expired Selected Onitsuka Tiger Shoes for $50 at Platypus Shoes at Harbour Town at Waterfront City (Vic)


Hi All,

I found selected last season's Onitsuka Tiger shoes that usually go for around $150-$180 going for $50. Yes you heard me right.

Those on sale were for selected models and colors:

Ultimate Tiger - Ocean Splash, black/silver/purple
Ultimate 81 - Lime green
Fencing LA - Egg shell/gun metal
Fabre 74 - Blue, White/Green
(these are just from observation)

Seems like most sizes still available!

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    Dammit. i bought mine for $250 when they first came out.


    Noice, cheaper then Hong Kong. I feel so sorry for the shops at Waterfront City, must be tough times.


    Will be checking this out tomorrow.


      Visited today. More or less the 5 or so styles mentioned. Nothing caught my eye though.


    hmmm that is an awesome price, one of only a few brands i do not have

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    wow, why would someone pay so much for ugly shoes like those is beyond me.
    It's all marketing hype and strategies that are used to hype up the prices.
    I'd still stick with Nike and Adidas.

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      lol, was I the only one that found that a bit funny:

      "It’s all marketing hype and strategies that are used to hype up the prices"

      followed by

      "I’d still stick with Nike and Adidas"

      Yea, Nike and Adidas do not rely on any marketing hype or strategies to hype up their prices. I am sure their shoes really do have $150 worth of materials in each one!!!


        happy to provide a free laugh.
        Nike and Adidas have shoes with air cushions, flexible shoe soles etc.
        What does shoes from companies like Vans, Converse, Onitsuka offer other than personalized designs?


          "Nike and Adidas have shoes with air cushions, flexible shoe soles etc." >

          "It’s all marketing hype and strategies that are used to hype up the prices."

          In the end you have been sucked up by the Nike/Adidas marketing machine as well.


            @zhenjie: There's a difference between brands like Onitsuka Tiger and Nike/Adidas.

            Nike/Adidas actually put money into the technical aspect of a shoe. A pair of Nike 360s feel more comfortable than a pair of Converse shoes, for example.

            These .. other brands… are simply normal shoes with a name on them. It's like buying designer clothes - you're paying heaps more money for the name. You can say that's what Nike/Adidas do, but these other brands take it to a new level! At least Nike/Adidas actually spend money on developing new shoes.

            edit: Oh before anyone starts replying passionately, my comment above was on a price-value viewpoint. If you're looking solely from a style/design viewpoint, then the sky's the limit for price. It doesn't make it any better value, but fashion certainly isn't about value. Just keep in mind how rich you're making someone else! :)


      ohhhhh the irony in your post!


    Thanks Happening, you are my hero. Unfortunately no online shopping, dag nabbit.


    can some1 confirm if the sale only for victoria shops ???


      I saw it at Harbour Town, was thinking if the other stores had it, called Melbourne Central and they said they are not doing any specials. So i went back to Harbour Town to quickly get mine!


    If anyone in Sydney is after cheap Onitsukas, head to Birkenhead Point.
    There's a store called "SPLAT" which is on the same level as RipCurl. They have $50 Onistuka's there too and heaps of sizes.

    I didn't see these specials at the Platypus Store at Market City.

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