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Wee prices at mylittleBOTTLER.com.au (offers end 20-Mar-2009)

  • Bacardi Breezer 4x275ml (7 varieties) $10.99
  • Tooheys Red Bitter 30 Can Block $33.99
  • Brown Brothers Moscato, Moscato Rosa, Orange Muscat Flora, Dolcetto Syrah $11.99 (Win Wine for Life)
  • New vintage Fifth Leg Wine $12.99 (free set of 4 wine identifier with every 3 bottles)
    See in store for more offer, visit web site for store location.

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  • Here is a basic marketing 101 lesson - and it’s free (now thats a bargain). UNDERSTAND your target - a bargain website attracts bargain hunters - thats the target here. Give a bargain and you’ll get customers. If you want customers who don’t care about the price play somewhere else.

    In the meantime take the lessons you have learnt here and don’t waste your time and ours

    • Thanks for the advise.

      Are you are having a go? I didn't indicate that everything in little BOTTLER is cheaper, I listed some items which I am sure that they have a competitive price.

      I went to Dan Murphy's (who claim to have the best price) and did a price check before I submitted the deals, I agree that not every items on sale is cheaper than Dan (nobody can compete with the buying power of the chains), but if you look carefully, you can always find things that are cheaper than Dan Murphy's (for example: Bacardi Breezer in little BOTTLER ($10.99) is 2 dollars cheaper than Dan Murphy's $12.99).

  • Yawn….move along people, No Bargains here.

  • So. How is this cheaper than any big box retailer? These prices are nothing special. Waste of space.

  • not a bargain.

  • Just a comparsion with Dan Murphy's (who claim to have the cheapest price):
    Barcardi Breezer $12.99 (little Bottler: $10.99), Midori Premix/Ready-To-Drink $14.99 (little Bottler: $12.99), Tooheys Red $35.99 (little Bottler: $33.99), Brown Brothers wine $9.25 to $12.30 (little Bottler: 11.99).

    I agree not every price can compare with Dan Murphy's, but if you do look carefully, Dan Murphy is not always the cheapest.

  • Seems like some are a good bargain for Bacardi not so much for Tooheys:

    Via Boozle:
    Bacardi Breezer, Boozle - $12.98, MLB-$10.98
    Toohey's Red Bitter, Boozle - $30.00, MLB-$35.99

    • Thanks.

      Toohey's Red Bitter 30 Cans Block:
      Woolworth's Liquor (NSW & ACT): $42.98
      Dan Murphy's (NSW & ACT): $35.99

      little BOTTLER: 33.99 (NSW)