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Onkyo TX-NR515AE For $549 With Free Delivery from Selby Acoustics


Pretty good price for a pretty good amp (if reviews are to be believed), especially being the Airplay version of the amp…trying to convince myself not to buy one…

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  • They're a great brand, but be weary of the HDMI issues people have been getting with certain batches (even with firmware updates). I was going to buy the TXNR616 that JB have at a sharp price at the moment…and then i read this http://www.avsforum.com/t/1415258/the-official-onkyo-tx-nr41...

    • Good find!

    • I recently grabbed a Onkyo TX-SR576, and it had SEVERE HDMI issues, however $1.60 and 6 quality capacitors later, it works pretty darn well.

      The issues are pretty much, intermittent signal and won't operate at 60hz 1080p for very long or at all.

  • I have a TXNR616 and I really like it.

    This 515 cheap because it has been replaced by the 525.

    The 515 is also meant to be good:


  • I have the 616AE and since updating to the latest firmware I couldn't be any happier.

  • Is the 616AE supposed to be the replacement for this model? If so what are the major differences between the two

  • AE is just the same version but with Airplay.

    I got my 616 when it was brand new so was a surprised that they released a AE version a few months after.

    Apparently the story is that Onkyo wanted the Airplay module as a USB stick but apple said no, and in order not to delay the release, they just didnt have it.

  • No the 616AE is a bit of a step up from the 515AE. The 616AE has THX certification and I think a bit more power other than that they are pretty similar. The new models are 525 and 626.

  • Edited - sign of stupidity.

    I was comparing the AE/non AE versions, not 616 v 515 :)

  • Not sure I'm following, there is a 515 and a 515AE, 515 doesn't have airplay.


    Can I listen to the DAB on this?


      I think I found the answer. No.

      Hopefully someone will say I'm wrong, but

      Tuner Section
      Tuning Frequency Range
      FM 87.5 MHz–108 MHz
      AM 522 kHz–1,611 kHz
      530 kHz–1,710 kHz
      FM/AM Preset Memory 40 Stations

  • I might sound like an idiot for asking but i just hit the buy button…

    Which terminal on the back do i connect my existing sub too? It is an unpowered Yamaha.

    Also, can anyone recommend a good cheap set of speakers and sub?

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      • In the middle bottom - Pre out sub woofer (purple) That's for self powered subs.

        • It looks like a RCA input. Will i have to change cable to suit?

        • It's only for subs that have their own power supply (active they're called I think). Looks like you can't plug a passive sub (that's one that doesn't have its own power and just uses speaker wires) into this AVR. Passive subs are usually part of a HTIB (home theatre in a box) - a simpler, less powerfull thing.

          You'd need a proper 5.1 or 7.1 set of speakers to use with this that includes an active (self powered) sub.

        • So not compatible with 5UBW4Y subs?


          I went into JB today and asked what amps can I plug my unpowered sub. He said none. And my Bose speaker system cost nearly $2,000 (15 years ago); have to upgrade(?) to a powered sub to use a new mid-range amp.

          And the new tuner/amps don't have DAB yet; wonder how long before they are so yesterday.

  • Trying to convince myself that the 414 @ $334.80 delivered was still a good buy…

  • No WiFi out of the box, so adapter or network cable required for internet streaming, also no DAB. Also says "certified with Windows 7", but no mention of Windows 8. This one would not be my choice.