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Free Sample of Sustagen


Free sample of Sustagen.

The answer is 27.

Limited to the first 2000 people. If this deal link expires you could also try the ones below. Not sure if it's 2000 per radio station or 2000 combined.


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    If you miss out, good chance most of your local pharmacies have plenty they don't want. Most just keep them behind the counter and let them go out of date because the staff don't want them. Nice proprietors will be more than happy to give a few out if you ask nicely.

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    • 27 essential vitamins and minerals

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        43 toxins

        • Really, Im glad you think so. I had this once when I was in my teens and broke out in Hives, never had it again. And PS was really embarrassing at Tennis when I had spots everywhere. Never again

    • yeah, i actually read the question after posting and discovered it was extremely easy :)

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    Full of sweetness … i mean sugar

    Nestle - Sustagen - Australia - 250ml

    Calories 251
    Total Fat 4 g
    Total Carbs 41 g
    Dietary Fiber 0 g
    Sugars 26 g
    Protein 13 g


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      It's a nutritional drink, particularly designed for easy absorption, for recovering/elderly people to assist with their diet. Though it's perfectly all right to replenish your nutrient needs through these kind of nutritional drinks, for a regular person who is eating well and healthy this will only create "expensive pee". Though almost all "Nutritionists" demonise carbs and sugars, they are an essential part of a healthy diet.
      The part people never get is getting their nutrition in right amounts. If you take any nutrient much less or much more, that would affect your overall health. Though it's not considered as a nutrient, even too much water is bad for you.
      BTW, the nutritional information you've provided from a dubious third party website, delivers misinformation. If you are interested in reading nutritional information on any product, refer to the product's packaging or their relevant manufacturers website.

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        It's also good for food for the elderly, put some into their dessert, and it fills them up.

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      Nestle - Sustagen - Australia - 250ml

      i thought this was some maths equation

    • It was prescribed to me after stomach surgery, so its not lolly water.

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    please include the answer in the posting.

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      Seriously? It's right there…


      • That's why I didn't bother the first time but I've added it anyway.

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    The answer is 27.

    lies…….. the answer is 42

  • So if I put 28 I don't get it? :/

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    Q: You want 3 wrap meals, with what drinks sorry?

    A: Gatorade, sustagen and iced coffee

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      hotmail worked for me

  • Hotmail worked for me but they didn't send me an email, so I suppose you could put in any fake email account?

    • They sent me an email to my hotmail to say thanks for entering..

  • Thanks!

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    Can get skim milk power 1kg ($6/1kg), Coopers Brewing Sugar (dextrose+maltodextrin) ($4.30/1kg) and Cocoa ($4.19/375g @ WOW) and make your version that's better and cheaper per kg than this product. Vitamins+Minerals are covered by a daily multi-vitamin tablet ($0.30), eg: Tresob-B.

    Sustagen is 63% skim milk power, corn syrup solids, full-fat milk power and a multi-vit/mineral mix. They want $26.70 for 900grams of that. If you do the sums above you'll find you can make your own better version for less than $10.

    Shame on Nestle for excessive profiteering.

    • You forgot to mention, minus $26.70 because this is free!
      But we get your point.

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