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This is an old offer from Eagle Boys Pizza and the deal might have been a bit stale. However, please check out our Pizza Coupons page for all of the latest pizza deals, coupons and promo codes.

expired Eagle Boys $4.95 Large Pizzas


Pizza's are actually 4.95 for most stores!

Unlimited 5.50 pizzas this week only!

Better than dominos IMO

Valid until 5th april, Pick-up only

This is gonna be bigger than BEN HUR

Eagle Boys Pizza

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    Great deal!
    Yes, Beagle Toys make far better pizzas than Dunny Moes IMHO also.
    Q. Where did you see the $5.50 price?
    My local EB shows an online-print voucher for $5.95 til 11th May.
    Hang on, I just did a "dummy" order for the Carindale QLD store & it brought up a pick-up price of $4.95!!!!!
    Make mine Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.


    Just saw an ad on TV for 5.50, no coupon required.


    Note, the price is now 4.95/pizza!

    Mods, please update title, this is gonna be bigger than Ben Hur!

  • -2 votes

    Worst pizzas ever. Dominos and Pizza Hut may taste like cardboard, but Eagle Boys taste like dirt. I'd rather cardboard than dirt anyday.

  • +2 votes

    You know, the whole "I don't like $fastfoodcompany" argument is kind of silly. A lot of the time that people complain about fast food, it generally has nothing to do with the chain, but instead the employees who made your meal. I used to work at Subway, and would have people say they were put off Subway because they got a sub made by one of the trainees. I worked there for 12 months and thought I could make a pretty good sandwich, and gave Subway a good rep. All I'm saying, is don't base your opinion of a big greedy corporate giant by your local store, or even one experience because who knows, maybe just next time the store manager might make it and it could taste delicious!


      Agreed, not just fast food either - franchise bakeries and coffee shops too. Even basic shite like MacD's varies wildly.


      Well thats one way to look at it. The other is that the service is part of the experience so if it's poor your entitled to dislike the place. Same applies to resterants where often it's not the food that keeps customers away. It should be the managers job to ensure trainee staff are being supervised.

      And yeah, I was at Subway for over 3 years as I studied and every weekend would open the store on my own and the like. Wasn't too bad a job and I was seen as pretty senior member which gave me some leeway at times. You better bet though that when I was training new staff (which I more often than not was put in charge of due to weekend shifts being an ideal time for that), I'd have to be watching every sub they made until they lost that trainee badge. The boss didn't want what you described happening where trainees ruined the stores reputation.

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    Never seen one in NSW, would like to try one though :)

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    In light of recent discussion on Ozbargain this seems a good opportunity to show Dominos (and lone;) the true exercise of consumer power by devastating their internet sales for a week.

    Buy no Dominos week!
    Keep the bastards on their toes and spread the word.


    $5.50 at our store - placing an order right now for work. :)


    Looks like we just crashed their servers.

    | Server Error in '/' Application.

    Is anyone able to access their website?



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