the touchpad being good enough if you just want to do quick/basic things. But paired with a nice wireless mouse I can comfortably browse the internet, sort the files on the server, control all the media and so on.

    I picked up another two for the PC's in our house which are also hooked up to TV's. With XBMC running over the MySQL server, the only thing stopping the comfort/ease of using it on the PC in our backroom or our bedroom was the fact that neither setup was as comfortable as the one in the living room. Sitting anywhere and controlling the TV with the keyboard on your lap is perfect. Now I can do it from bed, and from the coach in the backroom. Will go along very nicely with the Microsoft Wireless Receivers I picked up for those computers too. Use the keyboard to launch the games, and my 360 controller to play them. Technology sure makes me lazier. lol

  • Anyone know how this compares to the Logitech diNovo Edge? I was thinking of getting a diNovo Edge for my dad - I've read good things about them - but at $100 less, I'm thinking the K400r may be the ticket…

  • In true JB style, these were placed in a tub marked $60 in the TV section.

    Some were marked $69, others $59, but scanned at the Ozbargain price of $31.20

  • Guys. I got a smart tv (Samsung UA40D5500 (40-inch LCD)).
    I'm connectiong it to the web but its a pain to key in on the keyboard on the tele.
    Would I be able to use this keyboard browse the net? I was looking out for a remote app for my iphone but none works so far.

  • ozbargained

  • Got mine for $25 from OW just because it was a return still everything sealed :)

  • expired?

  • Been reduced at OW to $31.20

  • Got myself one, just have to pick it up :(

  • Would go to office works but you always have to say, these guys have it cheaper and go through the process. Not to mention they are no where near my house. Tried emailing them and it takes 48 hours sometimes longer to get a response. Even though JB are a little more expensive most of the time at least they get back to you that day

  • Might add, still in stock at office works for $31.20

    • Up to $35 now tha JBs out of stock. JB still has it available for click and collection back order, but that may only be for today.

  • Was still waiting for the 'click-n-collect' pickup confirmation when my K400r was dropped on my doorstep this morning (no knock) by Auspost, luckily I was home and heard a thump as the padded parcel hit the ground outside.

  • anyone else's order still "in progress"? My PayPal account hasn't been charged yet either, its says "pending".

  • mine came yesterday, its very much like a laptop keyboard to use (so different to my full sized desktop keys) but its very nice

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