expired Kmart Sony Bravia 37in LCD TV $900 - KDL37S4000 - Limited stock


Same TV that was previously $999 - http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/10570

On clearance for $1000 now - but all TV's are 10% off taking the price down to $900

Sony 37” S Series Bravia LCD TV
Picture in Picture
1366 X 768
Contrast 2000:1
Powersaving mode
Bravia engine 2

Broadcast Format Displayed
720p (HDTV) • 480p (EDTV) • 480i (SDTV)

Broadcast Format Supported
1080p (HDTV) • 1080i (HDTV) • 720p (HDTV) • 480p (EDTV) • 480i (SDTV) • 576p • 576i

I bought mine at Castle Hill today. Hornsby had 6 yesterday and are completely sold out now, including the floor model. I think they don't make this one any more, so get it while you can.

It's not full HD but I can tell you it looks pretty bloody good in my place.

If the Sony is sold out there is also a Sanyo 37" with almost exactly the same specs going for $810 ($899 less 10%) - Sanyo LCD37XR8DA

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    Thats cheap man, I work at a sony centre and i know how much they cost and thats way below, awesome deal



    Couldn't see it on Kmart website?

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    Aww but that price is just so blatant!


    Very good price.. don't hesitate if you want one because they will sell out asap. No other retailer will go close to it so just go straight to K-Mart and buy one.


    Sanyo? Sony?


    Bought this TV when the last deal was on. It fits perfectly into my cabinet - any bigger and I would've had a problem. And the picture quality on this screen is amazing. Highly recommended if thinking about getting a 37" screen. IMHO would not get full-hd. This does the job for that size.

    And it's true, no other store (JB, HN, Dick Smith, Sony Centre) will even get close to matching its price-tag.


    SON OF A #%^$#^

    called a few kmarts around my area all sold out >< damnit, why wasn't this posted on Thursday?

    sydney btw


      Because GreatWhiteHunter wanted to buy them all


      Excellent deal.

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        Hmm I only bought one - but apparently some guy bought 4 in Hornsby - look for them on EBAY soon I guess.

        If you can't get the Sony don't dismiss the Sanyo - I know it's not as good a brand, but the TV still looks pretty good - side by side I thought it actually looked a bit better than the Sony but I trust the Sony brand a lot more…. At $810 I don't think you'll find a 37" LCD with HD tuner cheaper - and Sanyo is a lot better brand than Palsonic, TEAC and the really really low end brands…


    Last time, metro KMarts had to order back unsold stock sent to country shops.

    Best to check your locals and see if you can get a raincheck. You might get lucky.

    I'm very happy with mine (bought after I did what I described here).

    A very good deal on an obsolete model at $999 - definitely a Stimulus Sale price now!

    It performed great during the Australian GP - and that's the opinion of a Kuro plasma owner. :)


    I thought it was so popular that it ran out of stock last time? Where did the clearance stock come from?


    Extra stock was a result of country stores getting largeish quantities which were re-ordered back to metro stores with higher sales.

    Last call this time, I guess. Phone around first!


    Big thanks, another 100 dollars saving.


    called kmart at firle - they said no stores in SA have bravias in stock.
    bad luck. anyway voted positive.


    it doesnt have HD tuner?

    Is this better than getting a 37" say philips with HD tuner built-in at around the same price?


    It has a HD tuner. I had mine set up to display the Australian GP on One HD. :)

    Obviously, it will only display to the 1080i / 720P resolution that the TV can offer.

    Google for the specifications - I'm sure it's on the previous thread for this TV, which was linked in the info above. :)


    yeah but thats says HD tuner, this one doesnt mention in specs

    So 100% the S4000 has a HD tuner?



    The features look good on the Sony S4000’s, with the 26-inch KDL-26S4000, 32-inch KDL-32S4000 and 37-inch KDL-37S4000 models featuring HD ready LCD screens (720p / 1080i) with a high dynamic contrast ratio of 30,000:1, Bravia Engine image processing for improved image quality, theater mode, Integrated DVB-C/DVB-T tuners, 3x HDMI inputs, and 2x Scart inputs


    I have one and can confirm it has a HD tuner


    I watched One HD again last night for the Bahrain F1 GP, first on a HD-tuner Kuro, then the second half of the race on this Bravia - with the HD tuner tuned into One HD.

    The question's likely to be academic now, considering the weekend is over and the stock is likely all gone - unless you've had one rainchecked from stock in transit.


    "I can tell you it looks pretty bloody good in my place" .. lol

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