expired STELLA Ergonomic Office Chair for $99 (down from $349) ?Delivered


I stumbled upon this website by accident, saw this chair on sale, and I thought of my fellow OzBargainers who need/want a new office chair but are too cheap or too poor to afford the recently posted Aeron chair (not me, I bought 8 of those chairs).

Looks good but unfortunately I couldn't find any reviews online (just did a quick Google search) so I'm not sure about comfort and quality. Also not 100% sure if price includes delivery as you'll need to register to order one.

Or if you just need a break from the office and don't really need a new chair, just spend your $99 (plus 90 minutes of your time) on this one.
Disclaimer: airfare not included:


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    BTW, in case it's not obvious that I'm only kidding in my post above, I got my current computer chair from the front yard of one of the houses in our block which was discarded as it's a little bit skewed to the left but still working fine and was better than the previous one I was using :-).


    Anyone here used one of these ???

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    IMO If you are in the market to buy an expensive chair/ergonomic one, the best advice you can ever receive is:


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      And it amazes me that people buy shoes online, without trying them on… like WTF?


        I tried so many damn chairs before I found the one that suited me, if you want any level of comfort you need to try first!!!
        P.S Expensive or cheap dosen't always count for much in the end here.

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        And it amazes me that people buy shoes online

        If you're buying the same shoe model and the same size you currently use, there's hardly a risk that it won't suit you…


      I used to work in the furniture section of Officeworks. People would ask "Which is the most comfortable chair?". It totally depends on your body. You can't make a chair fit your body (asides from minor adjustments), so you need to try them out until you find one that is right for you. I'm short, so big, padded, comfy looking managers chairs are uncomfy to me because the seat is too long; I have to lean right back to be able to touch the back rest. Someone tall will not find student chairs comfortable. Most people don't care and just want the cheapest & that's fine, but if you want back support or comfort, do as Darkilluzion said.


    depending how much you will use the chair, best to pay a reasonable price and get something that will last and support your back properly.

    I really like the Gregory Inca High back chair I bought a couple of years ago. 5 year warranty gives me a reasonable level of peace of mind.

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