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Logitech MX-5500 Cordless Desktop Revolution Bundle @ Officeworks $99 Instore Only


Best price I could find through StaticeIce or Shopbot is $135

From the blurb:

  • Ergonomic keyboard with a soft coated palm rest, provides superior comfort and support.
  • Integrated LCD provides time and date display as well as allowing users to play music, use the calculator and receive incoming message notifications.
  • Cordless rechargable mouse provides extreme accuracy and flawless tracking on nearly any surface.
  • Hyper-fast scrolling allows users to scroll through long documents and webpages.
  • Includes a charging stand.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology provides cordless connectivity for up to 9 metres.
  • USB and Bluetooth enabled.
  • System Requirements: Windows Vista & Windows XP.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty 3 Years

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  • +2

    bought it during - http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/107639
    love it!~

    • One thing remember don't put any other 2.4GHz device near it, it will cause interference .

      BTW I got it for $47.50

      • nvm

  • -1

    As per the others got it around half the price, rubbish keyboard and mouse looks the same but is nowhere near as good as the revolution.

    • What's the difference between this mouse and the Revolution?

  • Yeh honest feed back on this set, to me it's only really worth $50. Keyboard is so so. I'm used to the G510, this one just feels too soft. But i'm sure some people will like it. The mouse is ok. The M950 is much better. The free spinning wheel tends to spin by itself and cause screens to scrolls without you wanting to. But you can change it to click instead. M950 free spin doesn't seem to have this issue. The charging is annoying too. You simply can't use it during charge because it's got one of those stupid docks that doesn't sit properly half the time.

    • Good to know, was planning on buying this as a replacement. My MX suffers from the scrolling issue, scrolls randomly when you try and middle click. But then again, it is 4 years old already.

  • I've been using this product for abit over a year now and I definitely recommend this product :) the battery lasts ~10-12hrs on a full charge of heavy gaming and it only takes 30mins-40mins tops to charge to full battery

    dota2 and left4dead2 so alot of clicking involved ^____^

  • +3

    Guys I have been using this for the last 4 to 5 years. Technology a bit old by now. Large keyboard & took a lot of desk space. The LCD screen on the keyboard is just a gimmick - tells time, temperature in the room, displays music tracks info (only works with Windows Media Player and/or iTunes) but not foobar music player. Honestly you're not going to look at it when your vision is always at the monitor. Mouse is nice but a little big for my tiny hand & got uncomfortable easily. Mouse runs on non-replaceable rechargeable battery & no longer holds charge. Got to recharge constantly. The mouse charging dock takes up desk space & collects dust really. Better off buying the M mice series where you can use rechargeable & replaceable AA or AAA size batteries. Also this combo uses the large USB dongle supplied. You cannot use the new unifying USB mini dongle because they don't work at all.

    Note: those plastic clips at the bottom of the keyboard to prop it up at an angle breaks easily & impossible to find replacement.

    • +2

      Clock is useful when gaming.

    • You can buy replacement batteries on ebay for about $15.
      From memory there are two types of battery clips - one is a simple clip, the other is soldered on. The clip version is pretty easy to replace, the soldered version is easy if you can solder.

      • Thanks I saw the replacement battery on eBay sometime ago but I didn't bother since the mouse is a bit big for my hand anyway. Am using Logitech K810 keyboard & M905 mouse. Just right for me & very happy so far.

        • Ahh… is the mouse still in good condition? Wanna sell it to me for a song? :)

  • I have both this and the M950. The Mouse on the MX5500 is no where near as nice. The downward scroll is a little better, but the thumb scroll is irritating and very, very sensitive. My monster hand holds both well and they're extremely comfy, but the MX5500's inability to be charging and still in use is the killer for me.

    The keyboard on the other hand I have no problems with. Quite nice and nearly silent, which is good in my small home office or at work, but the LCD is a gimmick and if you're using it at work, make sure you disable the "BEEP" it makes when you get an email.

  • +2

    I own this keyboard and I have been using it for 3 years now.
    If i were to buy a keyboard and mouse again, i would buy a wired. Its a pain in the butt to keep charging the mouse all the time. My mouse now needs charging at least once every week. The keyboard batteries (AA) last longer. Mine needs replacing every 3 months or so.
    I agree with iluvcheapbargains, the bottom plastic clips break easily.

    • Mine is the same .. But its dock-able so I just drop it in at the end of the day or before I go to work .. not too hard.

  • I have had this set for I think about 4 or 5 years now. They keyboard is great. Still using it at my desk. Mouse battery stopped holding a charge about a year ago. That said, this price doesn't seem that amazing.

  • All those complaining about charging - I just have two (well, one MX5500 kit and one revolution mouse - the charger is the same) and just swap them out.

    The thumbscroll is fantastic when you bind it to something OTHER than scrolling (which its useless for). I use it for Ctrl-Tab, ie switching between tabs in browser, and have the click bound to Ctrl-W for close tab. Makes browsing super easy.

    Keyboard is meh, soft and buttery keyfeel, lcd is gimmicky (and wastes battery) and it takes up a lot of desk space…

  • been using this set for a year, it's a great set!

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