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i5 Gaming Desktop with GTX 670 2GB, 8GB RAM $685 at Evatech

  • USB 3.0 (2 REAR) + USB 2.0 (4 REAR + 1 FRONT)
  • CPU Intel Haswell i5 4430 Quad Core 3GHz
  • HARD DRIVE 1TB SATA3 HDD (Western Digital or Seagate)
  • DVDRW Samsung 24x DVD Writer
  • GRAPHICS NVIDIA GTX670 2GB (Inno3D / EVGA or other major brand)
  • MEMORY 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz (Corsair / Kingston or other major brand)
  • WARRANTY 12 Month Hardware (RTB)

The GPU alone is worth $300. Delivered with fastway.

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    nice price


    Case model?
    Power supply?
    Motherboard specifications?


      The case in the picture is a "Soeyi Black F125A Gaming Case", power supply is presumably something cheap that came with the case?

      Edit: read below.

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      Hi Guys, thanks for all the orders. Just thought we chime in and let everyone know we not using generic low quality power supplys. They are VS550's by Corsair and for all who ordered over the weekend the motherboard will be upgraded to a H81M-Plus by Asus (previously a H81M-A) to make use of the front side USB 3.0 ports at no extra charge.

      Sorry for not being more clear on the page at the beginning, we are in a transitional stage as we develop major improvements to the website that will introduce, not only clear labeling of all all components but also to ability to upgrade or downgrade every component before checkout.

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    CPU - $205 (i5 4440 is $205 at MSY)
    HDD - $67 (Seagate 1TB 7200rpm; WD Green is $69 for 1TB but 5400rpm)
    DVD - $18
    GPU - $229-280-300? (Centrecom had it on $229 before, MWave $280+shipping)
    RAM - $89 (Kingston)

    Total: $679, assigning a value of $300 to the GTX670. (Don't forget free assembly and add on the cost of shipping/OS).

    So at this price, they are essentially gifting you a case, PSU and motherboard with installation + warranty. Cost of the GTX 670 is questionable since everyone seems to have cleared their stock, supplier may be giving Evatech credit to get rid of excess inventory? Who knows? (It may be how they are able to give a discount on this build if they're getting the GTX 670s for cheapcheapcheap).

    But you get a generic case with no front panel USB 3.0 (may or may not matter) with a generic PSU that doesn't even have its wattage, let alone brand/model listed + a motherboard.

    Might be worth it if you live locally and can sus out more information/access warranty support more easily.


    It's a Soeyi gaming case (http://www.soeyi.com/en/game-case/2013061545.html) Comes with a 120mm top fan and 80mm rear exhaust fan. Surprisingly it does have cable management features and supports front panel USB 3.0. So it means that it's the motherboard provided that doesn't support front panel USB 3.0 (and replaces it with USB 2.0 instead and the rest of the ports are rear).

    I wonder if it's a Soeyi power supply bundled with the case as well. :S

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      The 670 has been replaced with the 760 in Nvidia's lineup, though the 660Ti and lower in the gtx600 series have remained present as their cheaper card offerings. Each of the 670 and 760 has their pros and cons, but they're pretty comparable. This is why they've pretty much disappeared.


        meaning they are no good?


          No no, they're very good. When I say replaced, I mean it's a newer card with similar performance, so they don't need to sell both.

          I've got two 670s and would say they're slightly better actually. They're basically the same chip; the 760 has a few more CUDA cores disabled but a higher core frequency to compensate a bit. This makes the 670 perform a bit faster, more so at higher resolutions though only by 5-10% tops. Because it already starts off with a higher clock, the 760 has less room for overclocking to get a bit more performance out of the card. I'm not really sure about power consumption or thermal stats.

          The 670 offered here may be slightly hit or miss with the cooler. The stock one from nvidia isn't so great and will make a bit of noise keeping the card cool; the custom ones from various vendors are generally quite a bit better. It shouldn't stop the card functioning in any way or let it overheat, but it will run hotter and noisier if it has the stock cooler.


    How come in the picture it shows a usb 3.0 in the front but in your description it says 2 in the rear? Misleading picture or is that picture for another deal with a different mobo?


    Wonder if this can be upgraded to I7 instead


    Damn that is so cheap.
    Paid $1000 for i5/6870 and 8GB two years ago.


    That's a great setup for the price. Will run pretty much everything at high settings

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    The lack of a full specifications list completely break this deal.

    I can't stand PC hardware retailers who don't provide full disclosure of PC specifications. The only reasons any retailer has for omitting certain specs is because they are undoubtedly the weakest components of that rig and they hope the clueless demographic will overlook those glaring omissions with flashy buzzwords like "2GB Graphics Card!!!" or "16GB MEMORY!!!".

    Any savings you might make on this deal are almost entirely negated by the fact that it comes with a Yum-Cha brand PSU (which imo are just ticking time-bombs) and case and a mobo of indeterminate make and model so you have no idea as to the upgradeability or future-proofing of this rig.

    A decent motherboard, PSU and case easily blow the price out to around $850 or so, and for that money; this machine is absolutely nothing special and you can get better bang-for-your-buck: http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/rmp_sg_whirlpoolpcs_gaming_conf...

    Unless you can get EVATech to change a few things around with better prices than the competition (which I doubt they can do); no deal.

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      Yeah, the GTX 670 is pretty much the draw card. It's meant to make you ignore the lack of quality case/PSU/GPU. :p

      If they had a sale on the GTX 670 instead, they'd still get a lot of positive response; but why do that when you can sell off your remaining stock of 670s AND parts that no sane consumer would purchase? Two birds one stone, whoever thought of this deal at EvaTech deserves a raise. :p

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        I'm not really understanding the obsession with quality cases in this thread given that buyers are unlikely to be worried about overclocking and tempratures. I doubt it matters given that users are going to be using it at stock speeds.

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    Do us Aussies get included in the new GeForce Holiday Bundle?

    Might be worth holding out for a few days (starts 28th Oct) to score Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Splinter Cell Blacklist with the 670?


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    Expired/OOS… Damn

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    As we have run out of GTX670's and can't get any more we've had to change up the system and pricing a little but we have done our best to keep it as cheap as possible!

    For $799.95 the Kishi gaming PC now comes with

    USB 3.0 (2 REAR + 1 FRONT) + USB 2.0 (4 REAR)
    CPU Intel Haswell i5 4440 Quad Core 3.3GHz
    Motherboard Asus H81M-PLUS
    HARD DRIVE 1TB SATA3 HDD (Western Digital or Seagate)
    DVDRW Samsung 24x DVD Writer
    GRAPHICS ATI R9 270X with Boost 2GB (Sapphire, Gigabyte or other major brand)
    MEMORY 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz (Corsair / Kingston or other major brand)
    WARRANTY 12 Month Hardware RTB (RTB)

    Yes, not quiet as amazing as the last deal but unfortunately that was a once in a video card generation clearance promotion and if we could offer it to you again, believe me we would!

    Genuinely $100 of what would be our normal selling price. Limited stock allocated, any questions or comments please email sales@evatech.com.au

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