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Amaysim 50% off Unlimited Plan ($19.95), First Month Only


Amaysim is currently having a promotion on their unlimited plan. 50% off first month, i.e. $19.95. Revert to $39.90 after the first month. Coupon code is UNL512. Promotion expires on 3 Nov. Updated on 6 Nov 2013. The new coupon code is UNL513 and it expires on 29 Nov — same 50% off first month deal for UNLIMITED plan.

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  • RIP Aldi

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      IMO 2.5GB for (aldi) telstra 3G & unlimited calls for $35 is still good, better service than optus (amaysim). The web interface and Android app is simple and easy to use, can't complain really. The telstra network can't really be beaten for reception. (i've been with three/vodafone/optus/telstra).

      I'll stick with aldi for now our of principle that I won't support optus and telstra forcing their authority. I'll support aldi until telstra completely forces them to fold, the service has been great.

      Regarding the 5gb to 2.5gb drop. I'm a heavy user I often need my phone tethered to my laptop to work remotely. 5gb was far more than I needed, even tethering. I can only imagine the people disadvantaged are those using this as their primary internet connection at home. seriously, get an adsl2 connection ;) 2.5GB is still plenty for $35 IMO. Boost is still an alternative 3GB for $40 but I'll support telstra directly as a last resort…

      just my 2c worth

      • I use my phone as my primary internet at home, 5gb for me is enough for that. I'm still better off with Aldi spending $50 a month ($35 unlimited 2.5gb data + 2gb bolt on) than paying for ADSL and a phone. I can't get away from telstra now, it is great.

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    Pay $5 extra for boost and enjoy fast data.I'm getting 15 mbps on 3g. Not restricted like aldi.

  • can businesses sign up or are all their unlimited prepaid plans for personal use only?

  • Drats I didnt see this offer and I just joined Amaysim just yesterday. Will try and call them see if they can apply the code on my order.

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      Update: Just rung Amaysim and they had credited me $19.95.

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