expired Breville BDF200 Advance 3lt Deep Fryer $44.95 + $9.95 Shipping from Myer


Was looking for a Quality but not to expensive Deep Fryer and found this little beauty.

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    Please include price in the title.


    was $89.95 now $44.95

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    I don't mean to be rude, OP, but Myer is everyone's enemy right now. Google 'myer ndis' and 'myer disability' and you'll see a bunch of stories about Myer cracking the sh1ts because they think the Australia shouldn't take decent care of people with disabilities. The CEO of Myer cracked it back in May when Julia brought it up, 'cos he figured the 0.5% increase in the Medicare levy would be money that the punters wouldn't spend in his stores. Obviously, massive backlash, etc, etc, and an already utterly irrelevant retailer just made itself a bit less relevant again! :-)

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      This is ozbargain, price is almost all that matters.

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      To be fair, unlike the Cotton On and Target discussion (eg. Still using Bangladesh workers- although they claim to be working with local safety authorities http://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/article/2013/06/25/36792...), Myers is not actively exploiting people with disabilities. They just have a big mouth CEO who said something insensitive. Kmart, Forever New, and Coles were also apparently named in the Bangladesh issue above, so where would there be left to shop?

      If we don't like the issue we can personally boycott and punish with our wallets. But most of these issues are complex, and in this case I think the link with Myers is a bit overboard.

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      Well off topic aren't we?? this is called OzBargain not OzEthics.. Everyone entitled to their own opinion whether it is good or bad. if everyone agree with whatever the gov brings up, we will be north korea soon. I dont agree with the MYER CEO but i am proud live in the society where even the most nonsense comment carry some weight to be debated.

      Anyway as i said offtopic.


      do not betray your inner idiot by confusing support for ndis with support for how it is funded.


      Myer are digging themeselves a nice little grave all by themselves. It is a truly bizarre experience to walk through acres of high rent floor space with products for sale that every consumer knows can be gotten cheaper with a little internet browsing.


      Carefactor: -1000


    any of these airfryers around?

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    This one is better. Brought it a week ago. still on special.


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