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BullionList.com.au New Silver Bullion - Geiger 10oz Security Line Bar - $9 off


Hi all,

Someone posted a link on OzBargain to one of our previous sales which seemed to generate a lot of interest in the comments section.

We thought we'd put up something else just for OzBargain members so you guys are the first to see the new 10 ounce Geiger Edelmetalle Security Line silver bars we're now stocking.

We've cut the premium on these by 90c per ounce for a saving of around $9 off the regular price of the bars.

We also have a special price on new 1 ounce Geiger silver bars if 10oz is more than you're interested in.

Silver and gold bullion is traded on a "spot plus premium" basis in the retail market. The "spot" component is the price of the metal on the international commodities markets in the forum of huge, industrial sized bars. The "plus premium" represents the manufacturing and logistics costs, as well as the dealer's profit margin, on smaller sized bars and coins that you can actually hold in your hand.

Bullion List also has bunch of other items on special here: https://www.bullionlist.com.au/browse/-specials-

Or you can browse our entire product range from here: https://www.bullionlist.com.au/

Bullion List stocks a range of bullion products from some of the world's largest and most respected mints and refineries including The Perth Mint, Valcambi, PAMP, Geiger Edelmetalle, The United States Mint, The Royal Canadian Mint, Ohio Precious Metals and more.

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    can you offer free shipping?

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      Great question.

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      Unfortunately not, but we can offer combined shipping if you want to spread purchases out. We're happy to hold orders until you're ready to receive them. Just select Combined Shipping at the checkout.

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    Only $5 cheaper than the Perth Mint.

    I'm unsure what your postage is?

    • Hi ilostnemo,

      Shipping costs are calculated dynamically at checkout depending on the weight of the order. Sometimes we only make a few dollars on a thousand dollar order so we have to be very careful about calculating shipping correctly. Bear in mind that our shipping rates include insurance. It does add to the cost but it's worth it when there are thousands of dollars worth of metal at stake.

      The Perth Mint's shipping rates are…well, we get a lot of buyers who prefer not to pay Perth Mint shipping rates.

      (Edit) Forgot to mention, the Perth Mint don't trade 24/7 like we do.

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    I think he missed the point of ozbargaining, this post feels more like an Ads. I don't see the bargain! Not cheap.

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      I just did a whip around some dealer sites to check the price against other offerings. The cheapest I could find (10oz bars) were at Bullion Club ($1 cheaper per bar if buying less than 10, Bullion List takes price advantage if buying 10+):


      Bullion Mark ($2 cheaper per bar, but you have to buy 10 bars):


      Neither of the above links is for the exact same product as Bullion List is selling though. I have plenty of Bullion Club 10oz Bars & 10oz NTR Bars in my stack, I would swap them in a heartbeat for these Geiger Security Line Bars if I could do so without additional cost. The Geiger Bars are a superior product.

      IMO the deal is a bargain.

      • What are you buying these bars for?

        • What protection do you buy? wink

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    Do you have a shop front where we can pick up? If not, you're out of competition compared to Bullion Money or ABC.

    • Hi alanyang,

      We don't have a showroom (flashy or otherwise) but you're welcome to collect orders in person from our Parramatta office. You'll need to make an appointment first so we can have your order set aside but otherwise no, pickups are fine and you can opt for that at the checkout.