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CHOICE Magazine - $4 for 4 Issues


You get 4 months of Australia Consumers' Association CHOICE MAGAZINE for $4.
You MUST use a Credit Card for this offer.

Nothing else is accepted. I sent $4 in coins, and Choice posted it back with a letter saying "Only credit cards are accepted. Not money orders, nor cheques nor cash".

This offer came in a spam pamphlet in my letterbox, to every household around me. (I do not have a scanner, so cannot scan it in)

Ring 1800-069-552 and say "I want to subscribe to the special $4 for 4 month offer as per your brochure", or send your details and credit card number to:

Reply Paid# 63261

This is a 31st May 2009 extention of the following offer:

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    They make money when people forget to cancel their credit card subscription.

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    yeah the whole point of submitting a credit card is so they reap the benefits when hundreds of people forget to cancel.

  • Possibly.

    Just remember that the Australian Consumers' Association is a non-profit organisation that since 1956 has been intent on stopping rip-off's of Consumers and boosting Consumer Rights.

    They will write to you and ask you if you want to continue.

    They won't blatantly "rip you off" - their whole ethos is to stop such a thing!

  • From an earlier subscription offer a few years back, I can confirm they'll write to you. I wrote back and said I was no longer interested in the offer and for them to cancel it. They didn't cancel it. I would have picked up on this quicker if I hadn't gone overseas for 10 months and didn't realise I was still getting it each month. :( It didn't seem to be that they were interested in scamming me - just incompetent. Moral of the story - there was no refund available and I learned you shouldn't expect even the Australian Consumers' Association to be competent in their subscription management. I'd be checking the credit card statements very closely in month #5.

  • how ironic..

  • no, they even didn't write to me. They just took money from my account. Very annoyed! I would say Choice is not my choice any more.

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    Idea: (after 4 months) Email Choice and advise them you do not want to continue your subscription. On 4th month, contact bank and tell them to stop any more payments from choice. probably would work.

  • They probably put their marketing in the hands of some generic magazine marketing business - like charities that use professional (and sometimes very dodgy) companies to raise money for them.

    • Choice don't and never have used external marketing companies.

      This I know for a fact.

      Pity that Choice's customer service is so crap and incompetent, though.

  • That seems like a lot of effort for 4 magazines…

  • Choice is quite good when looking for white or even brown goods but after several unanswered emails to them to cancel my online subscription, I ended having to contact my Bank to halt anymore payments.

    It's more economical to buy each "Test" as you need it. It's a one off purchase then.

  • Choice DO send you a "reminder postcard" which says they will charge $20.50 per month after you 4th issue, if you continue. If you continue, they will also enter you in a Delonghi Cappucino Machine prize draw.

    I just got this card in the mail.

    It says to ring 1800-069-552 to cancel.

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