expired (Jetstar) Perth - Lombok $119 One Way or $176 Return


Travel Period:
15 Oct - 3 Dec 2013
4 Feb - 27 Mar 2014

Lombok is the next Bali.
If you never been there, try it, it will be the same as Bali minus the crowd

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    Damn. If those travel dates included mid December, I'd be all over this. Oh well.


    Cheap way to get to Bali as well, just take the ferry.

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      Most budget flights do carry on luggage only.

      If you want extra on top of the 10kg carry on, for checked add these options during the "Passengers" part of the booking:

      15kg +$27
      20kg +$28
      25kg +$35
      30kg +$50
      35kg +$55
      40kg +$60

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    And only $57 for the return leg

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    Went to Lombok for a week for work. Stayed at The Sentosa in Senggigi. Some good eateries, bars and a club in the area. Awesome price for flights, wish it was ex SA. Buy your beer from the small shops in the area, avoid a 4million bar tab….!

    Luggage?? Take what your wearing and buy over there. Cheap as chips, not so much from the hagglers but a bintang t-shirt was only a couple of bucks..


      When I go to Bali or Lombok I take a backpack worth of clothes. It's all dacks, socks, shorts & t-shirts (wear your warm clothes on the plane) so you can fit around 5 days worth of clothes in happily. Then get the laundered every 2-3 days at around 10c per item/pair.

      Doing this I can also happily fit 3-4kg of notebook/kindle/tablet in the same backpack. It comes out around 9kg, including backpack.


      4 million??!!! How many did you drink? Shouldn't be more than 15-17k for a small bintang


        Fancier bars/pubs/clubs will charge 50k for a small. Cocktails at those places will be more than they are here.


        Bought a dozen longnecks in the hotel for first night madness, drank them in the pool in my room with the 'boys, then when we had a day off, sat in the Sentosa resort pool all day playing volleyball and drank 1 or 2 cocktails..!


    I managed to book 2 returns in mid march for $350 all up. 3 nights in a cheapo hotel makes a very cheap getaway. Would cost more to go to rottnest for 4 days.

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