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LOGITECH Cordless MX-5500 Keyboard & Mouse $50 at DSE ($47.50 at Officeworks with Price Match)


Price matched at Officeworks for $47.50 this morning and DSE have it in stock at a lot of store.

Over $100 everywhere.


Power User: Cleaned up title to reflect price match as per http://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:deal_posting_guidelines#price_matching_deals

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  • +1

    Bargain just for the mouse itself

  • I got the other MK550 the other day but why not :)

  • +2

    Had them for 4+ years (paid $160+) and it's still doing well except the poor battery life for the mouse. Too bad the RevolutionMX got built-in battery and cannot be used while charging, M950 is better in this case but RevolutionMX is more comfortable to use.

    • This is what I am worry but for $50 oh well but you can get replacement battery on eBay for around $10.

      But the box said 6 months with one charge.

      • -3

        The mouse uses a standard AA rechargable Eneloop. Mine lasts about a week, it recharges via a USB charger + MicroUSB plug in the front of the mouse.

        • Nope, it's built in.

      • I think that's for the keyboard, I don't see how to change the battery on the mouse.

        I would have to take off its feet it seems.

  • Siiiick, just started looking for a new keyboard for the parents yesterday, this will be excellent.

    EDIT: Can you post up a receipt of your pricematch, just to be sure?

    • No need for receipt, just print out the DSE page with the "in stock" page.

      I did that many time.

      • Ah, the Dick Smith page is now showing low stock everywhere so I'm not sure how well that would work. I've now got a display model on reserve at Dick Smith, but may reconsider based on hygene issues :X

  • +1

    I have my issues with this mouse and keyboard, but I honestly don't think I'd want to use anything different :P The mouse is so comfortable and the keyboard is great. Bargain.

    • seen certain reviews on the logitech website saying that they are having problems after using it for quite some time (6 months+). what do you think? makes me think the reason they're putting this on sale is because it's having problems

      • Must be the reason they put all those xbox games on sale too…

        Or maybe it's a slow seller and the company is going/to be going through some major changes to make it more competitive once again so they can flip it for a nice big ol' profit :)

  • Some Amazon users have reported problems with Windows 8. Not sure if fixed yet or not. May pay to research more if this is you.

  • Regret buying this from LTS a while back, ordinary kb and the mouse is not as good as the original revolution MX.

  • Great deal ordered one for Click & Collect. Thanks Op

  • Awesome, I personally own this and I think it's great. Batteries in the mouse last for about a week without charging. The Bluetooth works seamlessly with my laptop.

    • a week, the box said 6 months …. lol

      • +1

        6 months for the keyboard is possible, not the mouse, and I hate the charging dock!

        • Yeah they should've made it a USB cable so you can keep using your mouse (like the M950)

      • http://logitech-en-ap.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1...

        Battery Life 8 to 15 days (Fully Charged)

  • Bought this at full price a coupe of years ago-great duo. Wouldn't hesitate for $50.

  • Low stock everywhere I checked in melbourne :(

  • +3

    agreed with all else, great keyboard. would buy for a spare if any available.
    low stock around me in SE melbourne, so i'll pass. no need to be greedy.

    my loss, someone elses gain (hopefully someone more deserving)

  • I can't see stock anywhere.

    Great deal though I need a new keyboard/mouse since my wave broke and I've been waiting for a deal on this.

    • hence why you just bring the advert to OW and pricematch instead :)

      • Do Officeworks check the DSE site to see if there is any stock before they pricematch?

        • Some do, like North Ryde the guy actually checked even I gave him the printout.

        • Yeh me too. Went to OW at Subiaco and the lady checked every store. Said I was lucky because karinyup store showed stock. Otherwise she wouldn't have sold them to me at $47.50 each. Got 2. :D

        • Does 'low stock' count as stock for price matching? Or do you think they'll reject it being low stock.

        • Some OW they don't even check and just base on the printout, so try your luck.

  • officework price matched.
    If you want one, you have to be quick.
    They do check DS stock, coz they think this is a clearance sale.
    Reluctant to match, but still did it.
    thanks for the info.

  • Anyone want to collect one from Warringah Mall, Sydney? PM me I can give you the number to pick up.

    I have one reserved and ready but I have already price matched at OW.

  • All gone in SA as far as I can tell.

  • This is such a great deal! I bought mine new for about $179 4yrs ago, I might pick one of these up to replace mine, maybe they've improved the mouse in later revisions…

    Speaking of, the mouse is pretty poor. It performs terribly IMO, I basically turned it off and used a wired mouse instead. I went to use the wireless mouse recently and for some reason it's like 100 times worse, can barely move the cursor on it. I had a colleague at work who bought the same set, his mouse was also pretty bad and just reverted to using a wired mouse instead.

    Anyway, $50 is a steal, going to grab myself another set of these as the keyboards are so good!

  • Got one at officework . Thanks Op .
    It was fountain Gate .

  • On the box it said:

    "Thanks to rapid recharging stand, you'll never need to change another battery in your mouse-and you can go for up to six months on a single charge."


    • 6 months if you use your computer for 30 seconds a day, maybe :P

      • Inside the menu said 15 days for the mouse, so confusing.

  • Thanks Op,

    got one at Highpoint at 1:30pm

  • Good keyboard and mouse, have one at work and at home. My main issue with the keyboard, is its legs. They have both broken on my one at home, replacement legs aren't available.

  • -3

    Not enough stock as usual with DSE

    • +3

      Not as usual just because you didn't check this morning, so don't blame DSE or me. Check the time you posted and the time this deal was posted.

      A lot of place have stock this morning.

      • Ok, so this time was the exception !!!! yo agree that DSE deals are not even worth to be clicked !! Good you posted it the OW option !!

  • Shows "Low Stock" or "Out of Stock" in Melbourne stores.

  • -1

    1.8k clicks only less than 40 likes?
    edit: vs the nokia wireless charging pad 64 likes and 1.9k clicks

    • Because people order first before they ask or post.

  • Out of stock at Chatswood.. Third person to ask in an hour lol. Stock levels updated overnight apparently.

    • They have this morning at around 9:30am.

    • Do you want one at Warringah Mall? As I posted up there I have one reserved and waiting but I already bought one at OW.

      • Thanks for the offer but won't be able make it there. No doubt someone will take it up.. Cheers

    • Stock levels are live, however accurate that may be.

  • can confirm no stock at south melbourne officeworks for price match

  • If anyone in Melb CBD has buyers regret, happy to take it off you :)

    • CBD store out of stock? I tried calling but they ain't answering.

  • I'm currently using MK520 bought from OW 4 years ago, and i think I've only changed the batteries once. (not a heavy user, 2-3 days a week)..it works well, but this is a very tempting deal!

  • Nice deal. Pity about the non-standard keyboard layout.

    Mouse will be un-usable if you're a leftie!

  • 9 left instock after I took as many as I could carry from:

    Kew East Officeworks
    790 High Street
    Kew East, VIC, 3102
    03 8851 4700

    Tell 'em Giggles sent ya.

    • Did they check stock on price match?

      • Nope, just took in a printout from the DSE website.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Picked one up from OW East Perth WA, $47.50. I took along a print out of the Dick Smith one showing price, and also stock availability at Whitfords and Joondalup WA (Perth stores are all out). They (OW) called the stores showing stock before allowing the $47.50 price.
    Already have one of these at home(had it a couple of years, great keyboard and mouse, and better price), This is well worth keeping for when my current one goes to heaven.

    P.S, They have lots of stock at OW East Perth at this time.

  • Please check Officeworks asap, as they do cross check with dick smith for availability

  • Officeworks chadstone won't price match as its liquidation stock

  • REGECTED price match at East Victoria Park Officeworks, although I ended finding last one at DSE a few km's away (maybe second nearest store). Got the old excuse that it is a clearance price.

    • *Rejected :P

  • i was able to price match at office works north ryde. i just showed him the dse site on my phone and that was sufficient to get a price match.

    • Did you check out with the girl? She is better to do price match. The new guy called the tech guy to check DSE before gave into me.

  • Picked up the last one from Dick Smith. Thanks!

  • Just got the last at Toombul, Brissie. I called up 2 hours ago and got it held, fully expecting it to be gone before I got there.. however it was fine when I got in it was still there and the staff member even told me that two other staff members had wanted it but we told to sod off! So + vote for DS this tiem around as well.

    • that's lucky!

  • Thanks, got another one. I bought two before a few years ago, but not this cheap.

  • In case anyone is confused about the middle press behaviour of this mouse. It can be configured in set point.


    Hyperscroll is quite nice :) http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/mice-pointers/articles/5921

  • Officeworks in Keysborough, Cheltenham road, price matched. Was very easy, didn't even check DSE stock. Had about 7 there

    • Yeah, you were probably after me - they tried to check DSE stock for me when there was "about 7" left too.

    • I got one from there aswell, mustve been one of the first because they checked when i asked.

  • Got one in Joondalup WA. Thanks!

  • MX-5500 was released in 2008?

    • Still the best mouse though IMO - tried to look for replacements for my mx revolution but i picked up a set of this just because i love the mouse so much and can't find a more ergonomic mouse with buttons this well thought out.

      • There's always the M950.

        • Thats a similar shape but it misses out on a lot of the buttons.

          For me, the closest alternative is the G700 but the button placements aren't very convenient. MMO mouses are obviously ridiculous.

          I use my computer for web browsing, excel and word a lot so i map the thumb scroll to commands that really make life easier. Also remapped left and right scroll as well as the search button - a lot of programmable buttons within quick and easy reach is what makes this mouse super awesome.

          Had the MX Revolution (non-bluetooth version) for maybe 4 years now and its still going strong. hopefully i'll get a half decade out of this one!

        • Is it just me or do these gaming mice break faster than 'dumb' mice? (say the ones with the track ball, or just a basic laser mouse)

          Ooh I see I should use that thumb scroll function, but the M950 has a zoom button and one under the thumb.

          I'm pretty sure the number of buttons to be configured appears to be the same!

        • +1

          Its not really a gaming mouse though, probably a bit laggy for a gaming mouse but i don't game much so i can't notice between that and my G9X.

          The thumb wheel is actually 3 buttons (forward, back and push) and the MX Revolution also has a search button button under the scroll wheel that you can program.

          Trust me, i tried hard and long to look for an alternative but couldn't find one which is why i got this whole set for the mouse! The keyboard is quite nice too - very soft touch and doesn't make a racket - really my style!

  • Got price matched early morning in OW Hobart. Only one left there. The OW guy didn't check the current stock in DS. I just opened the browser on my phone and showed him the price. Thanks bro.

  • Price matched @ OW Penrith. This Is my second set after having one for a few years now. Only getting another because it's that good. I still got the protective sticker on the kb lol. Told the checkout chick to get one too.

    So who's gonna ozbroden this on eBay?

  • Buwood, Sydney is out of stock.
    Five dock OW wouldn't price match without a phone call to check for stock.

  • If anyone needs one I have one on reserve at Sunbury Victoria
    Please email me [email protected]

  • grabbed one from newcastle west. Kotara still has 4 in stock

  • Got one from Officeworks Milton today for $47.50
    Price matched at the counter.
    The didn't check online, all she was concerned with that it was the same model.
    They had one more left.

  • Just picked the last model in OW Coburg VIC. Almost got refused but was lucky that the DSE site wasn't loading properly. He was trying to check stock levels at DSE, gave up and gave in.

  • -3

    Had one reserved for click and collect in Castletown DSE, Townsville. Rang up and got told that they made a mistake and the one the had 'in stock' was a faulty return. I reckon the staff member kept it for themselves… One more reason to hate DSE !

    Good deal except the fact it is Dick Smith and they never seem to have adequate stock of anything cheap. None at my local OW either :(

  • Got a price match this morning from North Ryde- Office works, There is one unit left.

  • Old model but a good one! Surprised they still have this model available

  • +1

    Got one at OW Fitzroy, apparently had three left. As soon as I mentioned price matching she said '$50 at Dick Smith yeah? already had a few people get this". Too easy.

  • +1

    Certainly a bargain,,,
    but doesn't have very good reviews…


    3.1 from 14 reviews

  • +1

    I'm on my third set. Replaced free under warranty but cost me $20 each time to send back to PCCaseGear in Melbourne.

    When it is working it is a nice combo but if you have USB3 external HDDs can be effect by them :(

    • Why's that? I have a USB external HDD that I have connected, and I'm currently using the mouse.

      I don't notice anything different. Also what about them breaks? (just to be careful)

      • My case is rather extreme - 1 650Gb and FOUR 3Tb drives, all external and all USB3. My mouse was almost uncontrolable until I wrapped ALL my USB3 cables in aluminium foil. Even then my mouse jumps every now and then.

        I forget what was wrong the first time but the second time it was a repeating keyboard. Press a key and it would repeat 40 times. Type a four lettered word and arrive at a 120 letter word. It was almost impossible to use the keyboard but then it would work for 4 hours without a repeat…. :(

        I've had 4 or 5 other Logitech mice without problems but then I didn't have USB3 devices?

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