OzBargain 2013 EoFY Charity Donation - Vote for Charities!

Post-Poll Update: Thanks to everyone who has participated! We now have the top 3 charities voted from our community members, and the donation will be distributed according to the votes they have got:

Charity Votes Donation
Fred Hollows Foundation 127 $5,902
Cancer Council 93 $4,322
Salvation Army 69 $3,206

I will be arranging the donation and post an update here once it's done.

Donation Update: Final amount — $13,430. Please use the poll to vote your favourite charity.

It's that time of the year again! We donated last year, and again just before Christmas. For the end of this financial year, OzBargain will again donate $10,000 to charities in Australia — and you guys are going to help us to decide which one to donate to. Do use last Christmas' list as a guide on which charities in Australia have minimum administrative cost, as we do prefer to give to those that put majority of donations to good causes.

However, there's more! For every unique commenter here (of published comments), I would be adding an extra $10 to the donation, until mid-night this Sunday 9th of June (or until my accountant calls in to cut this short :) So, if there are 100 people commenting in this thread, I'll be adding an extra $1,000 to the donation. Or an extra $2,500 if there are 250 people comment here (to the total of $12,500).

Do note that

  • Creating multiple accounts on OzBargain is against our terms and conditions, and might get your accounts banned.
  • Posting spam, personal attacks and trolling comments might get your comment removed (your account might be temporarily banned as well). Unpublished comments don't count towards the tally.


  • DONE. Until Sunday 9 June, comment and suggest the charity that OzBargain should be donating to this year.
  • DONE. We'll finalise the amount (after counting the unique commenters), and then put up a poll for people to vote.
  • DONE. Voting will stop on 16 June. The top 3 charities will receive their portion of donation in proportion to the number of votes they get.
  • DONE OzBargain will then donate to these charity organisations the following week.

All clear?

Poll Options expired

  • 36
    Australian Prostate Cancer Research
  • 52
    Beyond Blue
  • 93
    Cancer Council
  • 127
    Fred Hollows Foundation
  • 9
    MS Australia
  • 29
    Medicins Sans Frontiers
  • 37
  • 9
    Red Cross
  • 30
    Royal Flying Doctors
  • 69
    Salvation Army
  • 11
    Swags for Homeless
  • 7
    The Smith Family


  • Legacy Australia

  • in

  • +1

  • +1 HADA

  • $10 for charity! GW OzB

  • MSF :)

  • Good on you, OzB! (:

  • +$10 for charity :)

  • This is very cool. #uniquecomment.

  • Another vote for the Smith Family.

  • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. But ideally anything non secular is fine by me.

  • I would like to nominate the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation! They're a small charity but they're doing great work!

  • cancer council

  • +10

  • Here's a 10 Dollar note with your name on it! :)

  • I'd like to see the money go to a charity that works with people who are down on their luck, like the Salvos or Smith Family - considering the many job cuts recently and families struggling to make ends meet.

  • +1

    +$10, great to see this happening again :)

    On a side note though…

    Do use last Christmas' list as a guide on which charities in Australia have minimum administrative cost, as we do prefer to give to those that put majority of donations to good causes.

    @Scotty/whoever else thinks min admin cost = a good metric of a charities effectiveness, please watch this great TED video about why that train of thought is a bad idea:


    Not saying that everything the speaker says is correct, but I think he makes an excellent point in that we're too quick to judge charities/organisations on this very flawed metric.

    • +1

      I've actually already written my reply here. Maybe some charities do need to spend some money on marketing. However I am already here with money in hand willing to give — I want to make sure the money is used on the cause, not on the fund raising overhead.

  • This is a terrific initiative, bravo. I'm happy for my $10 to go to whoever the horde decide.

  • Support Mental Health - Or I'll Kill You!

  • $10

  • Soo many worthy charities. Royal flying doctor service for me.

  • +1

    Fred Hollows

  • ozbargain society pleaseee

  • +3

    Just counted (or rather, SQL query does it for me) that there are 241 people commented on this thread so far. I am getting rather nervous :)

    The $10 bonus will stop at mid-night tomorrow. I will then set up the poll from people's suggestions on Monday.

  • Beyondblue foundation

  • Unicef

    Because Scotty does know!
    Scotty does know!
    Scotty does know!
    Scotty does know!
    So do tell Scotty!
    Scotty does know!
    Do tell Scotty!

    Love your work Scotty

    • Hmm, I think I can convert my Qantas points into a Unicef donation.

  • +1 Royal Flying Doctors, thanks Ozbargain.

  • Vote for Cancel council. Thanks scotty

  • $10 =D

  • Lifeline, Kids Helpline, Beyond Blue

  • Where do you get your funding from? Salvation Army.

  • great idea, my votes for Alzheimers Australia

  • Good cause. Any charity that you see fit.

  • Luv ur work … Keep it up!!

  • well done scotty

  • o hai there

  • +1

    Lovely to see someone giving so generously :)

    If I had $12K+ to donate I'd use it to help support the fledgling milk banks that are struggling to get established in Australia.

    Often when babies are born prematurely their mothers don't produce sufficient breastmilk for them - the problem is that they need it even more than a full term, healthy baby. Formula carries a lot of risks for babies who are in the NICU (such as higher chance of Necrotizing Enterocolitis).

    My friend's twins spent 4 months in the NICU last year, luckily she was able to pump enough milk for them but she had serious problems storing it - desperate mothers would steal it from any fridge that wasn't secure. I think that says a lot when a mother is desperate enough to take milk from an unknown source and give it to her sick baby. It would be wonderful for all premature babies to have access to clean, safe breastmilk.


  • Oxfam please.

    Because Australia isn't perfect, but we've got it pretty good. And our little bit here goes a long LONG way over there.

    <3 OzBargain 4 eva


  • +1 to the cancer council.

  • Good Work Guys!

  • Thanks Scotty!

  • +$10

    Great work Scotty

  • Nice work

  • +10 just for you scotty (well not really)

  • +1

    +1 Medicins Sans Frontiers

  • +1 for cancer council

  • Dammit, I only just found this thread (a day too late,) so missed out on adding my $10 worth. This is an awesome gesture though Scotty and there are many worthy charities mentioned.

    • No… until mid night today, i.e.another 16 hours to go.

  • +1 Cancer Council or Australian Cancer Research Foundation. Thanks Scotty!

  • There are so many good causes but I'd like to vote for the less fortunate, starved and homeless.
    Btw we all have benefited from ozb. Why don't we donate thru ozb with Scotty?

    • +1

      No I don't want to handle the money :) although I do encourage everyone to think about what you can do with the excess we have and use that to do some good.

      We are already quite privileged that we can actually discuss and debate about shopping and other first world problems here. Many in the world can't.

  • Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

  • some good suggestions here add another $10 i will vote when available

  • +2

    guide dogs, state of your choice

  • Fred Hollows Foundation has my vote :)

  • Fred Hollows. Well done OzB.

  • $10

  • Cancer Council

    Well done :)

  • +1 for Cancer Council

  • +2

    Good to see such kind-heartedness.

    My vote goes to Sea Shepherd.


  • Cystic Fibrosis Australia - Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common, genetically acquired, life-shortening chronic illness affecting young Australians today.

    Donate here - http://www.cysticfibrosis.org.au/all/donations/

  • My vote goes to the Fred Hollows Foundation.

    Since its formation in 1992, the Foundation has helped restore sight to well over 1 million people.
    An estimated 39 million people around the world today are blind. Four out of five don't have to be.

    My personal donation also went to the Foundation:

    Great work Scotty.

  • Great initiative
    Here, have my +$10

  • Tax Break!

  • +1

    Just some food for thought. I personally only make donations to charities which help animals (WWF, RSPCA, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Environment Victoria are some examples). Humans can usually help themselves but animals don't have a voice. Why do we need 7 billion humans on the earth anyway?

  • Child's play! :D

  • Add my $10 too! =)

  • Great work OzBargain.

  • Good to see ozbargain giving back to the community, not just us cheapos!

  • +1 to Cancer Council

  • +10$

  • Wow :)

    • 10$
  • +10

    This is a fantastic thing to do good work mate

    • $10
  • $10!

  • $10!

  • So many options - such a generous benefactor, Scotty. Not sure if they've had a mention but PANDA (Post and AntiNatal Depression Association) do an outstanding job. Keep up the wonderful work people!

  • +3

    scotty got OzBargained

  • +$10

  • Headspace

  • Cancer Council

  • Thanks for doing this!

  • +$10

    Thanks Scotty for the ongoing donations. I hope I'm not too late. Whatever charity it goes to it will certainly help. I would like to vote for the Smith Family if I can.

    I remember last year's nomination as well and I certainly do like the extra $10 per comment this year!

  • Great effort…

    Tax deduction?!??

  • +1

    Medicins Sans Frontiers

  • I assume the limit has now reached $12500. Thanks again Scotty.

    • A bit more than that actually. Just update the main post.

      • Wow, didn't think it could go over $12500.

        • Finger crossed now that it won't go too much over $12,500…

        • You might want to take out some insurance. :P

  • Well done again oz bargain - lets support something Australian again this year.

  • This is a great idea, and so many worthy causes.

  • National Breast Cancer Foundation

  • A local organisation in Victoria, Animal Aid does some wonderful work with stray animals a bit like RSPCA but with much less funding http://www.animalaid.org.au/about-animal-aid.html

  • Cancer Council for me :)

  • +1

    Fantastic post… I just vote to keep the donation to an Australian charity. No point helping others when we can't help out our own…
    Beyond Blue
    The Black Dog Institute

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