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$139 Gigabyte 7790 OC 2GB Video Card ($20 off) @MSY


Receive this from their email from MSY :)

Review of HD 7790

Staticice $159 cheapest

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      a graphic card?

      • thanks…

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          new to OZB JB :-) :-)

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      I think it is a Gigabyte 7790 OC 2GB. Further testing and analysis may be necessary. Will get back to you as soon as the answer is known.

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      Woah what's that pulls out pokedex

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      If you don't understand what it is, it's probably not your type of bargain.

  • What a User name, LMAO. Awesome deal man +1

  • how does this compare to a gt630?

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    It annihilates it several times over. The purpose of gt620/630 is purely for office use - multi monitors. They are two types of cards though and I guess shouldn't be compared. 7770/90's are low end gaming cards, gt 630s are not. More comparable to http://www.gpureview.com/Radeon-HD-6570-GDDR3-card-655.html

  • is it a hover-board?

    • Not just a hover-board, it has a built-in Flux Capacitor as well.

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        Great scott!

  • how does this compare with the 6850?

  • is it loud?

  • Sorry to be a noob but would it be worth upgrading my NVIDIA geforce gtx 560 ti, for such a small outlay?

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      I think this card is actually a bit slower than your 560ti.

      • yeah it is thanks but its 2gb vs my 1gb im pretty sure, how much of difference will that play? On a game like rome total war 2 it might make it slightly better..?

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          vram on cards of this power make litle/no difference. Some of the newer games are just slightly favouring the 7790, probably due to AMD optimised games OR simply due to newer driver support giving a slight boost.

          Some charts for your reference on the vram differences in benchmarks:

          The only instance I can imagine where a 2gb model would truly be beneficial would be for modding out Skyrim with hi-res texture packs and the like.

          Source of my opinion and how I came primarily came to this conclusion: I own a 2gb 560 ti and have done quite a bit of research about the whole 1gb vs 2gb debate. I do however like modding Skyrim so I'm pretty happy with my 2gb model :D

          Edit: but seriously, has anyone even checked the review link the OP posted? Lots of good info there about how this card stacks up against similar cards.

        • Very little difference. Some games will be slower, rest will be unnoticeable.

          I have a 7790 1gb and actually use it all on Crysis 1 with 8x AA and all settings totally maxxed, but mostly the extra gig will go completely unused.

          Definitely wait a couple of months until HD 9000 series is released and everything drops in price, or get something else.

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    Static Ice shows $160- $180 for this card.
    (the $146 quoted by the op may be for the 1gb version?)
    Good deal for a gamer who does not want to dish out for the brag value cards.


    • Thanks for pointing it out.

  • bugger, don't you hate when you purchase an item then literally a week later it's on special - knew it would happen…
    though it's actually a very good card, i needed it urgently and to be honest it's quiet until you ramp it up and OC and spin the fans up.

  • Anyone want to buy it from me? Bought yesterday and it appears it's not compatible with my XPS 8300, even with PSU upgrade and latest bios :( crappy MSY won't take it back :(

    • latest bios

      So you already updated to latest motherboard BIOS? (I have the 1GB version of this card and it didn't work until I did that. Was an AsRock mobo, though. I assume an XPS 8300 is a Dell desktop?

      If no luck, you can probably get close to this price on eBay. (Not sure why ebay has such high prices on GPUs, guess a lot of people don't live near a place like MSY).

      • Yeah, wasted a lot of time :(
        Now gotta to put that thing on eBay, what a pain in the @#$

        Theses sort of issues, not the kind of things you can really research before… who would think that nowadays a video card would not work on a less than two years old PC… bloody Dell, they don't update their drivers so you've got to buy another machine… and bloody MSY, really bad business dealing with them

        • not entirely msy's fault… you already opened it and plugged it in.
          most people will take it as a 2nd hand item, even when it's barely new.

          but yeah. I would stay away from Dell in the future. you would think that companies like dell/hp/lenovo will keep up with their firmware updates eh?

        • They ended up taking it back for a 10% restocking fee… not too bad… bought the Gigabyte 650 Ti Boost $179 instead and it's working with no problem

  • Does anyone whether this will work with ASUS A8N-SLI Premium mobo? can't find the info re. this.

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