OzBargain 2013 EoFY Charity Donation - Vote for Charities!

Post-Poll Update: Thanks to everyone who has participated! We now have the top 3 charities voted from our community members, and the donation will be distributed according to the votes they have got:

Charity Votes Donation
Fred Hollows Foundation 127 $5,902
Cancer Council 93 $4,322
Salvation Army 69 $3,206

I will be arranging the donation and post an update here once it's done.

Donation Update: Final amount — $13,430. Please use the poll to vote your favourite charity.

It's that time of the year again! We donated last year, and again just before Christmas. For the end of this financial year, OzBargain will again donate $10,000 to charities in Australia — and you guys are going to help us to decide which one to donate to. Do use last Christmas' list as a guide on which charities in Australia have minimum administrative cost, as we do prefer to give to those that put majority of donations to good causes.

However, there's more! For every unique commenter here (of published comments), I would be adding an extra $10 to the donation, until mid-night this Sunday 9th of June (or until my accountant calls in to cut this short :) So, if there are 100 people commenting in this thread, I'll be adding an extra $1,000 to the donation. Or an extra $2,500 if there are 250 people comment here (to the total of $12,500).

Do note that

  • Creating multiple accounts on OzBargain is against our terms and conditions, and might get your accounts banned.
  • Posting spam, personal attacks and trolling comments might get your comment removed (your account might be temporarily banned as well). Unpublished comments don't count towards the tally.


  • DONE. Until Sunday 9 June, comment and suggest the charity that OzBargain should be donating to this year.
  • DONE. We'll finalise the amount (after counting the unique commenters), and then put up a poll for people to vote.
  • DONE. Voting will stop on 16 June. The top 3 charities will receive their portion of donation in proportion to the number of votes they get.
  • DONE OzBargain will then donate to these charity organisations the following week.

All clear?

Poll Options expired

  • 36
    Australian Prostate Cancer Research
  • 52
    Beyond Blue
  • 93
    Cancer Council
  • 127
    Fred Hollows Foundation
  • 9
    MS Australia
  • 29
    Medicins Sans Frontiers
  • 37
  • 9
    Red Cross
  • 30
    Royal Flying Doctors
  • 69
    Salvation Army
  • 11
    Swags for Homeless
  • 7
    The Smith Family


  • +1

    Donate to the Dr Fred Hollows organisation.

  • Beyond Blue and the Red Shield appeal. Hats off to you Scotty for giving back to the community.

    • Good combination, as i've found the Salvation Army pretty depressing ever since John Howard appointed the hard-line Major Brian Watters to a key drug advisory position.

      To be blunt, i consider the Salvation Army to be idealogically dangerous to your health, and don't wish them to spit out another clone like him. There's plenty of other alternatives - let's go for them.

  • Let's think long term and sponsor a child :)


    we have 3 sponsored kids…


    1. No to dogs, cats, or anything else non-human, as they are for human consumption.
    2. Yes to old folk, homeless etc - organisations that focus on this demographic often have most difficulty raising funds as no cute kids involved.

    +$10. Ka Ching!

    • That was a $10 pic

  • just costing you $10 now. :)
    I'm going to nominate the RIDBC again, that's Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children who do some terrific work supporting the kids. Seen first hand the amount of effort required to produce just one book for kids of different needs (tactile, braille, large font) and they do it with such dedication

  • I vote for the Cancer Council

  • Another $10!

  • I vote compiling the top 10 (when this is done), finding out what percentage they ACTUALLY give to said cause (you would be VERY surprised to find out how much of your $$ actually goes to help the 'cause'- some organizations are only legally required to pass on 5%), then donating the money to the organization that passes on the most. Kinda like looking 4 the best bargain…kinda.
    -oh yeah, $10 scotty :P

    • +1

      See here

      • wow…waaaaay ahead of me- cheers m8 :)

  • Another vote for Bear Cottage http://www.bearcottage.chw.edu.au/

    Childrens hospice near Manly, Sydney.

  • How about the Humpty Dumpty foundation ?

    The Humpty Dumpty Foundation raises money to purchase vital children’s medical equipment for over 200 children’s hospitals and health service centres across Australia and 2 in East Timor. It is our aim to ensure every child has a fighting chance to the best possible medical equipment and care.

    • +2

      Can we also sponsor some puppies pls? Guide dogs australia don't get any government funding.

      Starting from $31.50 per month you can help turn some of the cutest puppies into highly skilled Guide Dogs or Autism Assistance Dogs.
      Guide Dogs SA.NT provides Guide Dogs and Autism Assistance Dogs at no cost to clients - and we don't receive any government funding. That's why we need your generous support.
      As a Puppy Sponsor you will be helping fund the vital raising and training that will help these puppies change lives.
      You'll become part of our family as we send you regular Pupdates - so you can see firsthand how your puppy students are progressing.

      or we could donate some money Guide dogs australia

  • I'll say MS Australia. Not to be confused with M$ Australia.

  • -1


  • Salvation Army please.

  • +2

    Is this $10 tax deductible?

  • I vote for Beyond Blue! Thanks scotty!

  • Melanoma Institute Australia…… $10+++++


  • I vote for ms Australia. Thanks.

  • +1

    Starlight foundation Please let's make the dreams of some very sick children come true.

  • as an ozbargainer I will be looking for more bang for buck, I mean more charity per dollar.
    The hollows foundation seems best. http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/105919#comment-1432271
    Thank you.

  • Support Ozbargain. Cheers.

  • +1

  • +2

    SIDS and Kids - Red Nose Day is the 28th June which is timely for an eofy donation, even if it isn't through ozbargain. Lets all help stop every mothers worst nightmare.


  • +1

    i believe a 'small' donation to a large organisation would not affect it much ie Salvos or other large organisations that have plenty/enough money to continue their work ect(offcourse its still good). However a donation to a small organisation would be a 'large amount' and would really benift them. but cant think of one?

  • 1 more unique commenter :)

  • Here's my $10

    • Not yours. Scotty's :)

  • 01$ ym s'ereH

  • Cancer council. Good job Scotty.

  • +1

    +1 for rch and ronald mcd house.

    For almost 2 mths there, cost medibank about $18k :) with no gap fee for us, i can't imagine how much they spend per day.

    And also thankful for ronald mcd house, because of them we don't have to go back and forth everyday.

  • +1

    Fred Hollows or RFDS. Just commenting to give the $10 though :P

  • Great work chief :)

  • +1

    An organisation for the disabled or for Indigenous welfare.

    Converting my $0.02 into $10 :-) Thanks.

  • +1 support!

  • This is a great idea!

  • +2

    Lifeline. They do really important work - I don't think I'm overstating by saying that for some people that phone call is the difference between life and death.

    Thanks for doing this Scotty. It's making me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and it's not even my money :)

    • +1 For Lifeline. Thanks for giving back Scotty.

  • +2

    I would vote for any secular charity - it doesn't seem right that acts of goodwill should endorse a particular religion…

    • +1

      I'd prefer to see my $10 (thank you Scotty and OzBargain, this is awesome of you) go towards something that will help the planet/environment or something that may help with 'closing the gap', i.e. Australian Indigenous health/education/etc.

      Also, I would definitely prefer to see such a generous donation going towards an actual charity, rather than anything church/religion-affiliated.

  • Good one Scotty!!
    So many worthy charities in need of funding!!

  • You're going to go broke like this! Good on you Scotty!

  • +1

    I vote for Cancer Council

  • +1

    Cancer Council or Australian Cancer Research Foundation

  • Great Initiative!!

  • "Cure for Life Foundation". It's a foundation that is committed towards raising money for brain cancer research and cure. Recently, I recently heard about Dr Charlie Teo discussing brain cancer and how it kills more young people, it's worthwhile giving Cure for Life Foundation consideration.

  • Buy humble bundles and donate all to charity ;)
    But I'd go for Red Cross if it's all the same to you…

  • Really generous of you OzB! :)

  • thank you for your generosity :)

  • +1

    A fantastic initiative. The aboriginal literacy foundation has very low administrative costs and their work is much needed.

  • Boom. $10.

  • Paradise Kids or Red Kite get my vote!


  • +2

    Animal Welfare League….. animals don't have a voice and we humans treat them very poorly sometimes. Plus how many of us have a dog who without fail is happy to see you!

  • The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation


    $50 Could buy toys games and books to entertain sick kids in hospital

    $100 Could fund life-saving medical equipment

    $250 Could fund a researcher for a day to find a cure for childhood illnesses.

    • +1 = $10 for good cause.

  • Salvos , tnx OzB

  • Swags for Homeless - great work again OzBargain!

  • -2

    Sorry I already donate all my money to charity which is myself.

    • No, you will not be able to get tax deduction, so you must have donated to the wrong place.

      Did I just stack another $10 note on the top?

  • How about http://www.kiva.org/start ?

    You sponsor small businesses in third world countries through microfinancing. You probably can't claim as a tax deduction but you do eventually get the money back as the business owners pay off their loans.

    • +1
      Suggest maybe the proceeds from unique votes ($1000?) used at Kiva so the Ozbargain community can watch lenders grow.

    • Kiva is not a Deductible Gift Recipient (not tax deductable). It would be good as a member initiated project though.

      • Sounds pretty interesting. Would the ozb collective be interested in such initiatives tho?

        • They would if the small business was selling cheap cables and usb memory sticks.

        • Is there anyway to find out how many click on the link to this post ?

    • +1

  • +3

    Fred hallows foundation moves me each and every time I see their ad. I support all causes and I love animals but have a soft spot for blinds. Every cause is worthy of donation and I agree to donating to smaller organizations that do great work but can't get sufficient attention and donation because they don't have enough money and resources to fundraiser. Also recently found out about EBY- empowering blind youth. Not based in Australia but its just starting and it's for a great cause; helping visually impaired blind youths in Kenya to get education and eventually get them out of the poverty cycle.

  • Heart Foundation :)

  • +3

    Good on you Scotty and Ozbargain!

    Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is my favourite charity.

  • +1

    Good on ya Scotty!

    Allocate my $10 to whichever charity nobody else is voting for, coz I'm hipster/thought-provoking like that.

  • Cancer Council

  • Salvos. Thanks Scotty.

  • Salvo's or Smith Family - but so many other worthy causes listed. Well done Ozbargain team.

  • +$10 for Salvos!

  • another $10 ;)

  • +6

    Given that the Australian Government has failed once again to raise its foreign aid budget, I'd like to suggest that our $ go overseas. How many times do we see '1st world problems' here on Ozbargain ("I couldn't get to Dick Smith before the $154 notebook sold out"). Imagine if you couldn't get to school because the building fell apart?

    My suggestion? http://www.hada.org.au/projects/current-projectsprojects-in-...

    I personally know both Rick who runs the school & the directors of HADA who source funding, and can guarantee their promise that "Because all HADA staff are volunteers, and no salaries are paid, we are able to send all the funds, in their entirety, to the project except for bank charges levied against us when transferring the funds overseas."

  • +2

    Good onya Ozbargian - Asylum Seeker Resource Centre for me thanks

  • My vote goes towards "Habitat for Humanity".

    They do amazing work around the world, don't waste donation money on admin and have no religious affiliations. Perfect!

  • The smith's family has always been my choice..they try as much as possible to put a smile on kids who need our support.

  • Good work guys

  • Headspace or other mental health places get my vote! Also great idea for a charity drive!

  • +$10

  • Flight Doctors :)

  • Great job, +$10

  • +1 for HFC: http://www.hackersforcharity.org/about-us/

    I work with quite a few people who know Johnny Long (haven't had the good fortune to meet him yet) and he's a top bloke. HFC has been working extensively in Africa has done quite a lot of great work in there.

  • I vote for cancer council

  • thanks ozbargain. Great work!

  • i vote for anything related to cancer

  • +1

  • Great initative! +$10

  • Unique commenter, that's me! Great stuff OzzyB!

  • The cancer council is doing great work and really deserves money and volunteer-work.

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