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FinalDays - Slazenger Click Frenzy Sale 'Nothing Over $5', Free Shipping Min Order $25


Note: Prices are constantly being updated and may change after being placed in shopping basket. Please check carefully before payment.

Pretty similar to their last Click Frenzy Sale.

  • Mens from $3.89 - still some track pants but no more hoodies
  • Womens from $5.99 - the Spray jacket seems like a good deal.
  • Kids from $4.49

Minimnum order for free shipping is now $25, otherwise it's $9.

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2013

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Final Days
Final Days

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  • yep all gone

  • i think they are holding at $0 and sold out until 7pm tonight….

  • Expired? I thought it has not even started!!!

    • +2

      We can remove the expiry if they have stock again at 7pm. At the moment it's a bit hard to tell if they are really out of stock, or are just pretending to be to stop users from purchasing before 7pm.

  • Most of the good items like the hoodie are gone. Not sure if they'll put it back up at 7pm though.

  • +2

    Anyone who left stuff in the their cart should be OK
    I left items in my cart during all the chaos. Just checked it again - all marked at $5.
    Checked out with paypal - received order confirmation.

    • genius!

    • Anyone know the Delivery time for these?

  • +1

    Well it seems like it's back now anyhow

  • thx for the heads up. checkout out.

  • +1

    Thanks. Sweet deal.
    Got 5 things for $25 delivered.

  • I called their customer service and asked for refund on price difference :D

    • what did they say? i called as well and they said that they can't do that and what i'll have to do is to re-order it and return the first lot….. i don't want to end up with doubles….

      • The girl said the difference ( I think it was $2.73) will be refunded into my credit card. The whole phone convo only took like 2 mins. Maybe try different staff

        • doh…. just reordered….. not too fussed if they would refund the difference… might have to call again….

  • Still got a few items left - all at $5 - just managed to order a few , no problems.

  • Nice got two shirts, shorts, jacket and a muscle tee cause im ripped

  • Items are now available.

  • all gone..

    • +1

      what, im still seeing heaps

  • Its all back now

  • back on again $5

  • So no Medium size. All XL…. guess I was too late.

  • Ordered $70 worth of clothing and was charge the exact amount via Paypal so I think it would be alright.

  • Ordered 5 items including 3 jackets for $27

    Thanks Op!

  • +4

    At this rate there will only be XL+ sizes for everything by the time CF goes live.

  • How do i go to my cart and checkout it doesnt let me click it only hover over…

    • I can't checkout either. Perhaps it's disabled.

  • Thanks tried earlier didn't work but all good now

    • Can someone post the url for the shopping cart? There doesn't seem to be a link that takes you there.

      edit: looks like the checkout button doesn't work appear if you are on mobile!

  • Just got some stuff shirts, shorts and shoes plenty more there when i just paid no problem

    • +1

      There are shoes?

  • Not able to checkout!!!HELP!!

  • no, still live. I just got 6 items for $30

  • For sale for those who bought sports gear


  • Only large sizes left

  • Why is it asking for a promo code? Cannot check out with putting in a code!

  • There were still few M sizes left. Ordered some. Thanks OP.

  • Managed to get some shorts and tees, missed out on the hoodies though.

    great deal.

  • Just bought heaps of stuff. Could they have added more stock? I got a confirmation of the order. Hope this doesn't end in disappointment.

  • Looks like all sold out. it wont even let me access the cart even though i've got items in there.

    • works here..

      • Dang I can't get it working. On 2 different computers and several browsers :(

        Edit : Working now :)

  • me too
    just 5minuts ago was alrgit

  • it works again just managed to get some items. paid by cc but wont accept paypal.

  • Lots of 'sold outs' BUT stuff there NOW, I just ordered 6 tops, $28.47 delivered. Thanks OP.

  • To all the OzB hoarders…(inc myself - LOL)…

    Pls note that there are no returns, see here:


    • Oh no, when did they change that since last time? I bought several items in different sizes :-0

  • +1

    Also looks like there's a heap more ladies clothes in stock…

  • Did you get a emailed order confirmation?
    Still says "processing" wonder how long this will take to process thousand of orders.

  • Trakkies and shorts, great!

  • nice post OP, bought just enough to get free shipping. Not much items left

  • Dammit, just got a $5 refund through paypal due to a lack of stock. Looks like I'll be only getting 4/5 items.

    • still free shipping though?

      • Hasn't shipped yet, until then I am holding out hope they will send the remaining 4 for free.

        • This happened to me in a previous sale and they still shipped for free.

        • They won't ask you for shipping costs.

  • Dammit.. how did I only see this now!!!? Ah well… still managed to get some good stuff… Thanks OP.. (hopefully stock levels were accurate!)

  • still hasn't shipped yet hmm….

    • got the email just now!

  • +1

    Mine just got delivered - much quicker than I expected!

  • +1

    Mine says processing. Hope that doesn't mean everything was out of stock when I bought..

  • Just worked for me. Limited stocks and sizes left, but I scored 7 items for $34 with free shipping. Yay!

  • Received mine today, the essential polo is pretty good

    • Wow that's actually quite quick.

      ( Upvote btw, always remember to upvote :) )

  • just noticed everything i ordered was refunded :(

  • No tennis balls? :(

  • With all the Good Guys and Mobileciti stuff going on I totally forgot about my order with these guys!

    Just checked my account and it says Processing.

    • log into your account to check the status. mine says cancelled.

      i got no email confirmation saying that…

  • Mine came..

    2x Hoodies
    2x Shirts
    2x Trackies
    4x Shorts

    Bloody good deal!

    • then where's yuor + ?

  • Forever processing. Going overseas soon, and took the risk. Looks like it won't come in time; if ever. :(

  • looks like they still have some stock available, limited sizes though.

  • I've just emailed them to find out what is happening.

    Received this auto reply:

    Thank you for your email.

    We are currently experiencing a high volume of emails and will endeavor to respond as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards,

    Online Customer Service Team

  • my order promptly arrived today. The hoodies fit quite nicely and look good, haven't tried on the shorts as I was in a hurry to get to work.

    • How long between the confirmation the order was sent, to you receiving it?


  • I just got a few polos and shorts, 6 items for $28.47

  • +2

    I intentionally bought L sizes because they were offering free returns if the clothes did not fit. Then they changed the return policy shortly after… Now that I got them delivered, 3/5 items are a bit too big.

    They definitely changed their return policy. I can't find a copy of their site for that exact day, but here's an archive for October: http://web.archive.org/web/20131020155402/http://www.finalda.... It says at the bottom that "we will accept returns for change of mind or size". That's what I read when I made my purchase. Now they changed it.

    Now it says: "We will accept returns at any time if products are faulty or the incorrect products were delivered." They changed it AFTER I made my purchase. You can tell they changed it because they deleted the returns/exchange page that said you can change if it's wrong size http://www.finaldays.com.au/slazenger/returns-exchanges/.

    I'll call them up tomorrow and hopefully they give me a different size or a refund. One of the items they sent me was faulty anyway. The jacket has 2 zips on it so I can't fully unzip it (unless that was the design). Changing their return policy in the middle of such a massive sale is a bit sneaky.. I'll let you guys know what happens.

    • Called in the morning and was told someone would contact me and address the issue. Well, unsurprisingly, no one called back. I'll give it another try tomorrow.

      • +1

        I know for a fact that they changed the policy… During the sale I checked their return policy before purchasing, and they mentioned they accept returns. At one stage during the sale the webpage on the refund/return wouldn't load and I was thinking this is strange. Unsurprisingly when I click back to the page the policy has been changed.

    • I didn't have time to call yesterday. I called them back today and am now sending the items back to them so I can get my refund.

  • Ended up buying twelve items,good quality gym stuff. $5 an item, can't go wrong.

  • +1

    1 of the 5 items i purchased was completely incorrect.

    Ordered a small polo, received XXL shorts!

    Called customer service and Vicky quickly and easily refunded $5. Very easy to deal with!

  • +1

    Thankyou op, just received my 8 items, very happy.

    • Good to know. After posting the deal, I did not place an order until late the next day. Just received my order today. :)

  • Got 3/6 of my items, sloppy customer service but the quality is soooooo good! Happy days!

  • -1

    Looking at the feedback these guys look like amatures.

    My order was supposed to be shipped on the 22, in which case it would be here by now. But there was no tracking number and after 2 days of "i'll get back to you I just asked for a refund but I expect I will have to charge back

  • Have people received shipping confirmation emails
    I have only received a confirmation of order
    will call Monday to see what's happened

  • +1

    Ordered on the 19th and all 6 items were delivered today. No shipping email or anything but all items are fantastic!

  • I had ordered 18 items - the parcel arrived today with only 14!

    Has anyone else received their shipment with some items missing?

    I've emailed them asking about it - will see how good their customer service is.

  • I received notice that my items had been shipped on 27th. Tracking number supplied comes up invalid.

    It lists all 15 of my items so hopefully that's what I'll be getting - when it eventually arrives.

  • I called them this morning to see if mine had be dispatched, as I hadn't received the email with tracking #.

    Turns out they had an "I.T. issue" and it's being re-processed now…

    • My email with tracking # only listed 14/18 of my items… odd that they didn't post it all at once.

    • Well what about your tracking #? Mine was also invalid — seems to be a common issue.
      Doubtful I'll buy from them again.

  • Got my 7 items quickly a few days ago … excellent quality, great bargains.

  • received mine =]

  • Mine arrived this morning.
    The tracking # was okay as I discovered a couple of days ago — I was checking the tracking number too early.

    The items are great.

  • Just wondering….anyone in WA still waiting for their order?