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SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD 128GB $89, 256GB $160 Free Shipping with $50 Voucher* @ ShoppingExpress


Not only are we offering these Sandisk SSDs at the best price delivered in Australia - you get a bonus $50 Voucher to be used in our July's Tax Return Promotion. More products will be added to our EOFYS event between 10th to 23rd June 2013 constantly, and these 2 are the newly added products to the event.

Enter voucher code: SDSSD for discounted price below to apply.

Sandisk Ultra Plus 128GB SSD - $89 Free Shipping
Sandisk Ultra Plus 256GB SSD - $160 Free Shipping

Price has been adjusted to reflect as the "best price delivered" in Australia. Any purchase at previously posted price, please PM me with your Shopping Express username and order ID so i can arrange a store credit for you.

See Terms & Conditions in Promotion Page for more details on $50 Voucher - we will also be emailing customers with more details how to use the $50 Voucher.
All stocks are limited, with limited quantity per customer.
Free Shipping discount auto apply once you have updated your post code at shopping cart or once you checkout
Where Free Shipping is not offered, Shipping cost averages $10 australia wide
No Grey Imports, All Genuine & carries Australia's Manufacturer Warranty.

For 1st time buyers:
- Add any of the above products to your shopping cart
- Enter Postcode inside your shopping cart and click apply
- Enter voucher code: SDSSD and the associated discount will apply (check right side of the shopping cart for the total value
- Proceed to checkout and make payment once you confirmed the total price is correct.

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  • +1

    Can we get a taste of what's in the July sale, otherwise the $50 voucher could be useless.

  • +2

    Really hope this isn't a $50 voucher that is split up e.g. 5 x $10 vouchers where you can only use one voucher at a time.

    • +2

      sneak peek -

      it will be a single $50 voucher
      Promotion will include popular products

      • Will your promo include 64GB MicroSD cards? If so, I'm in.. :)

        • Sorry for late reply… We have not finalize every product yet, anything may be possible. We are thinking of some customer choice for perhaps a few items, but not sure how many people will actually be interested in helping us choose?

        • Sure. SD cards is always good (MicroSD) with devices in general. Also, if you can do a "great" deal with the HP N54L would be nice too. :)

          When is the email for the $50 voucher going to be sent out?


        • Hi bchiliu,

          64GB MicroSD - added to wishlist
          N54L - added to wishlist.
          Email will be sent out within the next few days after purchase has been made.



        • +1 for N54L

  • or one with a $500 min spend

  • is this better than the last MSY SSD deal (plextor or something)?

    • plextor is better

      Ultra plus has some compatible issues with Thinkpad and some motherboard…

      Two of my friend bought this product, and they all returned to factory for repairing now.

      • Wow thanks for the device, I was surprised to hear this wouldn't work with my laptop!

        • $95 is a good price, you can buy one for your desktop PC.

        • Wait, so it doesn't work with ThinkPad's!!! No way I'd buy one.

  • Ultra plus. lol

    Not as funny as the Goes Like Hell edition (yes it's real).

    • +3

      My OCZ Vertex 2 is unofficially the Nightmare edition. Lost count the number of times I've had to return it for repair…

      • -1

        e-bay :)

      • Yeah luckily PCCG gave me a Vertex 3 when mine crapped itself.

  • 'Not only are we offering these Sandisk SSDs at the best price delivered in Australia'

    Since you've posted this deal the prices have since been beaten, any plans on going cheaper?

    • The Sandisk SSDs from our deal are:

      • All Genuine & carries Australia's Limited 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
      • Additional $50 Voucher for your event, gives you a head start over others without this voucher on our upcoming promotion.

      Can we confirm if the product from competitor is

      • Not Grey import
      • Having same warranty terms?

      Kind Regards

      • +3

        "Additional $50 Voucher for your event, gives you a head start over others without this voucher on our upcoming promotion."

        You should not put this in comparison if the $50 voucher is really a 'Bonus' as you have stated. Your prices should be cheapest without the $50 taken into account, if you claim to have "best price delivered in Australia".

        • +2

          As mentioned above, competitor's product may have slight different offering in terms of source and warranty terms. If they are proved to be the same condition - we are happy to beat it.

          Kind Regards

        • From the Shopping Square deal …. "1-year warranty in Australia".

          That almost certainly means that these are not Australian sourced and have only a Shopping Square warranty (1 year). So there is a difference between the offerings because one is a grey import.

          But I agree with wildstone that you can't claim the "best delivered price in Australia", more correctly the "best Australian-sourced and delivered price in Australia".

        • +10

          Base on your comments - it is a valid point and we are going to beat those prices

          128GB - $89 delivered
          256GB -$160 delivered.

          Use coupon code: SDSSD at checkout to get the discount.



        • +1

          Actually my point was just about the $50 voucher and that you shouldn't include that into your comparison, since you are claiming it is a 'genuine bonus'.

          I do agree however that when comparing apples to apples the terms of warranty should be taken into account, so comparing 1 year VS 3 years isn't fair.

          But regardless, you beat it!!! So kudos to you ShoppingExpress.

          EDIT: ShoppingSquare has updated warranty terms to 3 years. So it is apples to apples.

  • the site says FREE shipping for any eofys stuff - trying to buy the samsung 16GB micro sd on the front page- does not take shipping off at check

    • EOFYs is not free shipping on all products. The 2 SSD here are free shipping. Can you please PM me the link where you see the FREE Shipping for any eofys stuff?

      Kind Regards

      • Free shipping? Is here a coupon or something I didn't put in?

        • -1

          which ones are you referring to? Both Sandisk SSDs on this post are free shipping, proceed to checkout, update your postcode, the shipping charge will be waived.

          Kind Regards

  • +1

    I'm still deciding whether to buy from SE or SS deal which is cheaper. Are you lowering your price to match the other competitor?

    • Same here. Hope SE can price match

      • +1

        check a few comments above:

        The Sandisk SSDs from our deal are -

        All Genuine & carries Australia's Limited 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
        Additional $50 Voucher for your event, gives you a head start over others without this voucher on our upcoming promotion.
        Can we confirm if the product from competitor is

        Not Grey import
        Having same warranty terms?

        If proven having same condition, we are happy to beat the price.

        Kind Regards

    • +5

      new price.

      128GB - $89 delivered
      256GB -$160 delivered.

      use coupon code: SDSSD
      at checkout

    • +7

      and SE beat SS in customer service 1000 fold. Look up some of the horror stories from Shopping Square. They are an absolute joke of a company and difficult to contact with no direct email addresses or phone numbers.
      I'd rather buy from SE any day.

      • +4

        I totally agree. SE have been great to deal with, SS a joke.

        • +1

          Couldn't agree more. Would love SS' existence to cease.

  • From the product page on Shopping Square they appear to be 3 year warranty as well, however there is conflicting information as further down the page it reports 1 year.

    "Compatibility and Warranty Information

    The SanDisk Ultra Plus Solid State Drive is compatible with SATA Revision 3.0 (6Gb/s) interfaces and is backwards compatible with SATA Revision 2.0 (3Gb/s) and SATA Revision 1.0 (1.5GB/s) interfaces. It is backed by a three-year limited warranty"

    And then further down the page;

    "1-year warranty in Australia"

    • Given the generally "careful" wording, I expect that it is a grey import and that the 1 year warranty by Shopping Square is correct. The 3 year wording is almost certainly an oversight by whoever copy & pasted from Sandisk.

  • +2

    Thumbs up for listening to user input.

  • Just to confirm: no bigger sizes available? I need ~500GB.

    • only this 2 product available for Sandisk ultra plus. We have 500GB versions in Sandisk Extreme, or Samsung 840 series.

  • +2

    Ordered and waiting for SSD and bonus $50 :D

    • +1

      Same boat :)

  • +1

    As mumof2sydney mentioned above - do you have a deal on the Samsung 16GB microSD card? The shipping price on the card is a killer - would love to purchase it and then wait till July to see if I could pick a printer from you.

  • Hey rep, any chance you could give me free shipping on this beuty?

    That would make it about on par with competitors, and I'd much rather buy from you.

    • We are already the lowest priced on the printer?

      Kind Regards

      • $189.74 @ Megabuy and $195 @ MSY compared to $210.95 delivered @ shoppingExpress.

        • Whats the delivered price of each of these? I know Megabuy seems to have $25 delivery fee to Sydney, not to mention the credit card surcharge. Not sure about delivery by MSY?

        • Both are within driving distance of myself, although I would like to support SE (bought a bunch of SSDs and a micro server off them before), It is a $20 difference in cost.

        • Hi Miekologos,

          Thanks for wanting to support us. How about i meet you half way - $199 delivered?

          Kind regards

  • Damn..I just made an order with SE and now SS has the lowest. Price WAR!

    • +6

      I would not worry. I would prefer to buy from SE for a couple of dollars extra. Less risk.

  • +1

    Performance wide it seems Ultra Plus is not as good as Extreme. No Extreme deal?

    • would be keen to see a deal on the extreme also

    • would be interested in a deal on extreme too.

  • Does this come with 3.5" bracket?

  • +5

    Really tempted, but would like to know what strings $50 voucher might come with

  • how is sandisk compare to plextor?

    • +2

      This was answered previously by lhxxznr.
      For 128GB SSD, the plextor deal from MSY last week was $10 cheaper. All 128GB SSDs cannot compare with 256GB SSDs.

      For 256GB SSD, the price is good. The only minor thing is that this drive is known to perform quite well in benchmark tests, but not so well (in terms of SSD) in real life app tests.

      The question is how good is the $50 voucher? If you ended up getting $50 worth of goods later, then 128GB $89 is basically $49. Let's not forget AustPost charges a lot for postage so the free postage is a good deal.

  • +4

    ordered one! prefer SE to SS =)

    • Agreed. Had multiple bad experience with SS. SE offers better service that's for sure.

  • Awesome price - glad I waited for a good SSD deal to come up :D

  • Thanks, just ordered one!

    You have to create an account in order to receive the EOFYS coupon.

    Rep, what is the ETA of the customers receiving the $50 coupon?

    Cheers! Love the deal

    • Hi ahseng,

      Thanks :). Customers that have made purchase will receive more information on the $50 coupon within the next few days.


      • Thanks Rep! :)

  • +1

    Had a great experience with the TrendMicro promo you guys did and happily pulled the trigger when you dropped the price to $160. Thanks a lot for strong involvement with the tough to please OzB crowd. Missed out on MSY's deal but price per GB is the same and who couldn't do with more storage anyway.

    • Thanks for supporting & good to see it coming from an ozbargain veteran - we been here for a while now and we know to NEVER underestimate the challenge of this crowd :).



      • +2

        You know, when you mentioned 'veteran' I thought I would check how long I've actually been here :)

        5 years - today! 12 Jun 2008. And you're welcome - always happy to get behind an honest vendor.

  • damn, just bought a Samsung 840 from MSY on the weekend.

    • Samsung is so smart now. They use the TLC nand flash instead of the MLC flash to reduce the price, but TLC flash is short in service life….. So, good luck to you.

  • Let me get one thing straight, earlier a comment mentioned that this ssd has compatibility issues with Thinkpads? But the dimensions are exactly the same as the current hdd installed in my Lenovo Thinkpad e530?
    What's up with this?

    • +1

      You will need to do some searching of your own to get the answer. The exact comment earlier was pretty vague: "Ultra plus has some compatible issues with Thinkpad and some motherboard…". I read a lot of reviews and none complained of compatibility issues.

      • Thanks for you response and yea that's what I'm thinking to, I also check up a few review, probably not as much as you but nonetheless I concluded that there was no one else complaining about compatibility.

        My only concern however is that if it isn't compatible, Shopping Express may not give me a refund or may demand that I have to pay a hefty shipping and handling fee. What do you advise?

        • Theres bound to be many SSD deals in the future, if you're not sure, just wait.

  • +1

    Bought one.. Thanks..

  • Can anyone tell me if this SSD comes with brackets?

    • I don't expect it does - searching the exact model returns results saying "bare drive" only.

    • Hi wildstone,

      It will not come with brackets

      Kind Regards

    • 2nd can anyone let me know if this would fit into a macbook 2010 13inch or do i need some brackets?

  • Bought one, haven't seen the $50 voucher in my account.

    • Hi tigerswim2,

      Once an order has been made, the voucher will be sent to your registered email, within the next few days.

      Kind Regards

      • If you buy two SSD drives, will you get two $50 vouchers?

        Can you use the voucher to buy anything from ShoppingExpress?

        • No, we have limit if 1 Voucher per account, and you will be able to use it on our July's special promotion, details will be emailed to you within couple days after purchase have been made.

          More details at link below (see terms & condition):


        • Does it mean we can use this $50 voucher to get Seagate FreeAgent Goflex 500GB (currently listed $49 in your EOFY) for free?

        • it is included in the EOFY external storage page - so you will get the $50 voucher for it.

        • hi rep

          i checked out the item without logging into my account.

          i hope i would still be getting the $50 voucher?

        • Hi legendary-noob,

          ONLY registered user will get the voucher - system limitation / limitation of 1 per customer meaning guest account cannot be included in this promotion. Please PM me your order id and your registered user account. I will see what i can do.

          Kind Regards


  • Hi SE, When are you going to dispatch the order? I have not received any shipping info yet.

    • Hi donkuok,

      We are catching up from the Long weekend orders, we aim to dispatch all SSD orders latest by friday.

      Kind Regards

  • Good deal for anyone who needs a SSD upgrade to their old laptop or computer. Would bite if I needed one

  • What external USB 3.0 enclosure would work well with these hard drives?

    Would: ?


    do the job?

    • Do you mean putting the new SSD onto your laptop and putting the old drives onto the case

      If so, the answer is yes.

      • No i think he means putting the new SSD on the case. Bear in mind it will not fully utilise the speed here.

    • The only way to see the true value of these is to put into slot used by the hard drive. It is guaranteed to be the fastest sata connection on the whole laptop. If you bought the external enclosure, it will be recommended for your old drive as a backup external storage solution.


  • Hay great price and I have ordered one this morning. What is the chance of it being in the post today?

    Also I am after a Qnap TS-220 NAS with 2*WD Red 3TB Drives. Your not the cheapest in town but with a bit of love could you be?

    • Hi chrhodes,

      We did not currently have stock on hand for the TS-220, therefore our price was a bit higher. Would you be swayed by this newly posted deal?



      • unfortunately I am a qnap boy as I have a TS-209 thats getting a bit old

        • Hi chrhodes,

          Revised price of TS-220, please have a look.

          Just a headsup - this will take around 3 to 5 working days to dispatch from our warehouse.

          Kind Regards

  • whats the shipping cutoff for the day?

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