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Sony A57 +Twin Kit Lenses ONLY $599 Plus $19.95 Delivery Excellent DSLR Camera-10fps, 15 Point, IS


Looks like the price of this camera has dropped further from $650 when it was last posted. This is an excellent camera so jump on it while it's available. A new model is coming out so won't be at this price for much longer. This is local Australian stock with 12 months manufacturer warranty.

The price of this package was almost $1200 when it first came out and now it's half price.

Images from this camera is superb with features and specs on par with the Canon 7D or Nikon D7000 or better.

Some of the key specifications are:
•16.1MP APS-C CMOS sensor
•Built-in sensor image stabilisation
•Lightning quick AF with 15 AF points
•Superb image quality and low light performance
•Latest Bionz processor
•ISO 100-16000
•1,440,000 dot LCD electronic viewfinder
•920,000 dot bottom-hinged swivel rear LCD
•10 frame per second continuous shooting mode with AF (12fps at 8.4MP crop)
•Picture Effects processing options and clear Image Zoom up-sizing digital zoom
•Super quick liveview
•Face recognition
•Focus Peaking manual focus guide overlay
•1080p AVCHD 2.0 movies at 60 or 24 fps with continous autofocus

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  • Sorry but when you say a new model is coming out so it won't be this price for much longer, doesn't that translate to 'wait a bit longer and this camera will be a steal when it's obsolete'?

    Also I don't pretend to be a camera expert but is there any reason that this Sony is better than this (which can be had for $570 haggling at jbhifi).


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      Sony is a DSLR the Canon is Mirrorless point and shoot
      Sony is 16Mpixel Canon is 18Mpixel
      Sony has a viewfinder Canon does not (if you are serious about getting good shots viewfinder is a must)
      Sony comes with 18 - 200MM lens Canon comes with 18 -55MM
      Canon has slow autofocus and poor in low light

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      If the replacement model is going to be anything like the A58 then this will be a better camera. The 16MP Sony CMOS is one of the best sensors available, and this camera has a great balance of features. With Sony it can always be a gamble as to what they bring out.

    • Completely different cameras. The Sony A57 is a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) whereas the Canon EOS-M is a MILC (mirrorless interchangeable lens camera). The Canon lacks the reflexing mirror that defines a DSLR. I own a MILC (a Sony NEX-7) and I absolutely love it. However between the A57 and the EOS-M you've mentioned the main differences are the feature set (better in the A57) and form factor (better in the EOS-M). Both are capable of taking some excellent pictures, it just depends on what your priorities are as to which would be better for you.

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      I don't think the Canon has image stabilization were as the Sony has IS in the body of the camera so In the long run it will mean more expensive Canon IS lenses and with only a 18-55mm you are going to want a bigger lens if you hope to have any zoom (55mm is relatively small zoom), also the review states that there are only 4 lens available for the canon EOS-M!!!! (Maybe this is out of date info)

      I have the Sony A57 and it is a excellent camera.

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        The EOS M, while a piece of crap, can use the entire lineup of EF and EF-S lenses. So, uh, that's about a hundred lenses. Not four.

        And only chumps buy superzooms.

        • "…only chumps buy superzooms."

          Please explain?

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          How is this "superzoom" comment relevant to this topic, i thought superzoom was a reference to non dslr cameras? both the A57 and the EOS M are both DSLR.

        • The EOS M isn't a DSLR, although it does have an APS-C sensor which in that little package, which makes it decent.

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          Superzoom lenses (e.g 18-250mm lenses) have several flaws:
          - warp straight lines near the edge of the image
          - transmit light poorly, resulting in being terrible for low light photos
          - do not teach proper photo composition technique
          - are generally not as sharp as other lenses
          Most of these flaws are to be blamed on physics, which requires compromises in lens design to achieve the zoom ability at the low costs demanded of these types of lenses.

          You're not a chump if you buy one, but I would personally recommend that you spend your money on a 55-200 if you need a zoom, and buy a prime lens (somewhere between 30mm to 50mm) instead.

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          No, it's a lens with a very wide focal range which is cheaply made, slow as hell and soft throughout it's range with bonus distortion all over the place.

          But hey, at least you don't have to change lenses on that fancy new interchangeable lens camera you bought.

          It's 'relevant to this topic' because people are acting like having an 18-200 on the Sony is a good thing.

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          This Sony A57 pack comes with a 18-55 and a 55-200 so your comment is still not relevant to this topic

    • When will this one drop to half price :-O

    • I thought B&H photo were doing a deal on EOS M for 340ish USD a while. $570 is way too much for this camera

  • I found a camera from Nikon: Nikon 16.2MP Digital D5100TLK SLR Camera w/ Twin Lens Kit, here
    Sony or Cannon or Nikon? what is the best?



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      Nikon D5100 can only do 4fps, the A57 can do 10fps or 12fps cropped so much better for fast action shots or sports photography

      D5100 only has 11 focusing points while the A57 has 15. Focusing is alot faster and more accurate on the A57 with it's SLT

      D5100 does not have builtin Image Stabilisation so you need to buy expensive lenses if you want to reduce blurry images. The A57 has IS builtin.

      A57 has focus peaking feature for easy manual focusing and face detection autofocus for locking focus on subject faces without having to worry that the camera focusing on the arm or legs as is in some cases with the D5100

      The D5100 on catchof the day you listed is $200 more then the A57 but yet the A57 offers much more camera for much less. I would get the A57 without any hesitation, you won't go wrong with that camera.

      Also note that Sony makes some of the best sensors which is used by Nikon, Pentax, Olympus and so forth. Canon makes some of the sensors themselves but they are not as good as the Sony sensors.

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        Awesome, Thanks heaps :)

    • Sony or Cannon or Nikon? what is the best?

      If you're shooting burst action and don't want a slideshow in your viewfinder between shots, the Nikon is better in this department. The optical viewfinder returns you back to the scene very quickly, as would any other traditional DSLR from Canon or whoever.

      Sony is far better getting focus in Live View mode and IMO has better ergonomics and benefits the user where an electronic viewfinder has its strengths (displaying rich info). Part of the light is re-directed and doesn't reach the imaging sensor in Sony's system. Debates vary as to the significance of this in the pictures.

      All models are capable of taking good photos most of the time.

  • how long does it take for eglobal to ship? and how is warranty

  • Decent review of the Sony from a respected camera site here: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sony-alpha-slt-a57. Some might be put off by the comment regarding jpeg processing.

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    It was a bargain when I got it from them for $647, so this is even more of a bargain. If I could give you two positive votes I'd do so. lol

    The auto focus on this thing is amazing.

    • Thanks Geewhizz. I'm glad you like it, just as I have. Actually I love my A57.

      Come on everyone where are the positive votes??? No positive votes no future deal postings.

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        That would be a shame. Just ignore the lack of votes and consider it a community service. lol

        I found this recently if anyone is after more zoom for this. The lens gets good reviews and seems a great price


        Edit: Is quite a bit cheaper still for those happy to by from a grey importer

        • Yes it would be a shame indeed.

          That Tamron lens looks good for the price. Has a macro switch for closeup macro shots too. Thanks

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    I bought one. Thanks, OP. I am a complete novice in this, can someone please recommend me where to buy the flash? Thanks.

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      The Sony a57 has a built in flash? were you after an additional flash?

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      The A57 has a builtin flash but if you need external flash have a look here

      The HVL-F43M is a good one to get

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      Thanks for your help, BigglesKDH & jfkingdom1. I looked at the pictures and I couldn't see the flash. After reading your comments, I went to the Sony web site and confirmed it has built-in flash.

      • Cool. Glad to have helped someone.

  • COTD has A58 for $699

    Sony SLT A58M 20.1MP Camera w/ 18-135mm Lens : https://m.catchoftheday.com.au/product/26914/213738

    • that is Single Lens Kit, this deal is Twins Lens Kit

    • A58 is inferior in several ways to A57, not least of which is that the lens mount is plastic on the A58 whereas it's metal on the A57

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    Please note cpeiqi's comment about the A58. Are you implying that more pixels and a higher numeric model number equates to a better camera??? I would read up on the 2 units if I were you. You'll find that the A58 is a bit of a dud in comparison.. Don't take my word for it..just as an example of expert reviews.. A58 review http://reviews.cnet.com/digital-cameras/sony-alpha-slt-a58/4... vs A57 review http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sony-alpha-slt-a57

  • Great price. Remembered me of Sony NEX5n deal with twin lens for 700 bucks.

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    I had Canon 650D with IS Lens Kit for $560 (Kogan deal) but after reading review I bought this, maybe I should sell my Canon 650D ;)

    • Will this be better than Canon 650D. I'm a bit confused between Canon 650d and Sony a57. The only + for Canon i see is the touch screen. Am I right?

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    I would like to hear more comments on the comparison between the SonyA57 and Cannon 650D/ 700D. I have recently been looking into the canons and Nikons. But i never hear anyone talking about Sony. Why is this?

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      Sadly there is a whole lot of snobbery in the photography world. The issue is not with the cameras, it's with the fact that there is a halo effect of Nikon & Canon being the camera that professionals use - you know the $15000 body and $30,000 lens… yes, that's the extreme end, but you get my point.

      Sony bought the old Minolta camera business a few years back. Minolta was renowned for it's innovation (see the old Dynux/Maxxum/Alpha series of film cameras - they were the first to have auto-focus lenses) and Sony has tended to carry this on because it cannot compete on "look we're Canikon".

      Only thing I would say is go to a camera store, hold the camera and use it. Nothing worse than forking out a whole lot of money for something and then not feeling comfortable using it. Any of these cameras will give you a good result, but you'll be the one that makes it a great photo!

      As for the lens argument for Nikon & Canon - if you need 50 lenses, go ahead, buy a Canikon, if you, like most people, will probably never move beyond one or two lenses, does it really matter?

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      I would like to hear more comments on the comparison between the SonyA57 and Cannon 650D/ 700D.


  • thats a very very good price.

  • I have the A65, would not recommend the A57 simply because the viewfinder is not good enough. The whole reason to get a DSLR is the preview, particularly focus and thus depth of field. The A65/77 have pretty much optical quality viewfinders (2.4M pixels), the A57 does not(1.4M pixels), and that makes a heap of difference to your ability to actually capture the photos you want.

    Also the twin lens kit is a very poor alternative to the 18-135mm lens kit (only available with O/S sourced cameras), as you will pretty much always need to carry 2 lenses with you which is a PITA when you just want a walk around setup.

    FWIW I am very pleased with the A65 and my decision to go with Sony/SLT, and very glad to have paid $300 more to get that with the 18-135.

    • Can you explain more what the purpose of 18 -135 is and also the tamron 70 -300. It sounds like 18 -200 lens is useless?

      • +1

        It doesn't come with a 18-200??? This pack comes with a 18-55 and a 55-200

  • Sold out. I tried to buy this afternoon but had troubles getting to the page. Finally got to look tonight. But all gone.

    • I did warn everyone that they need to be quick before it's sold out as this is a great deal.

  • +1

    Much thanks for posting this deal!! I ordered one this afternoon, and it seems to be sold out now?

    Wondering if I should get extended warranty for 2 extra years.. (approx $66)
    Do people normally buy extra warranty for products similar to this one?

    • Looks like you might have gotten the last one?

      I don't normally buy extra warranty but if you think you need it then it's a peace of mind.

  • i have a sony a57 for sale. unwanted gift. comes with 18-200mm tamron lens,16gb memory card,polarised filter,ac charger & bag. camera has only taken about 10 photos.selling because its something I just wont use.

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