expired 20 G9 Lightbulbs for $10 (Was $69.90) @ Ikea Springvale Vic


Looks like there's a massive clearance at Ikea in the bargain corner for light bulbs.

There are boxes of 20 g9 halogen ones, from $69.90 to $10, and boxes of 40 e27 halogen bulbs from $100 to $20.

Still two bins full, probably useful to just keep handy?

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    So 50c/bulb. But each 42W bulb uses $20 of electricity in its life, so not really much of a bargain compared to CFL or even LED. 30% better than old-type incandescents is still bad.

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      Apart from the obvious power $ savings from CCFLs, Halogens will still create a better 'light'. I get strained/red eyes from CCFLs, but not from halogens (but I'm an OzBargainer so I put up with the eye strain for the savings ;)).

      EDIT: Saying that, I haven't tried the LED route yet - that will be an adventure ;)


        I get strained/red eyes from CCFLs

        The most common reason for this is they are not bright enough - not living up to their lumen claims, especially with the slow warm-up. Try brighter ones.

        Some people may be sensitive to flicker in old linear floros, but CFLs operate at a much higher frequency. Colour can be an issue, but that's more a matter of taste than eye-strain.

        You really should try LEDs for lamps that are on for many hours. But start with the known good-quality ones (philips, GE ) and be sure to have enough light. A single large CFL can light a bedroom well, but you'll need a pair of 10W LEDs to do the same job. And be aware that they are more directional, so not a simple plug-in replacement for CFL or incandescent.


          Actually the main difference why Halogen are more comfortable is due to CRI, color rendition index is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colours of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. Halogen lamps have CRI of 100, whereas fluorescent tubes achieve CRIs of anywhere from 50 to 99. So even if you have the output, it's not the same.
          This is why when you use led torches outdoors, it makes thing look rather flat. An incandescent bulb can provide more depth due to the higher CRI.

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      Not bad if you are moving house and want to take all of your CFL or LED bulbs with you.


    Thanks for sharing OP