expired Spotlight Sale: $99 Floor Rugs & 50% off Winter Blankets and Koo Egyptian Towels.


The Floor Rugs are especially good at $99:

  • Wool: usually $249, 160 x 220 cm (big!), Made in India.
  • Shaggy: usually $299, 160 x 230 cm, Made in China - made from polyester with polyester & cotton backing.

I've seen them both & the quality looks fine - I personally prefer the Wool, but it seems most people go for the Shaggy.

Also Ready-to-hang Timber Venetian Blinds: 40% off.

Thanks to taneh for the heads up.

Spotlight Australia

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    Wonder what these rugs are like quality wise??


    They looked alright when I was looking at them today, heavy and thick - the ones in our store (Kawana) were mostly creams and browns so I never looked that close as they don't match my decor.

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