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Geminus Thermo Double Walled Glasses $20 Set of 4. Free Shipping. Save $10. Plus More!


It's back! We've got 5 models of Double Walled Glassware on sale - 2 days only or until sold out.

Use the coupon code OZBARGAIN to receive your discount

Take note of the dispatch date - 2 models are in stock, the other 3 will be shipping in the middle of July.

1) Geminus Double Walled Glasses with Handle and Saucer 250ml - Set of 8
Now $32 from $45 - Free Shipping - 100 sets available - In stock

2) Geminus Double Walled Glasses with Handle 300ml - Set of 8
Now $40 from $50 - Free Shipping - 100 sets available - In stock

3) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 300ml - Set of 8
Now $38 from $50 - Free Shipping - 200 sets available - Mid-July Dispatch

4) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 370ml - Set of 4
Now $20 from $30 - Free Shipping - 200 sets available - Mid-July Dispatch

5) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 450ml - Set of 4
Now $22 from $34 - Free Shipping - 200 sets available - Mid-July Dispatch

A further 10% off is available on your total order if you buy more than 1 item (anything) from the website.

We won't be able to do any other models right now, but if there's a particular size/style you are after let us know and we'll include it in the next deal.

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    Be warned - Avancer does not have these items in stock and that they do not expect to receive any until after 15/Jul.

    I have negative experience with Avancer. In 04/May I ordered a set of Geminus 370ml glasses. They shown as 'in stock' on the web site. The order invoice had them marked as 'in stock'. When they hadn't arrived 4 weeks later, I contacted Avancer about the order and got told that they had no stock and that stock was not expected until 15/Jan. Also:

    We have been notified that some emails were sent with
    the incorrect dispatch dates a couple of months ago.
    This has been corrected on our end.
    Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

    Translation - 'Sorry, my bad'

    So, if you order these items, do not believe the 'in stock' claims

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      Hi Papafox,

      At the time you ordered the item was not in stock. This was clearly shown on the website and on Ozbargain
      6) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 370ml - Set of 4
      Now $20 from $30 - 30 sets available now - After that dispatch on 15/7/13
      EDIT: 2:35pm - Sold out. Next dispatch 15th July

      The invoice email you received incorrectly stated that the item was in stock and this is due to a bug in the code.

      These items are clearly advertised as being on presale, the shipment is currently on the water and will be dispatched as advised.

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        Rubbish. Firstly, I didn't order via that OzBargain offer, I ordered directly from the Avancer website and paid full price.

        The website stated "In stock" and the order confirmation email stated "In stock". There wan't a code glitch - the database had a positive quantity on hand, quite a different problem. While a code problem can be fixed and not expected to occur again, incorrect stock levels are a recurring problem.

        My real concern is how Avancer subsequently handled the problem. Every online retailer is going to have screw ups occasionally, but Avancer has handled this one quite badly.

        Consider Amazon. When I order an item from them, the order confirmation state "Expected shipping date <xx/yy>". If the item fails to ship on that date, it is flagged for review and system sends an email to me saying "Sorry, your order has been delayed due to <leaves on the track>, and will now ship on <yy/yy>"

        Avancer (a) doesn't track shipment issues; (b) doesn't contact the customer, but waits for the unhappy customer to contact them; (c) doesn't really care anyway.

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          As stated and shown on the Ozbargain thread the item definitely was not in stock when you purchased it. The order was entered into our system with the dispatch date as shown on the website and thus we had no reason to contact you.

          In the event of a delay we always contact customers to let them know when they can expect the item to arrive.

          Looking at the response you received we could have done better, so I'm happy to give you $25 store credit (or cashback if you still have the order). Just shoot through an email to [email protected] and we'll take care of it

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        I also checked and there were a number of orders placed before yours that all show dispatch date of 15/7/13

        Happy to provide screenshots with the names blacked out but showing the time of purchase and you can compare it to yours

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    I came to this thread to say how happy I was with the glasses we purchased last time. We're very happy. I thought Avancer were a breeze to deal with. I'd recommend them for sure!


    I bought 4 sets (2 with and 2 without handles) of the 250 or 300 ml last bargain.

    I will be raising a formal complaint due to one of the handled glasses 'popping' at the bottom of the glass and resulting in a minor burn to my wife. This was a brand new set opened fromt he box last week.

    The glasses all have a little spot at the bottom that looks like a join spot. This gave way, due to pressure or something, my wife described it as suddenly felling warmth on her and automatic reached jerked her hand. The glass had hot green tea that ended up on her hand and legs.



      Sorry to hear about the issue. The plug at the bottom is a by product of the manufacturing process. It shouldn't have given way though so it's covered by our warranty. If you send an email to [email protected] we can give you replacements and arrange a store credit for the inconvenience. Just quote this comment

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      I had an issue with the plug popping out on one of my glasses. It was promptly replaced. I am happy with the service provided

      edit - though I should note that I was told at that time that they would prefer the glasses not go in the dishwasher, even though the web site states they are dishwasher and microwave safe. We handwash them now just to be cautious and have not had a repeat of this issue


        I didnt know about the dishwasher thing. Mine always go in the dishwasher. Wouldn't have bought them if they couldn't


      I bought some back in 2010, and the quality was poor (rough edges on the lip of the glass, wobbles in the walls, etc), several broke in use, and trying to get a refund was a real struggle. Hopefully avancer are sourcing better quality glasses and have improved their customer service since then.


    Rep, you have not answered my query from the last time to date….


    the quality was great and fast delivery for my last order. definitely recommend to people around.. well done avancer!


    How do these compare to Bodum and how much are you saving?


    Anyone wanna give me their referral code/link/whatever it is so I can use their referral and get them some credit?

    edit: Btw, no sets of 4 with handle? Damn


    The big 450ml seem pretty tempting


    I ordered some last time they were on sale, and one of the big glasses is full of water (from dishwasher), and not air…


      I hope this is covered by their warranty, as panderiz's issue as.

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        Yes it's all covered. All you have to do is contact us if you have problems! I'd prefer you email for any small issue whatsoever so we can make sure everything is fine rather than you guys holding a grudge against us and the cups! Problems are sometimes unavoidable but we at least try to get rid of the inconvenience!


          That's great! Thanks for this info, rep. @wreckedandjealous, I hope you give them a bell and keep us posted about how things turn out!

          Ordered about an hour ago, and already received email that order has been processed and mixing bowls about to be dispatched! Awesome! Can't wait to receive the glasses!


          awesome.. will send an email with some pics over the weekend.

          I should have also added that I have bought over 20 cups from you guys, and never had an issue previously.


    Ordered, look awesome and a very good price! I do have a question though, about the discounts and the GST:

    Including discount:$37.00
    Order discount:$11.30
    Coupon "OZBARGAIN"
    GST (10% included):$6.91
    Total cost:$64.70

    Shouldn't the GST say: 5.88, as 5.88 (10%GST) + 58.81 (Price of item) = $64.70

    I'm not really fussed, excellent price! :D


      GST doesn't play nice with the coupon codes it seems! Let me know if you need a correct tax invoice and we can send you one.


        Oh not claiming it on TAX, so I'm not really fussed at all! Just noticed that it was being a bit strange.


      If you are claiming gst isn't it good to get more $ back? It is Avancers is losing out


        It's not going to affect GST in reality because you'll divide the inc GST price by 11 to calculate GST anyway


          True if your POS is not connected to your computer system that issues tax invoices. Otherwise if you rely solely on it to do the BAS then your might end up having "order discount" with $nil GST.


    I bought some of the glasses last time. they are great.

    I have ordered a couple of the bigger ones, thanks


    Go to the Reject shop and buy them. I bought two 300ml Double Walled glasses for $5 so I guess if you want 4, it would be $10.


    The ones on 1 day website are great. 6 glasses for $15 + delivery.
    Really good quality


    Hi Rep,

    Ordered last time with the deal on Ozbargain:

    Extremely happy with the purchase! Friends always comment on how awesome these look/feel.
    Unfortunately, one of them has water or condensation in between the two walls… not trying to be an annoying customer, I'm happy to email through pics and whatnot.

    Let me know what I can do.

    Thank you.


    Does anyone know how these compare to the Bodum double walled glasses? I have those at home, but the bottom of the inside glasses seems a little weak (two have broken).


      get the Bacarrat ones seem to have thicker and tougher inner and outer glass wall, $10 each @ House.

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