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Max Payne Complete Pack - $14.99 USD at Amazon.com (US Address Must Be Given)


DRM = Steam

Four game downloads in this bundle:

Max Payne
Max Payne 2
Max Payne 3
Max Payne 3 Season Pass

I was surprised the saving is only about $7.50 USD compared to buying them individually…

Not Rockstar Games' finest hour, but a hell of a lot better than LA Snore…

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    Played Max Payne 3 for a good 10 hrs. It is the most relentlessly boring AAA game I have ever played. Walk into room…clear it….walk into room….clear it…ad infinitum. Hate to say it, but even Assassins Creed 3 was better.


      Have you ever played LA Noire?

      It's great if you have insomnia


      Well you're just strange.

      How on earth does leaping off ledges and staircases to head shot 7 guys in gratuitous slo-mo, close-ups of their faces exploding, get boring? The enemy killcams alone are some of the most spontaneously exciting moments in a single-player shooter with the exception of capping Germans in Snipe Elite 2.

      The level designs are probably a pinnacle in the Max Payne series so far; you have everything from dreary, snowy New York to tropical, Brazilian favelas, sleek skyscrapers, giant yachts, an on-rails boat sequence in the Amazon, etc.

      And then there's the difficulty of the game; if you didn't play it on hard or above, you can be somewhat forgiven for thinking it got "boring".

      It's actually got a far more compelling storyline than your average DudeBro "save-the-world-from-terrorists" fable that gets peddled to death these days, and the voice-acting and dialogue is top notch.


    1 and 2 are awesome… 3 not so much.


      The first is undoubtedly revolutionary and most importantly; very long, and it has tons of replay value. The epitome of Remedy Entertainment's game design philosophy.

      Max Payne 2 was way too short and featured some patently bizarre, silly and repetitive environments; like that funhouse or those weird dream sequences. It was on the whole, less neo-noir and serious, and more like a linear GTA clone in terms of gameplay and environments.

      The third game brings back that adult-themed tragedy about a man battling with mental demons drama of the first, minus the neo-noir trappings and most importantly has a rather believable and sympathetic storyline (far more so than the first).

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