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OzBargain Exclusive: MEElectronics Earphones M-Duo US $49.99 A151P $39.99 A161P $54.99 + Postage


Hello OzBargainers,

Mike here from MEElectronics. Last month you guys gave me a very warm reception on a promotion for some of our mid-range earphones, for which I am very thankful! You also posted many requests for a deal on our higher-end models. After a few additional private messages and emails from you guys expressing interest, this is what I was able to work out. It matches our lowest-ever pricing on the A161P and beats it on the other two models:

Coupon code is "OzBargainHiFi". There is a limit of 2 units per order and the coupon will expire next Tuesday, 10/08/13, at midnight PST.

International postage is $8.95, same as before, and does not change with number of units. Delivery times vary but are typically between 10 and 20 business days for the cheapest shipping method.

As before, I will gladly answer any questions as best I can. As many of you guys already know, our customer service experience is second to none and we try to deliver the very best value for your money when it comes to headphones and earphones. Our products have consistently received excellent feedback from customers and reviewers alike. These resources are often referenced when earphones are discussed and might be helpful:
Multi-IEM Review on Head-Fi.org
The same thing in sortable, searchable format
We also have a page on our website where we collect external reviews, organized by model.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can improve this experience (other than offering a better bargain, of course), please be sure to let me know!

I can also be contacted at [email protected] or directly at mike(at)s2einc.com .


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  • +1

    Thanks Mike. Will be skipping out on this deal, though. Need to burn through the 6 other sports earphones I bought from your previous deal first. Keep up the great bargains.

    • +9

      I can give you a cigarette lighter if you want?

  • +1

    Can't argue with that - enjoy the sports sets!

  • +1

    I like the look of the new website, last time I was there it was a pretty average dark landscape!

    happy owner of 2 sets of AF32's.

    • Thank you - we love the new site as well!

  • +3

    love another deal on the sport ones plz. my existing sennheisers just died..

    • Me too

      • Me three! I would love to buy a sport headset as well!

        Would love a deal for the SP6!

        • +6

          Noted! Will try to schedule something for the Sport-Fi sets later this month.

        • Me four, I didn't realise from the images on the front page in previous sales that they were over the ear headphones.. (Which I much prefer) - a deal again would be awesome!

        • +1

          These are more or less something like I'm after in terms of the location of the mic and remote.
          Not really the biggest fan about over the ear design, but think i could live with it.

          Couple of questions: What is the sound quality like? How do they compare to say Klipsch S4i or S4A IEM's?

          Is the remote fully functional with Android phones, Samsung Galaxy S4 in particular, e.g. do the volume controls work and is it possible to answer/end calls and use it to control music?

        • Thank you sir! Looking forward to buying a pair! :)

        • The sound quality is consistent with the other Sports models. We tried to keep it as close as possible to the original M6, which generally gets great feedback. There is enhanced bass and a bit of added treble sparkle as well.

          The remote is a single-button remote with analog volume control slider. The remote works with the S4 and other modern smartphones. You can find a full list here: http://www.meelec.com/Articles.asp?ID=155 . You can also get additional functionality (e.g. track skip/rewind) with an app. The volume control works with any device.

        • I too would be interested, I have lost so many sets from the gym and running its killing me.

    • IN for sports deal

  • +3

    Awesome! I bought the M9-BK during the previous sale and very very satisfied. I'm very keen to get one of your bluetooth headphones (http://www.meelec.com/Metro_s/423.htm), any discounts for these?

    • Yeah, would like to get my hand on one of these bluetooth headphones!

    • Would love to get a set of these and put them to the test against my Jaybirds.

    • +1

      Unfortunately this particular model is being discontinued soon. We will be bringing out a better wireless in-ear for 2014!

  • Excellent deal, MEElectronics have such nice and good value in-ears. They look great and are reasonably robust and I like the hard clam shell cases they give you for transportation.

  • +6

    Yeah, I'd be interested in getting a deal on the bluetooth headset also :)

    • +1

      I'll work something out for our on-ear and over-ear Bluetooth models.

      • Nice one Mike. Mee too would be interested in a deal with the on ear AF32.

        • +1


      • +1

        Nice! Keep us updated :)

  • Hey mike, I was wanting to get the A151P, but I don't like wearing it 'over the ear'…Do you know if it is just as comfortable not wearing it as such? or would the A161P be a better choice?

    • You can wear the A151P straight down - I personally don't bother looping it around the ear unless I'm going to be walking around a lot. It ends up sticking out a little more (when worn "correctly" the A151P is very flush with the ear) and the microphone hangs a little low but in terms of comfort it's not a problem.

  • I'm feeling lazy…is someone able to please summarize in a sentence or 2 the main difference between the 151 and 161??

    • +5

      Newer vs older model, different armature driver (Knowles ED vs Knowles SR)

    • +11


  • Nice new website, but where the darn is the logout button?

  • Hey Mike, is there a discount for Air-Fi METRO AF71 Bluetooth Noise Isolating In-Ear Stereo Headset (Black/Yellow)?

    • +1

      Not at this time - this particular model is being discontinued soon. We will be bringing out a better wireless in-ear for 2014!

      • im going to wait for the bluetooth sale

  • +1

    That has to be one of the best written deal posts i've ever read.

    I'm a happy owner of the sports headphones from the last deal, and will consider these for more general use.

    • Thank you very much - it's my first OzBargain deal post. Glad it looks okay!

    • The details should include delivery time of at least 3 weeks via first class usps shipping.
      Lucky the govt shutdown won't affect the slow delivery times

      • Noted, thanks!

  • Which headphone is better to buy out of:
    - M-Duo Dual Dynamic Driver headset ($49.99)
    - A161P Balanced Armature headset($54.99)

    Finding it difficult to compare and similar pricing

    • My rule of thumb for choosing most iem (there are exclusion of course) : dynamic for bass lover and balanced armature for mids and treble lover

      • In this particular case you are definitely correct.

        The A151P is focused mostly on the midrange. The higher-end A161P adds better extension and presence in the bass region and more treble as well. It's the most accurate of the three. The M-Duo adds even more bass (it's firmly in the enhanced-bass category) and some more treble for a fun, sort of "v-shaped" sound. For non-audiophiles I typically recommend the M-Duo over the other two.

  • Hi Rep,

    I am unable to track my order 57662. Please help.

    • +1

      Order was placed as a guest. Just re-set your account to a regular one so you should be able to log in on our site and view order details. Please use your first name as your temporary password, then change it here: http://www.meelec.com/myaccount.asp after logging in.

  • Thanks Mike! great deal.

  • Thanks I got myself the A161P! Found some great reviews for these and at this price its a bargain!

  • Hi Rep, is there a discount for NoiseSHIELD NS63?

    • Not at this time. I haven't received much interest in this model for a promotion but if you want a one-time coupon just send me a private message or email and I'll create one for you.

      • Thanks Mike. PM sent.

  • whats the bass like on either of these earphones?

    • +2

      M-Duo: enhanced bass with great depth and punch. On-par in quantity with our lower-end M-series models but better quality.
      A161P: flat and accurate bass. Very extended but linear with little to no enhancedment.
      A151P: flat with a slight boost in the mid-bass region for a warmer sound but less sub-bass extension than A161P.

      There are frequency response plots on the product pages for the A151P and A161P if you're into those.

      • thanks for that. I have a pair of SE-215s and am finding the bass a little lacking. Just contemplating a bass centric pair for the EDM that I listen to while riding..

        • +1

          We're all big EDM listeners here (we even made a set of headphones for EDM: http://www.meelec.com/EDM_Universe_s/420.htm) and the M-Duo sounds good with the genre. The SE215 also has enhanced bass but from what I remember it's not quite as much.

        • +1

          SE215s (similar to the A151P and A161P) use single armature drivers - the bass on these usually isn't as 'deep' or 'strong' as, say, dynamic drivers.

          If you're big on bass the M-Duo will probably be best out of the three (as mike alluded to)

        • +1

          Actually if I'm not mistaken the SE215 uses a dynamic driver, albeit a very small one so your point (potentially less bass than with a larger dynamic driver) still stands. The SE315 is Shure's single armature model but that's a lot more expensive.

        • +1

          Apologies, I was wrong. Mike, you are correct - it was the SE315s I was thinking about!

  • Ta! Bought the A161P's!

  • Cheers, ordered the A161P

  • Any bluetooth sports sets?

    • Currently in the prototype stage. Should be ready early next year!

  • This looks awesome, but alas I don't need any more.

  • cheers ordered mduo

  • +1

    Any chance this could be extended to the sports M6? VERY interested in these and missed out on the last promotion! :(

    • +1

      I put a Sports deal on my to-do list and will run it again for those who missed out on it.

      • Yeah i also missed out - didnt see it until now and i would prefer sport-fi for my gym sessions! would be great if you could run it again!

  • I think I must be stupid but can't see the coupon to reduce the price…help please!

    • Coupon code is "OzBargainHiFi". I'll add it to the write-up.

  • Would you be able to tell me where the remote/mic is located on the Sport-Fi S6P, http://www.meelec.com/Sport_Fi_S6P_Earphone_Workout_Package_…?

    Is it at the cable yoke (where the cable for each ear piece splits) or is it on the cable of one of the ear pieces?

    • Sorry, replied in a new comment (below) by accident.

  • It's in the yoke (we call that bit the "y-split" here). If you click on the second pic on the product page you linked you can see it more clearly.

    • +1

      That's great news, thanks mate. Really dislike when remote is located on the cable of one of the ear pieces. With my existing Sennheiser's, the remote keeps getting stuck on the collar or the jacket zipper ripping the ear piece out. That is by far the main reason why I'm replacing them and looking for something where the remote is locate at the y-split or the yoke or whatever it is called. :)

      You mentioned something about a special on the Sport series, how about making one now? :)

      By the way, i really like the look of the M-Duo and judging by the comments and feedback, the sounds quality is much better than S6P. Judging by the you tube clip for these, it looks to me like the remote is on the cable of one of the ear pieces, can you confirm that please?

      • +1

        Can't run two proper promotions at the same time - we're a small outfit and I'd rather not have our shipping department quit right before the holiday season :). I promise I'll do a sports one soon.

        The remote on the M-Duo is indeed on one of the cables that go to the earpieces (the right one, I believe).

        P.S. as an added benefit we actually found that having the remote in the yoke/y-split keeps the sweat out better as well, which makes sense for the Sports models.

        • That's cool, i understand. Regarding the remote location, to be honest, I'm not really a sporty person and don't workout as much as i should, but prefer the remote location at the yoke because it doesn't get stuck on the collar or the jacket zipper ripping out the ear piece every time i move my head around. Majorly annoying and frustrating.

          Apart from S6P, can you recommend or suggest any other IEM's where the remote is at the yoke but the ear pieces are not over the ear design?

        • I honestly can't think of any except for our M6P and S6P - sorry!

        • And of the 2, the S6P is superior in terms of the sound and build quality, right?

        • +1

          The S6P is just the more "hardcore" sports version of the M6P. The differences between the two are as follows
          * The S6P includes the touchscreen-compatible sports armband
          * The S6P has a modular cable (short + extension) instead of a 1-piece cable
          * The S6P features enhanced sweat resistance
          * The S6P comes with a premium carrying case that tucks into the armband

        • +1

          Right, so in terms of the sound quality, there is no difference between them. Interesting, if that's the case, then for my personal needs, the M6P should be enough providing the 1-piece cable is long enough

          EDIT: Having had a look at the specs for each, i just noticed that the cable length is identical, 130cm for both. The only difference is that the S6P can be shorter if needed/wanted or a standard length with an extension cord.

          I would have thought the idea of an extension would be to make it longer than the standard 1-piece cable or am i missing something here?

        • The idea is to make the S6P compatible with an armband - it's really inconvenient to have the full 130cm cable hanging down if you're using an armband. Being able to split the cable in two improves the armband experience. The same is true if you have your mp3 player on a lanyard around your neck or clip it (in the case of an Apple Shuffle or Sansa Clip) to your shirt.

  • hey mike, just ordered a A161P but ive got a quick question. How long (approximately) will it take to ship to aus with "USPS International First Class Mail"? thanks :)

    • It's typically 10-20 business days for Australia.

  • Thanks Mike. Just grabbed myself a pair of the M-Duo's - prefer the bass.

    Though the inner ozbargainer in me was pushing to get the A161P!

    • Just think of it as having $5 left over for a different deal (plus you made the right choice for bass)!

      Thank you for your order.

  • Mike, which type of Comply foam tips would you recommend for the A161's?

    • T500 or T200 both fit. The T200 is tighter, the T500 is more loose. Personally I prefer the T200 size unless you need to remove your tips often.

      We have a comply compatibility chart for our earphones here: http://www.meelec.com/Articles.asp?ID=283#Comply

      • Thanks Mike! I might buy the 'comfort' ones to match the style/colour of my newly purchased 161s!

        • Comply tips are great - just wish they were a little less expensive.

  • Hi Mike. I am very interested in NoiseSHIELD NS63.
    Can you please advise how good is the microphone? I plan to use it in the open-space office, so it would be great if microphone is noise-cancelling as well.

    • It's a standard omnidirectional inline mic - the type that you get on most smartphone headsets. For an office environment I would really recommend a headset with a boom mic - it's not something we stock but it would be the best solution.

      • Thanks, Mike.
        Cannot really find a headset with active noise cancelling and with a good mic. Does it really exist?
        Perhaps MEElectronics can create one :)

        • You know, I can't think of one. Gaming headsets typically have very good microphones but not active noise canceling. And active noise canceling sets typically just use an inline mic. Best at this point option might be to get a boom mic add-on like this: http://v-moda.com/boompro-microphone/

  • Good work Mike, bit disappointed that I had to pay $25 postage on your AF62 $50 off deal though. $8.95 would have been much sweeter!

    • Sorry - that sucker is heavy compared to our in-ears and other headphones!

      • No worries, thx for the reply.

  • hi rep, i sent you a private message. Can you please reply there? thank you :)

    • Done

  • Hi rep :) I sent an email to [email protected] regarding my order :) Thanks!

    • Found and replied!

  • Can you please add some over-ear headphones to the bargain? Ones you can wear out, not bulky

    • +1

      Will do a promotion on one or more of our Air-Fi wireless headphones per all of the requests I've received soon!

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