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The Last of Us - PS3 - $44.36 from VideoEzy


Screw you Play-Asia.

For those of us that got their order cancelled from with the play asia "deal" - http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/115933

VideoEzy is selling it for $42.36 (+$2.00 shipping) $44.36 in total - http://www.videoezy.com.au/games/last-of-us-the-playstation-...
OR if you fancy not saving $1.33 and probably getting it later (which you won't), OzGameShop are selling it fairly cheap at $45.99 - www.ozgameshop.com/ps3-games/the-last-of-us-game-ps3

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    We will never forget…

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      I already did. TLoU is sitting on top of my wall of shame still wrapped, thanks Play-Asia!

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        Same here

        • I was one of the lucky ones that got a copy

        • My copy just arrived today as well. Huzzah!

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    Also OP, Ozgameshop will undoubtedly deliver faster than VideoEzy (who in my experience often make you wait a fortnight or more before despatching your goods.

    • Really? Boo-urns. I've never ordered off them before so hopefully they don't take too long.

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      If the item is in stock, I've always had mine dispatched within a day or two.

    • IME that's only for high profile new releases and preorders directly following the release. I usually receive my items (excluding the aforementioned preorders) within a week.

      YMMV of course

    • best way to deal with these various sites (IIRC a few of them are all operated by the same people) is to prepare for incredibly long delays, that way when it does arrive within 2 or 3 weeks you're pleasantly surprised.

      my most recent order with video ezy was 3 items, 1 was dispatched 4 days after I paid, still have not received it after a week. The other 2 were dispatched 2 weeks after I paid so I'm just hoping to receive them before xmas.

      The worst is probably a >$100 order I have with CDWOW, still have not got it after 4 months.

    • Lol, looks like the VideoEzy and Blockbuster websites were made by the same developer

      • Same parent company. They both have 20% off all games at the moment.

        • The prices are slightly different for some reason.

          Blockbuster is ~$2 cheaper on a lot of titles, and they both have free shipping over $60

        • Also http://wowhd.com.au are the same dudes.

  • If you haven't got this game, buy it !

  • I got EB Games to price match this last weekend… Great price without waiting for shipping

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      EB Price-matched? Even though this is import stock?

  • is this brand new or second hand?

    • Brand new, online only.

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    If I buy it for more than $33 i'll feel like i'm getting ripped off. Thanks Play Asia! Grr. I'll wait.

    • Same.

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    Oh I just bought Beyond Two Souls.

    There's only so much Ellen Page I can handle.

    • Is that a troll?

    • Great game/movie…. sniff

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    Definitely go with ozgameshop. Videoezy canceled my orders twice and I had to call and email them a few times to get my money back. No issue with ozgameshop for all my 3 orders and delivered within a week.

  • so the very cheap price of this game from Playasia was a price error?

  • I also got bitten by play asia, but I saw this deal posted a few weeks ago. Despite reading video ezy horror stories , I ordered the game on a Sunday and received it 5 days later here in regional Victoria. Was pleasantly surprised (shocked) that it came so quickly. Maybe they scored play asia missing stock? Lol

  • Bought this on 7/10 from VideoEzy. Told dispatched on 8/10. Still waiting… They did say dispatch can take another 48hrs then delivery 3-10 days.. sigh… I just wanna play!!!!!! I live metro Sydney..