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Humble Deep Silver Bundle - Pay What You Want


Please note: the Humble Deep Silver Bundle is Windows-only and requires Steam to play.

From $1 you get:

Pay above the average (currently $5.15; may change in the future) and in addition to the above games, you'll also get:

Pay $25 or more and in addition to the above games, you'll also get:

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  • +9

    All together 3 keys:

    1 for Risen 2, Sacred 2 Gold, Saints Row 2, and Saints Row: The Third
    1 for Dead Island GOTY and Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package
    1 for Dead Island Riptide

    • If i want Dead Island GOTY, i have to have saints row full package……that really annoys me :(
      P.S I had all but Riptide, Risen 2 and Sacred 2.

      • +1

        Yeah, I wanted Risen 2 and Dead Island, not the others :\

    • Is this confirmed? :S
      I haven't bought it yet…

      • +3

        you mean like ayadans post? If so then yes :( I've bought it and that was how it worked

    • Can't edit my post but:

      1 key for Metro 2033, Risen, and Sacred Citadel.

  • So cheap, the average dropped down to $4.50ish as well to get bonus games

    • +4

      Because Dead Island isn't good :P

      • The first was good when it came out. The second is a carbon copy.

  • +2

    I've been curious for a while, would these sorts of charity donations be just like canteen bandannas, royal children's hospital pens, etc, and be tax refundable? :S

    • +1

      Don't think so as they are not registered in Australia.

      • +5

        They need to register with the ATO as a tax-deducted thingy…

    • +2

      Have thought about this a few times I came to the conclusion that because you are purchasing something and then they are donating some of the proceeds to charity, this makes it like other products where (a much smaller) percentage of profits go to charity (which you can't claim).

      • +3

        You can adjust how your money is shared .. 100% charity.

        But yeah .. I'm all for sick kids playing games but would rather more charity options were made available. I think that if people could pick a favorite charity then they would give more (though more likely they would push 100% to that charity leave the dev/site with less I guess)

        • +25

          Nothings stopping you from donating separately to your favourite charity

        • +1

          most of your money goes to printing posters and t-shirts and paying for marketing people anyhow

        • and the red cross…

        • +2

          If everyone was self motivated to donating to charity then options like this wouldn't exist. Drawing more money out of people buy giving more choice can only be a good thing for the charity.

        • Ye tell em Elijah some of these bstds will ner understand, aarrr…

        • …..which one is which??? Elijah and Elijha…..I thought i was reading the comments of the same person…..MIND BLOWN!!!

        • Doppelgänger…

        • +1

          Attack of the clones?

        • Some charities are sadly just like you say (Ads, flyers and actual waged staff are not cheap)……But i kinda hope ones like childs play do achieve their goals to a certain extent. :)

        • I always give all to the devs, they are my favorite charity.

  • +11

    Thanks OP, more games for the collection that'll never be played.

    • +3


  • beware of the possibility when you install saints row the third: full package you will probably have no choice in having the bloodsucker dlc installed. (Lots of players hated the fact it replace default grapple kills i think).

    • +3

      No the full package doesn't include the bloodsucker dlc or the unlockable dlc.

      Here's a list of the included dlc:

      • +2

        Info about the bloodsucker and unlockable dlc:
        Copy & pasted from http://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/comments/1ipae6/steam_summ...

        Don't buy the Unlockable DLC and the Bloodsucker DLC. There is no in-game ability to selectively disable DLC that you have purchased - ever - and these two DLC significantly alter the game, potentially for the worst. The Full Package does not contain these two DLC following complaints about their inclusion in the last complete pack (now discontinued).
        They both fundamentally alter the way that players acquire Respect (XP) and money throughout the game and cannot natively be turned off once purchased. They are essentially cheats. If you want to experience the campaign (co-op or otherwise) at a level of difficulty that is close to what was originally intended on vanilla release: Avoid these DLC. The game is already easy enough as is (in a fun way), without making it a cake walk.
        Bloodsucker will replace your neck-snapping ability when holding a hostage with a 'Dracula' ability that will suck blood from your victim, which can be used fully restore your health. It also adds a series of VIP Bonus abilities that MASSIVELY increase your ability to accrue resources. These cannot be turned off in-game (will get to this below).
        Unlockable will unlock ALL mission-relative bonus skills at the start of the game, skills that are usually acquired by completing specific campaign missions and then choosing between two different options. This results in a huge array of bonus skills and rewards being awarded instantly, greatly affecting gameplay. This includes the 'City Takeover' unlockable which allows you to select one Hood (territory) from within the city and immediately complete all activities within that area, thus taking it over. That's right; to buy this DLC is to pay money to have the game play itself for you. Again, these cannot be disabled in-game and activate from the start of any new campaign (following a couple of basic, opening missions). The only scenario where this may be genuinely useful is when you have completed the game once and want to access the mission-relative upgrades you sacrificed. However, this DLC is permanent and will activate at the start of ANY NEW PLAYTHROUGH. You will not be able to return to the base experience.
        The rest of the DLC available is either missions packs or items like clothes, weapons and vehicles. While several of these give you a ridiculous advantage as soon as you start a campaign - such as being able to retrieve tanks or fighter jets from your crib - you can still decide to use them or not. This preserves the ability to play the game authentically if you (and your co-op partner) choose too. If you still want to avoid this, buy the basic game and the season pass, which will give you just the mission content but would be a bit more expensive.

        • Not sure about the whole "intended on vanilla release" as the game was never intended to remain vanilla, there was always going to be a plethora of DLC. I don't think the change will negatively affect the game for someone unless they played it first without the DLC and thought that this is how it was meant to be, regardless that all this DLC was planned for release at a later date to maximize profit.

  • I have Saints Row 3 without DLCs. I assume buying this will not get me an extra copy of saints row but instead 'overwrite'my existing copy in my steam account?

    • +2

      That's correct…

    • the saints 3 row code comes with saints row 2 and the others games, and the sr3 dlc code comes with dead island goty edition so you could gift the first lot of codes to a mate if you didnt want the other games

  • Sorry for not updating my posts…
    Attempting to claim my phone(s) has been stressful…
    And not having a phone has been depressing…
    Hopefully, i will find some effort to update all my posts soon…


  • +7

    The bonus games for next week are:
    Sacred Citadel
    Metro 2033


    • What is this? Another bundle out next week (humble weekly?) or added to the current?

      • Added to the current bundle for next week.

        • Are these added to the 1 dollar price or the beat the average?

        • +1

          Usually the extra games are added to the pack if you beat the average, however this pack also has an even higher $25 tier so it may be inserted there instead. Who knows. As they're older games I would ordinarily expect them to come with the "beat the average" price as they could be picked up for cheaper than the difference against the $25 price point, however they could be included at the $25 price point to encourage more people to fork out for that level.

        • +1

          $1 if you buy it before the end of this week or included in beat the average for next week.

        • Sweet jesus I hope you're correct. And thanks.

        • Looks like the new games just got dispatched just lke ninjastar said. Great call.

    • .

  • Good deal if you don't have any of these games but unfortunately I've already got all but Riptide.

  • Lol I noticed that although all games are steam only and there's a $1 minimum for steam keys, still lets you enter a price under a dollar. Wonder what happens then? They just give you nothing and ask you to increase the order value?

    • +1

      They just give you nothing

      They give you a page link. On that page you will find another link to "Get your Steam key" but it will lead to nothing.

      and ask you to increase the order value

      It is up to you to increase payment during the offer period to get the Steam key. You cannot increase payment to get the Steam key after the offer is closed.

    • +1

      Wouldn't you still get the soundtracks, if you donated <$1?

      • +1

        Yes, just tried it.

  • holy… what an insane bundle
    don't even care that I either don't want or already have most of these games, BUY BUY BUY!

  • Amazing deal for this :D and goes as a donation to charity :)

  • +2

    I heard that saints row 2 runs like shit regardless of the PC it's played on. Does anyone know if this is true? Are there working fixes out there?

    • +7

      Yep, I played it. Holy crap, it was a bad, bad port.

      No mouse support in menus, you have to use the keyboard. Graphically it lags (lots of popup). There are heaps of complaints on forum boards, eventually the devs threw the towel in and said that they would not support PC anymore.

      I was able to finish the game, but in hindsight I wouldnt have shelled out $20 for it.

    • +2

      It was badly unoptimised when i last played it…..may try again with my new pc's…

    • +1

      It runs like 250% speed on my PC. Really hard to play when everything zips all over the place. There are fixes (look up gentlemen of the row) but its still a mess of a pott.

  • +2

    Don't have any of these, the steam summer sale prices for most of these weren't appealing enough for me; but humble bundle is a different story…xP

  • +3

    I love Deep Silver games (aside from the Saints Row series). They usually don't review all that well, but they're always fun, slightly broken, and time-sinks. I played Sacred 2 for soooo much longer than Diablo 3 when it came out. In fact diablo 3 just made me go back to Sacred 2 after a 3 year break.

    • +1

      i agree with the sacred 2
      i think its an amazing game everytime you play it you learn something new and there are just soo many features in the game

  • if only 1 or 2 of this game are offered on the Mac than I would have brought it… still a great deal…..

    • +6

      *Some numpty gave ~$600 to charity??

      • Yes: He could have given $600 to Deep Silver or Humble Bundle. I get it.

  • This is an incredible collection of games. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love Humble Bundles.

  • Thanks op! Bought the Humble THQ bundle before and now this Deep Silver bundle which have a few games in common. Haven't played even one game yet though.
    Should have bought the base games only. Is Dead Island GOTY worth the extra 4$.

    • -2

      You mean you regret paying $4 and think the games are only worth $1?

      Gee whizz.

  • missed the thq bundle but golly this one is pretty sweet.. more steam backlog :D even better than steam sales

  • +2

    Thanks OP, just purchased them (except for the $25 game)


    I hardly play these days as I never get time but do enjoy it from time to time. Having said this I have nearly 80 games in my steam account and keep on buying more when they go on sale. Hardly played anything :(

    Its no different to girls who keep on buying shoes they never wear except this is worst as these games are digital and have no resale value, oh well may be one day I will get around to playing some of them.


    • except for the most part those who 'hoard' titles in steam due to these sales are paying a whole lot less than you're girlfriends shoes unless of course you're paying for launch title prices.

      you may have paid… what? 5 bucks roughly? that's really nothing to add to your 'addiction'.

      • Thanks punk, you bring up a very valid point, I sometimes forget how cheap these games are. I think the most I have paid was 15 USD for ARMAII at the time when Dayz came out and loved Dayz so no regret there :)

  • +1

    Have almost all of the games. It's a dollar, bought it, don't know what to do with the code now.

    • Send me :p

  • +1

    I don't plan to play any of these games, but this is an insane deal, so I see it as a donation, not a purchase.

  • Holy balls Risen 2 is… clunky. I couldn't get through more than 5 minutes of it.

  • Just been updated with those new games like ninjastar said. They are: Metro 2033, Risen and Sacred Citadel. All sadly on one steam key tho. I wanted to give metro to a mate :( oh well.

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