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50% off Skype Cards at BigW Starts 21/11


50% off Skype Cards at Bigw Starts 21/11:2103

Have a good day all

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  • I still have 3 left over from the coles deal. I bought 9. Time to stock up again :)

  • Thanks, couldn't get Viber to work, can send calls but not receive on my ipad 2. If anyone knows how let me know. I will look to see if I can using Skype.

  • Does anyone know if these cards can be given to people overseas to redeem?

    • From Skype website - click on 'what you'll need'

      To redeem a Skype Card all you need is an existing Skype account. All you have to do is sign in and enter your Skype Card’s unique code.

      I suspect you could just give them the unique code (over the phone, email) without the physical gift card.

    • Yes you can. I did it for a relative overseas and the AUD value is covered to their currency… in this case 25AUD was convert to 16.xx Eur

  • These cards can only be used for call credit and not to buy online number or subscriptions?

  • does the credit have an expiry date after purchase?

  • I've heard about something called Actionvoip which is supposed to be quite cheap. Anyone else heard about this one?

  • Does anybody know if you can use these to pay for subscriptions(i.e. Skype premium 12 months)?

  • Ah bummer I won't be back in Aus until 4th Dec.

    Does anyone fancy buying a few of these for me?

    Will buy you a beer for the effort :)

  • Send me a message - I'll grab you some! Maybe you guys can go halves in getting me a cheap pair of earphones mwahaha from Dick Smith :0

  • Just grabbed $100 worth at Big W QV City Melbourne, took a bit of finding they are just in front of the self service checkouts, and there were about $200-300 worth of $25 cards left at about 12:30 - be quick!

  • As of 10mins ago there was a small handful of cards still at highpoint. With all the other gift cards near the registers at the front of the store