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Free Tickets to The Taste of Melbourne 2013 on Nov 14 & 15



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We have 5 free double passes (10 tickets) to the Taste of Melbourne which is happening at Albert Park from November 14-17. These tickets go for ~$25/$30.

The Taste of Melbourne is a premium festival where you can sample food from some of Melbourne's best restaurants at a fraction of the price of what you would pay in a restaurant. Additionally, there are master classes, live entertainment, as well as food and beverage samples. Here's a review from 2012. Note that you will need to buy crowns to buy food and drinks however there are lots of free food & drinks.

I attended last year on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Hands down the best food festival in terms of crowds. Unlike other food fests/events which are held inside, having it at Albert Park assured there was plenty of room to move around.

Duck Burger | Masterclass with Chris from Josie Bones | Lemon Tart

How to win these tickets?

Australia is one of the most costly places to eat out in the world. It also has some of the best food in the world. Simply tell us your story of a quality meal or food/drinks that you received for a good price. Perhaps it was from a group buy /voucher deal, a combination of Entertainment Book vouchers /Best Restaurants of the Australia Card, or simply you thought your meal was good value.

My story:

Coles/Woolworths make their money off of fruit and veggie margins (IMO). I occasionally try to buy produce at Vic Market or my local fruit shop. My favourite fruit/veggie place is Sonsa Foods in Collingwood. Not only is everything fresh but the prices are great. Very friendly staff. They occasionally throw in freebies, round down in your favour, and have cheap specials on random international foods.

So post your story in the comments below.

Fine Print: Contest starts 6/11 at time of posting and ends Nov 12 12:01 AM EST. The tickets will entitle you to attend on Thursday or Friday . The tickets are in a paper format so OzBargain will need to physically mail them to you. We will email you for your mailing address. The tickets will be limited to 2 per winner. We plan to send all of the tickets out on Nov 12, so please respond quickly to ensure the tickets get to you in time. All entries will be judged by the moderators to determine winners.

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  • For almost 23 years of my life I hadn't had much indian food, I am just not a fan of spicy food, I feel like i could eat raw chilli's if i wanted spicy food.

    This was until i discovered Magic mint Indian resturant right next to my work in Moonee Ponds (Vic). The place has modern indian, with lovely fresh ingrediants and the most delicious, fluffy freshed made naan EVER!. I regularly head there for lunch, and for $11.90, with curry, Naans and Rice, with a glass of wine or soft drink, it's hard to beat!

    • Thats quite close to me, it sounds nice Ill have to try it. Thanks :)

      • The staff are friendly, so if u wish to have 2 naans instead of rice they are happy to swap it in their lunch special.

        • Saleem Indian at Coburg also do a similar deal with their thali lunch (that u can get any time not just lunch) and thats $12 used to be $10. You get chicken and lamb curries, raita, daal, naan, rice, salad and a can of soft drink. Pretty good deal. Im going to try urs next tho, thanx for posting :)

  • During my uni days, I used to take a long walk to Dominos every Tuesday for the $4.95 pizzas. It soon became a thing and this whole mob of 20 something people would finish our classes, order online and walk together into the store.

    I dont know if I'd be that happy eating those pizzas today, (its been a few years since those days) but in retrospect they were definitely memorable occasions - the food, banter and a way to bond.

    The juice was worth the squeeze.

    • There's every chance they make the pizzas better today than back then! I like Dominos pizza now days.

  • If you are ever bored or hungry or bored and hungry I would recommend Oasis. $6 falafel wrap made fresh to order and whilst your meal is being prepared you can walk around the aisles sampling everything from organic chick pea chips to freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.
    Don't be fooled it's not just a wrap joint. I like to think that Oasis is a quick trip into the middle east but doesn't restrict itself to bejewelled rice and stuffed eggplant.
    Oasis is not just a cafe/restaurant but an up and coming gourmet grocer that stocks cooky, cool and fresh "not you run of the mill" produce.
    Plus they have baklava that is melt in your mouth- absolutely to die for! Speaking of which I now totally have a craving death by sweet
    Also if you're in the area pop into Black Salt for a veggie breakfast and freshly squeezed juice $18.50 but the portions are huge, fresh and I'm usually full until dinner…

  • There is a great middle eastern/ Moroccan restaurant in Albert Park called Kamel. I have been there a number of times for breakfast and dinner - both of which were amazing.
    Being a vegetarian it can be tricky for me to find really nice flavoursome food (most menus have a token veg option but its usually bland/very standard). At Kamel they use such interesting spices that i never feel like i am missing out. The prices are very reasonable and you dont have to book weeks ahead. i highly recommend it!

  • I absolutely love shopping around to get the best value deals for everything for food. As a family of four on a tight budget I seldom have extra money to spend on restaurant food and I love buying ingredients and making creations out of the fresh ingredients for my family. I love shopping at Thomas Dux in the Glen Shopping Centre and find the offers good value on a weekly basis. I also love the fact that there is always a few samples to try before you buy at the place each week with different food samples. For example last week, they had the canned curry and Maggie Beer Sparking Rose and Philippa Bread for sampling. I also managed to buy red papayas for $2.95/kg which is a great bargain. The retailer also carry a wide range of organic and gourmet brands at a reasonable price that is not readily available at other supermarkets. They seem like a boutique grocer with all the favourite products at a reasonable price. As a whole I look forward to shopping at Thomas Dux each week end and would recommend anyone to shop there.

    • Busted!!
      You're not a real oz bargainer - no real ozbargainer would shop at Thomas Dux!
      $35 off every $50 spent a woolworths online is where it's at

      • By ur logic all ozbargainer should be trawling thru dumpsters coz it's free? Lol

        I think ozbargainer can have a taste for organicsand ggourmet food, Thomas dux is great value for that.

        Thanks for your story Anntip, I'm sure to visit TD next time

  • Groupon Deal. $30 for any two mains + glass of wine/beer.
    T&C - No menu items excluded for the deal. Drinks can be substituted.

    I ordered the 'Eye Fillet with Baked Field Mushroom & Potato Gratin, Béarnaise Sauce' $32. It was great, and I went back there about a month later and ordered it again. :) Without the group buy offer I wouldn't have come across 'The Beach', one of our favourites places. Oh and the name, this place is at the end of the South Melbourne Tram Line, and opposite the beach.

  • Alasyas in Brunswick offers great traditional Turkish food that is great value with a side of healthy. The Doner kebabs are great, as is the fresh wood fired Turkish bread. The middle eastern sweets on display are also a great after meal treat.

  • I am on a tight budget and do almost all of my own cooking. I love shopping at the Vic Market for fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. Shopping for seasonal market produce frequently means that I’m actually paying less for food in Australia than when I was shopping in traditional grocery stores overseas.

    Since I do almost all of my own cooking, going out to eat is a big treat for me. One of my biggest pet peeves is spending money on mediocre food, as I also equate quality with good value. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Josie Bones and trying the kangaroo carpaccio. The food was simple, approachable and delicious. The truffle oil flavour really came through in the dish and the bone marrow croquettes added a delightful salty crunch. Even though the $17 dish cost much more than the meals I traditionally cook at home, I still thought it was a great value due to the quality ingredients, friendly service, and excellent flavour.

    • Josie Bones is great. The beer menu is something like 30 or so pages. Smoked beer is beautiful. Haven't had a chance to eat there other than snacking on crackling.

    • Sounds nice and a big beer menu sounds great, love trying unusual beers. Definitely one for the to do list :)

  • Have an Entertainment Book and love the daily deal vouchers off of sites like Groupon etc, but one place I'd have to say I love is dining out at No.35 restaurant at the Sofitel in Melbourne. The view from the 35th floor over the city is fantastic, the service makes you feel like royalty, they gave me a bag hook for my bag and gave my Mum a pillow for her bag to sit on. The food was lovely and the prices reasonable for that standard of restaurant. At $30-$40 for a mains, which Ive paid thank you very much at extremely average restaurants I thought this was the complete package. A great place to go for a special occasion or just to enjoy the beautiful view over the Melbourne CBD while sipping champagne and having a fantastic meal, what more could you ask for. Also check out my review (I'm Foodie) on Urbanspoon and I posted a picture of the beautiful view as well http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/71/1469630/restaurant/CBD/No35-M... :)

  • One of the meal I had recently with a restaurant registered on Entertainment Book is Anchorage out in Williamstown, the food was amazing and the view is breathless on a nice day watching the sunset off the bay. The deal was buy one main get one free, we order a nice fish of the day and a lamb dish. Overall made a very affordable and very romantic dinner. Wine list was quite exhaustive and not over the top pricey. Highly recommended.

    • Thanks, Ill definitely give this one a go :)

    • Hi Shortee, just checked out the Anchorage's website and looks lovely, but I noticed on the outside deck menu (which seems the nicest IMO) it says that areas only open Thurs-Sun 3pm-5.15pm is that right?? Looks like a lovely place tho, thanks :)


      • Hi Lucky13,
        I didn't get to sit on the outside deck last time we went because it was quite a windy day - so we selected a window table inside instead, so sorry don't have much information to share with you there.

  • As a student, my budget cannot afford too luxurious meals regularly, but a place that ticks all the boxes and won't hurt the hip pocket has to be Springvale. You can't go wrong at most places, from pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) to rice and BBQ dishes, your choice is endless. A regular haunt I go to is Hua Tran. The patrons waiting outside are a testament to the quality of food on offer, at a reasonable cost (hovering around the $10 mark). There are enough choices to keep you coming in and trying things without having the same thing twice for a long time!

    • +1 for Springy

      My family has been going to the same place for pho (Pho Hung Vuong) for 20+ years. Always a queue waiting for a seat even on weekdays but well worth the wait.

      I try to get there at least once a month - my excuse being I need my $10 haircut (2 birds 1 stone)

      Even sent my wife there on her day off when they gave away free pho!
      http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/76819 100+ voted deal

  • I have the Entertainment Book and buy group buying vouchers now and then. I love it how these vouchers can take you to new places and find some hidden gems.

    One such place is Jai Ho Indian restaurant in Caulfield which I purchased on a group buying site. Each dish was amazing- it was so flavoursome and the staff were very friendly in their service. Since I purchased the deal, I have gone back to the restaurant on a couple of occasions and highly recommend it.

    Another place I highly recommend is Nyala African Restaurant in Fitzroy. Some of the food there is really unique and the spices and dips are extraordinary.

    Melbourne has so much to offer by way of food and there are so many bargains to be had if you're willing to try new things.

  • My favourite restaurant in Melbourne would have to be Kim sim – lives up to the hype. Not only in food, but in service and overall experience.
    Would love to go to Taste festival to try out some other great restaurants!!

  • Samurai Japanese Restaurant in Hawthorn off Glenferrie Road is awesome.
    Extremely cheap and authentic Japanese food.

    Its actually made by Japanese folks not the el cheapo Fake Japanese places which are often open by Koreans or Chinese.

    $8 for Lunch Special which is a main meal of the day and a soup of the day. They don't downsize the main due to lunch special as some places do. I eat ALOT, and the main meal just makes me full as hell. You won't be disappointed by their portions!

    Their dinner box is awesome value, $14, 1 Entree, 1 Main, 1 Soup, 1 Desert / Milkshake / Softdrink.

    Their service is friendly, and extremely quick but although being quick their food doesn't taste bad and doesn't taste like a fast food joint.

    • Sounds good. Do they do lunch special on weekends as well?

      • They do lunch specials on all days.

        I would highly recommend their Chicken Katsu Curry. The crumb coating on the chicken tastes different to the usual fried chicken curry that you get at 90% of other Japanese Places.

    • Green tea milkshake is the best!

  • Recently I had the most amazing experience at Saint Crispin! Not only was the food just to die for but it was also really cheap as well, only $60 bucks for 3 courses - but we had to add on the "snap, crackle 'n pop" to start (unbelievable pork rinds but they were just so fabulous you wouldn't believe it!) - oh and we added the oysters, I always need oysters! I'm so excited to see they are at Taste 2013 and sharing the love - remember they got best new rest by the Age good food guide this year peoples, what an acomplishment… I really, really hope I can win some tix - please!

  • Crown Melbourne's $10/$15/$20 meal promotion is a great value - valid Monday to Thursday. $10 for one course, $15 for two, $20 for three. 6 restaurants to choose from (although some are better than others) each with its own select menu for this promotion. The best thing is you can drive your partner into crown, park for free, get an entree and main for $30 (for both) and then take a walk down Southbank while possibly getting some ice cream on a nice night. Alternatively if the night is not so nice we have gone to the movies after dinner and purchased our tickets via Telstra ($10 each) = $50 movie, dinner and parking for two! A really good way to not only have a nice meal but have a great evening.

    Would love to go to the Taste of Melbourne, I haven't been before and looks amazing!

    Link below if anyone wants to take advantage of this offer.

  • Sydney Newtown Thai II


    I have yet to find a similar place like this in Melbourne. Where can you go and get urbanspoon 85% rating for 6 bucks.

    Price: Lunch special was $6 (might be $6.50 now)
    Portion: Massive (working distance from Sydney Uni and targeted to fill up hungry Uni students)
    Quality: One of the best pad thai I ever had in Sydney.

    This place spoiled my expectations when I go to Thai places and used to drive up there for 25 mins just to eat at that place. I couldn't even find a comparable place, priced at $10.

    In Melbourne, I like Welcome Thai.


    Their take away/delivery prices are ~$12.90 for vegetable options (which is what I like to order)
    Dine in price is $14.90 but you can use Ent book if you have one (25% off)
    They are good quality joint and not so bad price, definitely not the best price though.

  • I usually always take advantage of BYO - i dislike the notion of paying markups of 200% or 300% that you get by ordering drinks from a restaurant. Which is why I was very appreciate of a Scoopon deal for Maya Tequila Bar in South Yarra.
    The deal was $49 for $100 to spend on anything, so I took the missus for a delicious Mexican dinner accompanied by some of the most elegant, satisfying cocktails we've ever had: made with top shelf tequila, freshly squeezed juice and other high quality ingredients. Given we are on a somewhat tight budget, this was a special treat made possible only by the often unfairly maligned group buying industry.

    The Taste of Melbourne presents another opportunity to taste special treats without having to spend so much, and we would love to be able to be given some tickets to go!

  • Highpoint Fruit and Vegetable Market has become my all time favourite since it opened in the new section of Hoghpoint Shopping Centre.

    Not only having a large range of fresh produce, the price is also surprisingly cheap. The usual price for baby spinach and mushroom is about $4-5/kg. (Woolworths next door is $16 or $11/kg!)

    The best part is that the shop has half price sale for a list of products about half an hour before they close and that's the usual time I do my shopping.

    This place allows me to grab fresh food after work as it opens according to shopping mall hours. Vic mkt is good too but it's not open everyday and closes mid-day for weekdays.

  • I am a food lover but being a fresh graduate I am constantly on a constrained budge. I have only just received my first full time employment pay cheque this year when I stumbled upon Ozbargain, what great timing! Love cheap eats and would try out new places with group buy deals. I am not a big fan of steak and would never pay full price for one but that all changed when I dined in Station Hotel, Footscray!

    The place's exterior looks awful but the interior is very tasteful and pleasent. The steaks cost around $40-60 but they come with handcut chips, salad, bearnaise and peppercorn sauce as well as 3 different flavors of mustards. The steak literally melts in your mouth and the sauces are absolutely beautiful! The handcut chips is amazing too. The services are always friendly, although there is always a bit of a wait for the food. The money you pay for the meal is worth each and every penny. We have recommended the place to a few friends and they all agreed it was the best steaks they have ever had! Being a westie I am quite proud of this little germ in the Western surburb.

    The place received some good reviews
    and I have known peopled who would travel from the easter surburb just to try it out.

  • Being so close to the Vic Market, my all time best value meal is The Borek Shop at the Deli Hall at the Queen Victoria Market.


    The $3 meal is incredibly tasty and satisfying, it is quite a generous serving, you can understand why it is hard to miss as there is always a crowd there. Nothing like freshly baked boreks, straight out of the oven. My favourite is the spicy lamb borek, although the cheese and spinach or spicy potato are just as delicious.

    Not much seating available, generally able to get a seat at the Elizabeth st offshoot:


    Open daily, here you can also watch the gozlemes being made at the front window and the boreks at the back, where lumps of dough are pulled into long rolls and filled with different ingredients before being freshly baked.

    I am also a big fan of Naked for Satan.
    $1 pinxtos (Mon-Fri lunch, Sun-Wed nights, $2 each otherwise). A sophisticated and warm atmosphere. I get a good feed on 3-8 pinxtos. Great value!
    There is a good variety to choose from (seafood/meat/vegetarian/dessert), all freshly made and the turnover is high. I like the:
    - Cauliflower, Manouri Cheese & Garlic Prawn
    - Tortilla with Aioli
    - Chilli Cashew & Capsicum with Eggplant
    - Octopus, Chickpea & Caperberry
    - Squid Ink Risoni w Grilled Calamari
    - Carrot & field mushroom

    I hope you give these places a try and find that it's great value and enjoy them as much as I do!

  • I won!! Thank you so much neil. Ill make sure to report on my lovely day afterwards :D Thank you :)

  • Well done Lucky. Hope you have a great time at the show.

  • +2 votes

    FYI, we have contacted the 5 winners, however only 2 have responded. Note that these are valid only for Thursday and Friday. Please respond ASAP to the messages. If we don't receive a reply, we will pick other winners.

  • Congrats Lucky13. Hope you have a cracker of a good time. I will try again next year :)

    • If neil cant contact the other 3 people you might get a chance to go this year. I hope so, good luck :)

  • Thanks lucky13 for the best wishes!!

  • Tickets arrived today, thanks again Ozbargain/Neil, cant wait only 2 more sleeps :)

  • Have all the tickets been given away? I'm still interested.

  • Just saw this unfortunately (Thanks to Ozb for offering the tix though and congrats to the winners - Enjoy!).
    I thought I'd add my experience anyway :-)

    There are a lot of meal voucher offers that are so-so but I came across this one some time back (they advertised it for a short time on a couple of voucher sites). It was $30 for $100(!) worth of food and drinks at Natalie's restaurant in Mitcham, VIC. I wasn't sure what it would be like given my experiences at some other places using vouchers (so I didn't post it on OzB) but it turned out Natalie's was fantastic when we went there to use our offer a couple of months later. The service was terrific and so was the food. Nothing off limits either. We had steak and salmon and ate like kings (were stuffed with good food)! They had a guy playing piano live as well on the night we were there.

    The icing on the cake was when they gave us a $25 voucher for next time (no min spend)! That's the way to use voucher offers to promote your business! I note the reviews since then have been hit or miss but we've been happy the times we've visited.

    I found the old offer shown still showing but with some messed up location details via a cached link. Wish they'd repeat the offer!

  • And thanks once again Neil/Ozbargain for the free tix to Taste Of Melbourne. Had a great night sampling food and tasting wines and beers. Am looking forward to next years so we can do it all over again. Thank you! :)