expired Intel Core i5 4570, 8G RAM, H87, 120G SSD + 1TB HDD Only $699 + Shipping


Hi guys, today we have an Intel 4th Gen Core i5 4570 powered PC on special. It includes an Intel 4th Gen Core i5 3.20GHz, Asus H87 motherboard, 8GB of Kingston HyperX 1600MHZ RAM, 120G SSD + 1TB HDD all in a quality Coolermaster case.

CPU: Intel Core i5 4570
MB : Asus H87M-E
RAM: 8GB Kingston HyperX 1600MHZ
SSD: Samsung 840 120G
HDD: 1TB Seagate SATA3
ODD: Samsung DVD Writer
CASE: Coolermaster K350 Gamer Case with USB3.0
PSU: Thermaltake Smart Power 650W 80+ Bronze
WTY: 1 Year Return to Base Parts and Labor Warranty

For delivery orders, spare boxes will not be shipped. Manuals/CDs and spare parts/cables will be shipped inside the case.

Limited units available. To take advantage of this offer, payment MUST be made TODAY via PayPal or bank transfer. For bank transfer customers, proof of transfer today must be provided.

3/10: Back in stock

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    $225 - CPU: Intel Core i5 4570
    $109 - MB : Asus H87M-E
    $87 - RAM: 8GB Kingston HyperX 1600MHZ
    $103 - SSD: Samsung 840 120G
    $68 - HDD: 1TB Seagate SATA3
    $18 - ODD: Samsung DVD Writer
    $53 - CASE: Coolermaster K350 Gamer Case with USB3.0
    $95 - PSU: Thermaltake Smart Power 650W 80+ Bronze
    WTY: 1 Year Return to Base Parts and Labor Warranty

    Total: $758 + build fee/warranty + shipping/pickup + OS (Prices taken from MSY as always)

    650w PSU… Realistically the 550w Smart Power Bronze could do? Buy a HD7950 whenever one pops up on special again and away you go. :p


      Just get a case that already has a PSU, that'll save you $95 and for almost half the price, you can get the i3 which is all you really need.

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      According to the website this dosnt include os, which is at least another $100 unless you have a spare lying around.. Otherwise msy is still cheaper based on above prices by workaround


        I probably could've been clearer… +OS indicates additional cost for an OS. But yeah, the build from CPL doesn't include OS; it's just an additional cost you'd have to factor in.


        How is MSY cheaper???

        The parts alone from MSY are $758…

        This thing is full assembled, comes with a 1 year warranty and is $699 + postage?

        Jesus some people are hard to please…


        time to get your eyes CHECKED


    Only $8 for shipping. That is pretty good. Is the PSU good enough for a GTX770?


    How come there is no video card on this package? What would be some of the decent video cards for this spec?


      Depends on what type of game you would like to play? :)


        FPS mostly .. but not necessary on the highest graphics setting. I'm quite happy with Medium setting for most of those games.


          Then, depending on your budget or any offers around.
          I would recommend AMD HD7850 or HD 7870 or HD 7950.
          Nvidia, probably GTX 660Ti, GTX 670, GTX760.

          You can refer to this Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart

          I personally own HD 7850 and I overclocked it at 1200mhz with memory clock of 5600mhz, which allow me to play most FPS game at high setting at 1980x1080 resolution.


          Wow .. that's like min. of $200 on top. I was hoping for something around the $100 mark.


          GTX 650/GTX 650Ti :)

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          At the moment you can get away with a cheaper GPU since most PC games are designed originally for older inferior tech consoles. However once the Xbone is released (64bit, 8 core, 8GB Ram I believe) we'll be seeing more demaning console ports appearing.

          Make sure you purchase a GPU with 2 GB of VRAM. If you want to play Skyrim with mods, hires texture overhauls, and ENB (which is like a modified DirectX dll with enhanced functionality built in), you'll want to get something like a GTX 670. I am currently setting up a highly modified Skyrim, piling in retextures, scripted mods, weapon and armour mods, sound overhauls, weather and lighting enhancements, etc. One could spend days reading about mods for that game, downloading them, sorting them and setting them up…

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          @TimTech Actually, if you really do plan on playing on medium, a GPU around $100 like the HD 7770 will probably be fine.

          But it seems a waste to get such a powerful PC for so much money then add such a weak graphics card. You could build a $300-400 i3 PC and add the same HD 7770 and get the same game performance, and still have plenty of performance for everything else (besides games).

          Make no mistake, a $700 desktop like this is not a minimum-spec build, these days. A $300 i3 build can still play brand new games at high-to-max settings if you add a $200-300 GPU.

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          Oh please, don't start that old wives' tale.

          VRAM is irrelevant unless you're gaming at above 1920x1080, using triple monitors and/or using ridiculous amounts of anti-aliasing (which with a mid-range card, you're not going to be doing unless the game is quite old).

          Memory bandwidth & buswidth is far more important.


          AMD Volcanic Islands will the be first in the line up to play all these newer games in their full graphics glory

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          @annoynimous I highly doubt the top GPUs today won't beat next gen console graphics.


          those are a waste of money

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    How much to upgrade to i7 processor?

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      You are saving $129 from msy.
      $59 on parts plus $70 on build.

      But your are right.. If they threw in a graphic card, mouse, keyboard, upgrade the SSD to 250GB, Ram to 16GB 24 inch monitor and a license copy of windows I would pull the trigger!

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        But they wont, cause this is a loss leader with the idea that you buy said stuff from them, which is how they make the money back.

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    My eyes must be playing tricks on me? where is the "Add to Cart" button gone?

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    have been busy at work for the last 4 hours come back to my desk and no add to cart button.
    i wonder how many they sold?

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      I know! The funny thing is that people are still +ve the post when there are no stocks.


    Kudos to CPL for bringing yet another great deal to the table.

    This is exactly what I want except for the CPU.. I'd be happy to pay $150 more for the i7 4770.

    Also special mention of not bundling an overpriced OS in the build, and finally a case which has USB 3.0 front ports (why people are still buying cases without front USB 3.0 I do not understand)…

    No add to cart button though, even though showing as in stock online???


    Deal lasted <2hrs before the ability to add to cart was removed. A bit of a bait and switch tactic.

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    I am waiting till October to upgrade my videocard. There are rumours that the new HD9xxx series is coming in October, so I'm keen to see how much a HD9950 will cost.

    I've been researching videocards for a while and want to add my 2c for those who are thinking of getting this deal, or generally looking at upgrading their videocard.

    I have arrived at the conclusion that the best price to performance cards are:

    Radeon HD7850 (range of $200-240)
    HD7950 (range of $290-330)

    The HD7850 will be great for pretty much every game that's out today. In spite of this, I am quite a fan of nvidia after the GTX 550 ti. The only reason why I would want something with 2GB+ of Vram in a card is:

    1. Installing Hi-Res and/or other modified textures
    2. An attempt to make your build more futureproof for when game developers for XBone and PS4 start cranking out games that take the extra memory etc into consideration
    3. Multi-Monitor play

    After taking into account my budget of 200-350 for the vidcard, I have narrowed my choices to:

    Sapphire HD7950 3GB OC Vapor with Boost (309.00)
    GTX 660Ti and GTX 760 (range of $300-340)
    HD 7850 Second Hand (Ebay - last one I saw went for 138 yesterday)
    HD 7850 new (214.00 from umart milton)

    I hope that the next card I buy will last about 2-3 years at ultra or high settings.
    I don't mind shelling out an extra 20-30 dollars for the Nvidia cards, since they seem to have lower TDP under load and it gets hot where I live in summer, I don't want the extra heat from an AMD card.

    Frame Latency

    In the past, there have been issues with Frame Latency. This is where small drops in the framerate affect the smoothness of the gameplay. So an AMD card can have a higher average framerate in games compared to an NVIDIA card, but end up being a less satisfying card for overall smoothness. I have read that this has been addressed in the latest AMD drivers, but I can't verify whether this is the case.

    I am aiming for 1080p resolution with ultra or high settings (i5 4430, 4gb ram):

    Skyrim (soon to add extra mods etc like Thaal Sinestro)
    Sleeping Dogs
    Tomb Raider
    Far Cry 3
    Witcher 2
    Crysis 2 and 3
    Battlefield 4
    Max Payne 3

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      The AMD frame latency driver fix only applies to multi-GPU (SLI/Crossfire) configurations.

      The 7870 is also a pretty good deal for a few bucks more than a 7850, but the 7950s dropped under 200 USD on newegg a few times recently, so look for some good deals there in Australia too in the next little while.

      Prices of the 7x series will hopefully drop a little when the 9xxx series is released (the GTX 750 ti should hit either just before or just after that, too).


    All I want is a case but I can't find one I like that also meets my requirements :(

  • The computer is now back in stock


    And… out of stock again 1hr later.

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