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Buy 1 907g Myofusion Probiotic Series Protein Powder, Get A Second For 50% OFF! FREE SHIPPING!


Head over to Bodybuildpro.com and add any two 907g Gaspari Myofusion Probiotic Series Protein Powders and get the second for 50% OFF! Discount will automatically apply at the shopping cart.

We will also deliver them to you FREE of charge!

Equates to $74.85 for both units, shipped.

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    Price yo


    Is this protein any good?


      The cinnamon tastes great. Still not that good a deal though if you get 5lbs here when most stores have 10% or so off every few weeks and you wouldn't have to wait on postage.


      Myofusion taste awesome, I think the deal is not meant to be a cost per KG comparison to all other sizes, as by that logic, a 5lbs bag is not great value compared to the 10lbs bag someone else might recommend.

      I think the idea is people without a big budget can buy with a friend or can try a few different flavour without being stuck with a huge bag of something they don't like. End of the day, you always pay less for bulk buying, so compared to other same size prices available, this is a good deal.

      Also, my experience is stores are always way more expensive than online, and waiting a few weeks for a discount and driving to pick it up seem more time consuming than waiting for free postage.

      Just a though :)

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