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Bose SoundDock Series II Digital Music [Black only] System $226.60 Delivered @ VideoPro


Hi all,

My first post so be gentle.

I have been listening to my Logitech S715 IPOD dock for sometime. It has rave reviews in its price category and though sounds good, the bass is not strong until the volume is up a bit.

I have listened to the Bose Sounddock Portables that belonged to colleagues of mine at work. I have it side by side with the S715 and the sound of the Bose is much more preferable with bass at low volume much better.

FYI, I enjoy my Audio-Technica M50, and also have a XBA3 for portable use.


PS slightly cheaper recently here http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/105662

Also cheaper prices by a bit on Staticice but I have bought from VideoPro before and found them trustworthy.

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    Not a bargain, like you said.

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    These sounddocks have a build/design issue.
    Where the 30 pin connector goes into the circuit board has a tendency to fracture the solder if the ipod/iphone is not inserted carefully.
    According to the internet world it seems to be a common(ish) problem.
    Had to fix a friends….the soldering is way too small for my skills…had to get a new part in the end….just my 2 cents.
    It did have a nice sound once fixed though.


      Hmmm… Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

      Have to say that the number of SoundDock Portables that I have seen transported, setup and plugged in at work has been without problems with the connector. Nevertheless, I will have to be careful as the dock is bought for my 2 and 3 yr olds to also play with.



    Had mine for 18 months use it a lot with my iPhone in my spare room, no faults at all.