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Escape Outdoors Flinders 60L Backpack - Half Price at $49.50 (Original Price $100)


Im Traveling Europe shortly (on a bus), and looked at these a few weeks back in store, they were the cheapest 60L pack and were ok, but now i see it online for $49.50 unsure if its in store, but thought i would post it as half the price is good in my books.

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    what's it made out of?


    Good price for what seems to be a fairly decent 60L backpack.


    OP if your just travelling as opposed to trekking, I'd recommend a backpack with a day-pack attached, as they are better suited and more versatile for general travel.

    Good price for this backpack though.


    Good bug out bag to put in all the other useless crap I've bought on OzBargain…. like compasses, flint lighters, altimeters, etc. Least I'll be ready for the end of the world- which will probably never come anyway :).

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    Confirmed that they are also on sale in-store (in Ballarat, at least).

    Also half-price are other sizes in the Escape Outdoors "Flinders" range.

    I liked the 60L pack a lot - mainly because the adjustable back goes very long, so it fit my long torso - most backpacks end up strangling me with the sternum strap. But it was too big for what I want (I just need a big day pack), so I ended up grabbing the 40L model for $35. It's also nice and long in the back - a good size top-loader for tall people.

    Not sure how they'd fit if you're short - but at least you can go in-store and try it out.

    The sale flyer on display in-store mentioned 35L, 45L and 60L sizes (strangely, not the 40L I bought). The 45L ones were there, but I didn't like the colour. Didn't see a 35L.

    edit to add:
    35L model: http://www.raysoutdoors.com.au/online-store/products/Escape-...
    45L model: http://www.raysoutdoors.com.au/online-store/products/Escape-...

    My 40L looks a lot like the 35L, but the swingtag definitely says 40L. Weird.

    PS - if you're catching a bus to Europe - you'll need a waterproof pack and a long snorkel :-P


    lol, Yes I better get that Snorkel.


    I got one! also for my overseas trip (leaving monday). It is a bit small I think, I might have to strap the tent to the outside, but for $50 can't go wrong. They didn't have any at the Elizabeth st store because someone had bought 16 (!!) of them the day before. But they had some upstairs :D


      They didn't have any at the Elizabeth st store because someone had bought 16 (!!) of them the day before.

      Broden you son of a …


    my order was cancelled. not very happy :(