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Salsa's Voucher 17.5% off Any Purchase


Salsa's giving away 17.5% off voucher. Need to print and present it to redeem. One redemption per person per transaction. Valid only for today.

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  • Never tried this place before. Anyone got any good experiences to share? I tend to go Mad Mex which I quite like.

    • I usually get the crunchy taco combo from here and like it. Taco's are hit and miss depending on who makes them, but the mexi-crinkle chips are excellent.

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      I like it better than Mad Mex, although the tacos feel a bit more 'premium' at Mad Mex.

      Guzman y Gomez is hands down the best though. I recommend it highly.

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      Personally, I'm not a fan of Salsas.

      Salsas = Aussie version of Mexican
      Mad Mex & Guzman y Gomez= US Tex Mex Style

      The chips are good at Salsa but what are chips doing at a Mexican place? It should be nachos not crinkle chips.

    • The chicken and veg burrito is pretty great. Don't let the broccoli weird you out - it works, strangely enough.

    • Thanks for the reply guys! Shall hopefully find time for trying Salas. I did go GYG a while ago but the price didn't allow it taste so nice.

  • i don't get it 17.5% off in support of gap b/w men and women, yet discount is for both sexes …whats the point

    • I don't think Salas is promoting paying women less but rather just pointing out that there is a pay gap and it should change.

      Both sexes can support the campaign and not offering a discount based on gender is probably illegal as it is discriminatory.

      /awaits someone to post a link.

  • Personally I prefer Salsa to Mad Mex, the burritos are awesome as I always use the BOGOF voucher from Entertainment book