$1.48 Hoyts Movie Tickets - Deal or Dupe?

I posted this deal after discovering that the Smurfs 2 voucher received from an earlier deal could be redeemed online for any movie at Hoyts using the voucher number and PIN (removed from actual sample), but it has been deemed a duplicate deal.

As a voucher acceptable for any movie is significantly different and better than one for a single specific film, this loophole should be considered a new deal, just as a voucher-only deal can be the sole basis for a product deal.

What do you think? Are such piggyback deals real deals or dupes?

$1.48 Swisse Recover Bar 30g



    Asside from if it is a dupe the terms clearly state that it is only for Smurfs 2. So even if it 'works' it isn't valid use.


      loopholes can be valid though generally not intended nor authorised :)


        There is a difference between not intended and specifically against the term and conditions.


          true, and against t+cs = not authorised, but accepted = valid :)


          Not sure if this actually worked for anyone. BUT….

          I went through with tonesters deal. (I paid $5ea for tablets x2)

          I can "successfully" add both vouchers for any movie. You can also select them as payment. BUT, it will not allow you to finalise the purchase of tickets due to "barcode error".

          Input correct details numerous times but unable to get them through.

          Unfortunately I have promised my daughter a trip to the movies to see Turbo. So unhappy the tickets may end up costing me $52.

          Anyway, I removed one adult voucher and the order went through.
          Went through the process again and just redeemed a voucher by itself and it went through. (I did have to pay $1 booking fee per ticket)

          So it can work, but there seems to be a glitch.

          Total cost $27. Saving $25, just enough for one small popcorn and coke :)


          how cost $27 if tablets $5ea and booking fee $1ea?


    sounds like a really good deal, where is the pin btw ?
    I sent my tickets including postage but haven't yet


    In my case, your posting of the new information as a new deal opened my eyes to the original deal.
    I would not have acted on it otherwise, having earlier discounted it because we don't buy Swisse.
    However, regardless of this, I think it is a dupe.

    I think the provision of the information to exploit 'loopholes' in deals is a grey area for OzBargain. I would not like to see action being brought against OzBargain because a loophole has been 'OzBargained'.
    IMHO, this one should not be allowed as a deal for any Hoyts movie because it is against the T&Cs of the provision of the vouchers.


    Subsequently trying to redeem the vouchers through the Hoyts online booking system has resulted in an error.
    So only some people were successful with the exploit.
    Promoting the deal as other than as per T&Cs can leave disgruntled OzBargainers who expect to get what is described in the deal.


    yes this works,

    Just redeemed 2 tickets to the hunger games in november


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