This was posted 8 years 3 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Dragon's Crown PS VITA $32 Shipped


Also another option for US playstation accounts, is that this version has also dropped to 30USD. (There's a 5-15 day wait for the playasia one..)
The difference is the US psn store are running a promotion of spend $50 get $10 back.

So depending on if you're planning to buy other games later on, it might be better to get the downloadable version.
I was pretty tempted to get the hard copy for resell value but I like knowing the fact I can download all my games and not worry about having cartridges.

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    On an off topic note how do you fit your games on the 32 gig card. I always struggle when even games on cart like killzone have a 1 gig patch. Dont even talk about psn+ LOL. Ahh first world problems

  • They don't :p

    I just keep the ones I feel like playing, then download the ones I want to play later. I might save up for the upcoming 64gb card when they get a bit cheaper ;)

  • I still haven't played Muramasa Rebirth that I picked up on sale a month or so ago!! Might have to wait for this one to go on sale on US PS+ as well just so I can catch up on all the Vita games I buy but still haven't played!

    Good deal on what looks to be a great game though!

    • LOL I'm in the same boat. Only played 10mins of it but just deleted it to make room for Dragons Crown :s

  • How much is it on US PSN?

  • 30 instead of 40.
    Just played 15mins of it. Hell that s**** is addictive..

    Not gonna touch that till after exams

  • Awesome, awesome game. Had a blast reviewing both the PS3 and Vita versions:

    Check it out if you're into the retro-beat'em-ups but modernised, it's a pretty good price.

  • Anyone know any good deal on ps3 version?

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