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Uniden iGO CAM 300 Car Accident Dashcam - $48.30 @ JB Hi-Fi


Great price for this little unit. Sells at Officeworks for $78 so price match for $45.88!

Note: You'll need an SDCard.

(not duplicate - url previously posted when it was $68 at JB!)

Key Features

Small and Compact Design
1.5" LCD Colour Screen
High Definition (720p upscale to 1080)
Infrared Nightvision
Motion Detection
Plug and Play - Easy to Setup
Loop Recording
Portable Camera - High Resolution Ultra Wide Angle Lens
Auto Power Off
Date and Time
Brightness Control
Records Footage onto Micro SD Card (Not Included)
Internal Rechargeable Battery
Cigarette Charge Cord Included
AV Out Port

YT Sample Footage at 1080p

For those wanting a higher quality cam, best I can find is $157..
Video - remember and switch to 720/1080p:

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  • +11

    so price match for $45.88

    Or alternately, give the couple of dollars to JB, for offering it at a good price in the first place.

    • +8

      Of course - I'll probably be buying from JB myself since it's just easier.

      But this Ozbargain, so a two hundred and forty two cent savings must be mentioned, especially if its an OW price match! ;)

  • +6

    Worth reading this review that was posted on the JB website:

    Good: this gadget has everything you can wish for. Good windshield bracket, it is small and light, good audio recording, range of video resolution recording up to 1080P, loop recording, night LED recording, movement sensor including G force activation, small display, easy setup and navigation and in my opinion the best feature - auto start and auto shut off. This means when you start the car camera turns on and starts recording. When the car is turned off it will stop recording and turn off the camera - it can be set to delay up to 3 minutes. This is the whole package in a small price.

    Now the BAD: optics! The most important feature of any camera - quality of video recording. Picture is rich with colors, but sharpness is very low. Almost like out of focus. You can see the number plates only when right behind at the traffic lights. Up to 720p it is bearable with refresh rate (no specs on this) yet jerky with some fast movements around (turning). Above 720p is too jerky (too low refre

    • Any recommendations for something that would be similar but with better focus? I am not sure if I'd still preferred something connected to the main battery, or a solution that didn't take up a cig lighter with long cables snaking around.

      [Update: Sorry, just noticed you quoted someone else's review.]

      • +1

        Have a look here Quarry:

        • Had a quick squizz from the link posted earlier below. Cheers.

    • +2

      I've added a link to a sample footage on Youtube so you can see how the dashcam performs.

      I wouldn't bother with the 1080p recording setting as it's merely an upscale. The sensor only records at 720p but interpolates it to 1080p, causing the file sizes to be bigger but without an increase in quality.

      • LOL, @ 58 second mark, stop sign ignored.

        Even when the car has stopped behind another toward the end, the number plate really isn't clear. Still good enough as proof in an accident situation but not really good enough if you want to be an anti-hoon youtube uploader which seems so popular these days.

        • +1

          I'll upload an example which shows you can make out quite a few number plates if you pause the video. Its going to take a couple of hrs to up.

        • the image at the edges is quite sharp, especially in pause you can read almost all of the number plates clearly — that may be an artefact of youtube's re-compression. I would gues this particular unit is slightly out of focus, or has a dirty lens.

      • +1

        Ha ha, not many missed that someone failed to come to a complete stop.

        Seems rather clear unlike the JB review as quoted above. If I came across one, I'll grab it. Cheers.

        • +2

          yeah - seems OK, especially for <$50. The good ones appear to be well over $100 mark.

      • +1

        Note on the youtube link - don't forget to hit the config button and turn up the quality to HD :)

  • Any idea how long the battery lasts? Is it rechargeable from the ciggie lighter?

    • +1

      Dashcams generally don't have very large capacity batteries as they're designed to run off your car's cig power socket all the time.

      They intelligently power off/power on and stop/start recording when the power is cut / supplied.

  • +4

    I bought the dual camera more expensive Uniden version of this dash cam and like the above review mentions the actual camera is rubbish, so if someone side swipes you and drives off you've got no chance of recording their number plate with this camera. I also found the software crashed from time to time. There's a reason it's cheap - it's nasty.

    • That's interesting actually, I heard someone else say it crashed. Also the frame rate is interesting - if you miss the number plate that is a negative!! Still… alternative is…?

      • At the least, you prove not at fault. I haven't checked specs, but if it records audio, and you're quick on your feet, clearly state the license plate rego. Truckies do this even with good cameras, as a 'just in case'.

      • +1

        Not only did it crash but the reset button was horribly positioned so you couldn't access it while the camera was fixed on your windscreen, you had to remove the unit to press it.

        Alternative is to spend more money and get something that works.

        • I found the alternative -

          Navig8r Crash Cam Pro, looks great, can see number plates easy.

          It's $299 :P Looks like legit 1080p is the way to go though.

        • Much better, even the 720p it's nice and clear where this Uniden one at 720p just isn't, hell at 280p I can still make out some plates. Still, for the price the Uniden is better than nothing if higher quality ones are out of the budget.

          Also notice the Uniden doesn't seem to be wide angle which I can't decide is a good or bad thing.

          There's also a cheaper 720p Laser Navig8r unit, $60-$70 mark. See if you can dig up a video for that one too, see how it compares to the 720p of the pro - Navig8r NAVCAM-HD Car Crash Camera HD720p 2.5"

          A few results here for the Navcam-HD. Looks okay and can be had for not a lot of dosh. Number plates appear legible, certainly not as much as they do in the pro but better than the Uniden.

        • +12

          Oh come on its a $50 camera and surprise surprise it cant do what a $300 model does.

          Hell vote down all corolla deals as they cant match the speed of a porsche….

        • Does seem much easier to read the licence plates. Note the Uniden's website for the 300 has a slightly better video you could see some licence plates while in motion, but not as clear as the Navig8r one you linked.

        • I've got the Navman MiVue358 and it's great. It reads number plates at 1080p. 720p is a lot wider but it isn't as clear for number plates. Bought it for $230 I think at Dick Smith about a year ago. Still going strong.

        • I'm with RR. I was impressed with the quality considering it's a $50 camera.

          The inability to record a number plate isn't such a massive issue either as you'd always be able to support any clip with a stat dec saying you observed the number plate of the vehicle as being XXX-123 at the time.

          Admittedly this doesn't help when you don't catch the plate… but for $50 it confirms events and you have to remember that the camera also records audio inside the car: this means you don't even have to remember the plate of the car, just state the number plate aloud as it drives past and you'd have a record of it on the video.

    • I take your point, but how could you neg this based on your experience with a completely different model?

      • I believe the optics and software are the same, the version I had just had an extra camera which pivots. Also this model is cheaper from the same manufacturer so there's no chance it's going to be any better.

        • So to be fair. what did you pay for THAT model. Lets have a comparison based on price/features.

        • So you're assuming the cheaper model has the same lens and despite only having one camera, not two, uses the same software. The only statement that is fact is it's a cheaper model. That doesn't stop it from being a "bargain".

        • If it turns out that Uniden produces superior products in a sliding scale where cheaper = better quality then that's great and it's a bargain.

        • Most consumer-grade Uniden gear is absolute rubbish. ALL the walkie-talkies we sold at a shop I worked in were returned by customers, no exceptions. We had a lot of about a hundred, they were worthless. they weren't exactly cheap either, we had no-name ones half the price that performed better. So I tend to agree with mr fox.

    • +1

      I have this exact model and Im happy with the $68 I paid at JB Hifi last time it was on sale. Read moving number plates it won't but it will very easily show who is at fault. Mine hasn't had any of the failings you have described and for $50 its well worth it.

      If someone runs and red and slams into you with no witnesses there won't be any shadow of doubt about fault. And if someone does hit you, does a runner and you don't see there plates the cops have a lot more to go on and are a lot more likely to look into it for you.

      • Did you see the vid for the Navig8r above? How does it compare?

        • +1

          See for yourself, heres a 3min video at 1080p. If you pause when Im doing my lane change you can read a few number plates.

        • Thanks for the vid. I think it's great for $50. If the vehicle is stationary, like around 2:15, you could clearly see the licence plate. When it's moving it's not as obvious but still possible depending on lighting etc. What you probably won't catch are those who cut in front and sideswipes others before disappearing. I would be interested to find out if 1080p is really only 720p "upscaled". More than happy to spend $50 as my first dash cam.

      • -1

        To show who is at fault, you must identify the other party / driver.

        I believe an inability to read number plates at speed is a big issue.

        With insurance it is not good enough to say ' See…its not may fault, that moving bunch of pixels sideswiped me'.

        • Yeah but if theres 2 cars all banged up in the middle of an intersection and both people are saying the other ran the red its going to help a lot.

          Anyway it can read number plates or at least enough of a plate that when combined with make / model / colour Police can go knock on a door and look for damage, I'll have a youtube up in 30.

  • Seems a 32gb sd card suits. What speed of card would be good? Or just buy any old cheapie?

    • +3

      Class 6 is usually the bare minimum. You don't really need 32GB (16GB is enough), because the camera records on a loop, and the recordings are broken into intervals (segments).

      When something interesting happens (say you run over Broden) you press a button on the unit and it locks the currently recorded segment which prevents it from being over-written.
      While more memory allows you to keep more locked files on the card, there's generally no need to store that many as you would offload them into your PC (or Youtube) as soon as you get home.

      • Cheers. 32 gives you 3.5 hours they say. What's the point of that? 16 will be plenty as it is in a loop as you say. Thanks again.

  • Haha no shit, I'm living on Clements now. Small world!

  • -1

    mm…couldn't read the number plates at all on the shown video……so what is the point to have it?

  • +3

    If your car is stolen then the thief will know where you live?

    • Same probably goes for most GPS units. I freaked out when I plugged my Garmin in to BaseCamp could watch every journey I've made in real time. Who's worried about companies tracking online purchases when you've got your hands on this data!

      • true enough, but there are probably plenty of other identifying items in anyone's car to lead a carthief home. personally, I am looking for a decent GPS (ie. TomTom/Garmin/Mio) with an inbuilt Dashcam, and the Reversing camera would be a welcome bonus:


  • Slightly off topic… I am in the market for a good Dash Cam.

    I have read a lot of reviews, and have several on my list.

    Where ydo you guys go for good Dash Cam deals?


  • +2
  • +2

    This is a great site to learn about dash cams -

  • Go Pro?

    • Doesn't auto-start/stop. Useful if you need one anyway, and you are ok with pressing start record and stop record every time.

    • +2

      Also 50 bucks compared to 300 bucks.

  • +1

    Another alternative is to use your smart phone with a $10-20 OBD Adaptor from ebay and the Torque APP.
    Using the track day plug in with that you can basically have any info you want while running video.
    True Speed, Revs, Throttle % 100's of options really.
    I know its not convenient but it is great alternative.
    I lost my digital speedo on my display when I put a different head unit in, so I use this
    as a replacement. With all cars the reading on the speedo is 5-10% out..
    When connecting to the OBD port its a 100% accurate reading.

    For you lead foots out there it does have built in timers for 1/4 mile 0-100 kph, braking performance. loads of other performance data, Horse power measurement.

    Heres a random example off youtube

    • For you lead foots out there

      Some things are better left unrecorded. ;)

  • i think they are a must have,
    after going oversea's and seeing so many people have them, i got one when i got back,

    this one actually. - $25 delivered.

    • +1

      How is the performance of this one?

    • a bargain — though it appears the LED lights would automatically come on at night while you are driving? that would not be a good thing if it was a visible light, instead of IR.

      • just an example…

        i've got the older DVR 027 version of this:

        i can set the IR lights to auto or off but i've found that even though there's 6 leds, they aren't powerful enough to be effective while driving [with your headlights on] unless you want to film your passengers ;)

      • The IR lights are mostly useless and will actually interfere with night-time recording. The IR light will bounce off the interior of the car windshield and back into the camera lens causing glare, and won't really illuminate anything past your car bonnet.

        So yeah, built in IR lights basically light up the interior of the car rather than the outside :)

  • +1

    The cigarette lighter adapter on these stops working after a few days, speaking from personal experience with two of them.

  • +1

    JB is showing $69 online now :(

  • JB was $58 last time. I bought 1 for $58. Not sure about current price.

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