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[FREE Kindle eBook] Core Java Professional - New Release (Save $10) - for Student, IT Pro's, etc


FREE Kindle eBook

Contents :
Chapter 1 (Overview of Java)
Chapter 2 (Java Language)
Chapter 3 (Control Statements)
Chapter 4 (Scanner class, Arrays & Command Line Args)
Chapter 5 (Class & Objects)
Chapter 6 (Inheritance)
Chapter 7 (Object oriented programming)
Chapter 8 (PACKAGES)
Chapter 9 (Interface)
Chapter 10 (String and StringBuffer)
Chapter 11 (Exception Handling)
Chapter 12 (Multi-Threaded Programming)
Chapter 13 (Modifiers/Visibility modes)
Chapter 14 (Wrapper Class)
Chapter 15 (Input/Output in Java)
Chapter 16 (Applet)
Chapter 17 (Abstract Windows Toolkit)(AWT)
Chapter 18 (INTRODUCTION To AWT Events)
Chapter 19 (Painting in AWT)
Chapter 20 ( java.lang.Object Class )
Chapter 21 (Collection Framework)
Multiple choice questions:
Answers: 512

Book Part-2-SCJP/SCJD (OCJP-OCJD)– Bonus
Chapter 22 (Java Coding Standards)__515
Chapter 23 (Clarity and Maintainability)___523
Chapter 24 (Core Java Database Issues)_534

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  • Thanks, I was looking for Java

  • Some comment after a brief look at the book:

    • No way Chris Warth associated with this book. His name is listed on the Amazon page and the front page of the Kindle book, but nowhere inside the book. Chris Warth is one of the co-creator of Java language so I sense an ulterior motive here.

    • The front page said 2013. The book at best cover Java 2 (1.4) which is more than 10 years old.

    • The content of the book is a collection of certification questions that can be found around the web.

    • A chapter about Applet?

    It is free. But not a good book to learn about Java.

    • Another comment/rant:

      • Books like this are what get people riled up about Java as bloated and ancient.

      • A better resource (free) to learn Java is: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/

      • Once you get the basics, you might want to branch out to two of the most common and active Java development: back-end/entreprise development or Android native. While sharpening your Java coding skills (Joshua Bloch books, design patterns, Google's Java libraries (Guice, Guava, GWT, etc), Java 8, etc)

      End rant.

  • Aww, this is my first book I loaded onto my iPad via the Kindle app. installed flawlessly. Bit ordinary if is in fact 10 years old.
    Looks OK though.

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