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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch (PlayStation 3) for $24.61 at Blockbuster + Shipping


Seems like a pretty decent price. I expect a 1-2 week wait until Blockbuster have stock though. But for that price it is pretty decent.

If you order over $60 in one go it is free shipping. Shipping for Ni No Kuni by itself would be $2 so $26.61 all up.

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  • Good find. Are their games brand new, unopened?

    • Yeah brand new. They are imported though EU version i think. Only downside would be slow to get stock and ship.

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        I ordered Ni No Kuni in play-asia's deal of the week on July 9, along with four other games from Play-Asia, along with two games from Blockbuster all on the same night. The Blockbuster games came a few days ago, the four games that were shipped from play-asia are still nowhere to be seen, and Ni No Kuni's estimated shipping date from Play-Asia is Aug 7.

        I guess what I'm trying to say is Blockbuster were pretty quick.

  • Thanks the reply. And do u know how much if to rent? Do I need to buy membership first?

    • no idea how much it costs to rent. Well you do need to log into purchase..

  • Are you sure brand new? Have you buy from them before?
    Their prices are quite good on some new titles..

    • Yeah its brand new. They have the same suppliers as Video ezy, Ezy dvd and wowhd i think. All brand new but imported (EU version)

  • Thanks, just ordered a copy. Been waiting for this game's price to go down as i am in no hurry to play. But for $26, I ain't waiting no more!

  • Nice find and purchased!

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  • What exactly is a Ni No Kuni?

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      Nothing important, just probably one of the best games ever made

    • One of the most overrated games.

      • nothing wrong with it not being your kind of game, but I wouldn't hate on a game just because of that fact…

      • fail you just typed in ni no kuni. I wanted to know what is ni no kuni

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          Ni no Kuni (二ノ国, literally Second Country, also called The Another World)

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    i noticed the blockbuster website looks really similar to the videoezy one

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      owned by the same parent company. They also own wowhd and ezydvd.

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    Buying ni no kuni, $26.
    Seeing a Gold tokotocold waddling around, priceless

  • Great price, ordered one. Hopefully arrives in good condition.

  • +1

    Bought. Thanks OP. Also God of War Ascension is also cheap at $22.06 + shipping. http://www.blockbuster.com.au/games/god-of-war-ascension-pla...

  • Cheers, trumpedup! Been hanging out for a price drop like this :)

  • Awesome, purchased.

  • Thanks. I cancelled my play-asia order, and got this instead :-)

  • Amazing price, bought! only $2 delivery to sydney.

  • Thanks! Just purchased. Some of their other games are also quite cheap! May have to put them down on my "to check" list for games :)

  • Also PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for $18.66 is a great price!!

    • Yep. I bought all stars and MGS collection vita too. Great prices.

  • Expect to wait a while. These guys are notoriously slow just to post stuff even with pre-orders.

  • Price match at JB or EB Games. I did, it works.

  • Order cancelled :-(

    • Mine was cancelled as well :(

      • when did u guys order yours?

        • sol3x,

          I ordered on 19, together with other two games.

  • Mine is apparently on back order…

    • when did u order urs?

  • Mine just got cancelled. What the?

    All the games are now on backorder.

  • ordered mine yesterday..

  • Haha mine waa canceled too. I ordered the night after I posted. I guess it got ozbargained. Blockbuster and video ezy etc never have stock as is.

  • Ordered mine on Saturday. It's been on back order for a few days but oddly enough when I logged in to Blockbuster this morning I had another copy in the "My Kart" that I never added. Still have the order on back order though.

    • Expect it to be on back order for another week at least. Hopefully it will despatch and it won't be cancelled. I think to many people ordered lol

  • Cancelled, did anyone actually get a copy?

  • I emailed Blockbuster about the back order, a representative replied that it's going to take 2-3 weeks to get new stock from the supplier.

    My order also got cancelled but it turns out that a second copy of the game got charged to my account. Not sure if everyone else is having the same problem?

  • so if my order is on backorder and my credit card has been charged does that mean that i should expect this in 3 to 4 weeks or can it still be cancelled? anyone with a cancelled order been charged and than refunded?

    • CrazyJoeDavola,

      Mine was cancelled & I got refunded through Paypal. Took around 2 days from the day you got cancellation e-mail.

  • mine has been backordered since monday…

    should I be expecting a cancellation email? o.o

  • thanks…still on backorder and no email, might have got lucky…

  • I think anyone who hasn't had it cancelled yet should have a high chance of getting it. Mine is still on back order.

  • I haven't received cancellation email, but I haven't received any email at all.

  • Emailed them today asking how long they'd be. This is the reply I got:

    After confirmed with our buyer and I have been advised that this item Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch (Playstation 3) is expected to be shipped to you within the next two to three weeks. As soon as we get the stock back from the supplier, we will dispatch the item to you.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you by this delay and thank you very much for your patience - it is sincerely appreciated.

    • Fingers crossed!

  • 5 weeks now, still haven't received, apparently the money was transferred to "Elan Media Partners", no reply, money is gone, fraud

  • I haven't received my item yet and havent heard from Blockbuster, if i have to wait another 2 weeks (as per Azz's email) i wont be buying from them again

    • Considering how many they probably sold not unreasonable to expect they needed to re-stock, given their price the margins are probably low enough that they don't really have an option to expedite the delivery of new stock. I bought this expecting a 6 week delay tbh

      • I bought expecting a max delivery time of 2 weeks, why advertise a product when you dont have it in stock? If they had limited numbers their website should calculate how many they sell and mark it sold when they reach this limit.

        I've just emailed them to see when i should be expecting a delivery.

        • mine got cancelled too, wont be buying from these guys ever again

  • I'm happy to wait. Zavi took over 2 months to get Dead Space 3 to me.

  • Order just got cancelled :(

  • Yep, just received an email telling me my order was cancelled.

    Apparently they were unable to acquire more stock.

  • Order was cancelled and they haven't issued refund so I'm going to bring a case against Elan Partners for Fraud.

  • ordered mine from videoezy and it got cancelled :(

  • Yep. WoW HD and Video Ezy will probably cop the same as I believe they have the same supplier.

  • +1

    Mine just got cancelled too. Sigh.

  • +1

    Yeah, mine just got cancelled too.

  • Well that sucked.

  • Cancelled too!

  • +4

    Cancelled too. Left an angry review at their website when I revisited today. Their site had the nerve to ask for feedback, so I gave them my 2c!

  • +1

    Looks like the game is up again for sale on their website but with higher price ($31.41), see link below:
    How could they cancelled our orders with reason that they were unable to get further stock from supplier and now back on sale with higher price. :(

    • Now they change it back to $24.61 but can't buy. WTF.

  • Has anyone got their refund yet? Any word on how long it takes? My order was cancelled about 5 days ago now… still no refund.

  • Just got my refund

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