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Android Data Recovery Software FREE


Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is the world’s 1st Android data recovery software. It is Windows-based Android data recovery software specially designed for you to recover contacts, messages, call history, photos, and videos from all kinds of Android phone and tablet such as Samsung, HTC One and Nexus 10 due to deleting, restoring factory settings, flashing ROM, rooting, etc.

It is compatible with all current Android versions including Android 1.5 to 4.2.

•Recover 5 file types: contacts, SMS, and call history from the internal storage of your Android devices, photos and videos from SD card on your Android phones or tablets;
•Save contacts, messages, call history in .txt, .xml, .xls and keep photos and video in original formats for better viewing;
•Recover data lost due to deleting, restoring factory settings, flashing ROM, rooting, etc;
•Support all Android mobile phones, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, and other brands;
•Support various kinds of tablets, including Google, Samsung, Asus, Sony, etc;
•Support all Android device running Android 4.2 and newer, Android 3.0 to 4.1, Android 2.3 or earlier;
•Preview lost files before recovery.

Registration Code
License E-mail : [email protected]
Registration Code : REDMHPK-GC9G2-ET7U4-BBE3K-RSYB8-VEF3D-3EDCL

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  • +1

    Damn - I really could have used this last week when restoring deleted photos for a friend. The only other decent software I could find was Wondershare Dr.Fone, which wasn't free.
    Thanks Op.

  • thanks mate..downloading now.

  • +3

    Do you need to root the phone to recover the lost data?

  • +4

    So if you sell your android phone someone can retrieve all your wiped personal data using this software?

    • Correct, everything that hasn't been overwritten.

      • And there are apps that help erase your phone properly and over write your memory card.

        You could also just encrypt your phone before doing the factory reset

  • does anyone know how to recover/backup Notes on Sony Xperia Mobiles? Android 4.0
    Would this software do the job? Thanks.

    • use titanium backup..

      • Thanks for the tip. Or is there an easier way to sync/save the Notes on your computer (in a readable format, not through Sony PC Companion)?

    • +4

      Stop using Sony's built in note taking tool. Find and install Google Keep.

      It syncs with your google account and you can view all your notes online if you don't have your phone.

      • +2

        I love Google keep. Sync info between my s3 and nexus 7. Perfect for taking memo and making checklists.

      • thx I will try this, Evernote just seems overly complicated for what it is

        • Yeah Evernote is too complicated.

        • Agreed. It tries to "social network" too much for my liking and wasn't easy to get in to. I just want an app I can take notes and read them when I need to.

          I had Evernote installed on my phone for more than a year and never used it.

      • Thanks heaps for the tip fufufu! Such a nice app how come I've never known before. I'm still looking a way to save my Sony Notes though.

        • No problems mate. I only discovered it by chance recently too and have only been using the Sony note tool on my Xperia Arc before that.

          I didn't have many notes so going to keep was pretty easy.

          I'm not sure how you would backup the sony notes. If you have a rooted phone you can give titanium backup a try because I've found that it retains the "pro" statuses and such from programs I get from free upgrades via appoftheday promos and I think it backups up the app data too (although I'm not sure how you would be able to check if it indeed backuped up your notes without wiping your data then reinstalling it).

          The only other solution I can think of is accessing your own google keep online via https://drive.google.com/keep/‎ then open your sony notes on your phone and then copying everything over manually. That way you can type much faster on your computer compared to on your phone without the need to switch between the apps. Then when you're done, sync it with your phone and you should have all those notes transferred.

  • +1

    Between gmail syncs and being able to use any pc data recovery app on an sd card, what's the point of getting this?

  • +1

    Did anyone read this?

    "The program is available for $79.95, but it will be free for our visitors as a time-limited offer."

    Sorry not trying to poke holes in the offer.


  • +1

    Weird.. the installer just doesnt work on my PC - loads up and resides in memory but doesnt do anything then. Is this site even legit or have I just loaded up a bunch of malware?

    • +1

      This is a worry sign…

    • +1

      hmm, I read this and hesitate to install the software…..

  • not working for me.

  • Installer worked fine on my win8. AVG Internet Security didn't detect threats.

  • +2

    I'm not getting the product key email :(

  • +1

    more than 3hrs and still no email about the product key..

  • +1

    me neither, no product key email at all….

  • +1

    Note: Because of the limitation of email quantity per hour, you may not receive the code in time. If that happens, don't worry, please use the licensed-email and registration code below to activate the trial version
    Licensed-email: [email protected]
    Registration Code: REDMHPK-GC9G2-ET7U4-BBE3K-RSYB8-VEF3D-3EDCL

  • I just tried using another email address, and it appears they are having issues with their email system, so they've provided a free registration code on the email registration page:


    "Note: Because of the limitation of email quantity per hour, you may not receive the code in time. If that happens, don't worry, please use the licensed-email and registration code below to activate the trial version

    Licensed-email: [email protected]
    Registration Code: REDMHPK-GC9G2-ET7U4-BBE3K-RSYB8-VEF3D-3EDCL"

    Quoted text was copied and pasted from their website. Not sure if they will also email a personal registration code (or if they already tried and it's still sitting in an outbox queue.)

    To safeguard yourself you should also download a 'real' copy - not the GiveawayoftheDay installer - from here:

    • +1

      Note that you can only register this product using the giveaway code(s) within the 24 hour window.
      ie. you can't install & re-register it again later.

      • +1

        It may be possible using the real installer. The Giveaway of the Day installer won't install after 24 hours. This has been my experience with some of their other offerings.

    • I received the registration code email and it is exactly the same code as above.

  • After the installation, it tells me to plug my phone in… but after I plugged it in it just shows installing driver for HTC android device and never changed again, does it not support the HTC One?

  • Norton Internet Security detected both downloads (GiveawayoftheDay installer and 'real'installer) as the threat.



  • +1

    Doesn't work on my Galaxy S3:(

    • +1

      Why don't just use kies, it's much better and wifi capability.

  • Installed and registered OK.
    But crashes every single time when starting a scan.
    Win 7 Pro 32bit.
    Uninstalling now.

  • +1

    If anyone is wanting this get in quick smart, there's less than 40 minutes left! Thanks OP trying it now :)