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Tickets to X-Men Origins: Wolverine: 2 for $22


I saw this while on my Virgin mobile account - it seems like a decent deal considering there aren't many restrictions (ie. times / locations) and I can't see an expiry date.

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  • Forgot to say that it's for Hoyts…

  • lol that just killed it for me..no decent hoyts in sydney hahah

  • Awesome was going to pay full price to see it tonight! Not anymore =P!!!!

  • Saw it tonight…

    Well, the ending was kinda cliff-hanger-like..

    I wont say more to avoid spoiling it!

  • Just remember to stay after the credits!

  • crap, I just paid $31 for 2 yesterday.

  • It's been a while since I've been to a Hoyts cinema (since they're not in QLD anymore), so I'm not all that familiar with their prices, but $11 seems very expensive for a movie ticket, even at full price. If this is a bargain (and I'm not saying it's not), I'd hate to see their regular prices.

  • Regular prices for cinemas near me are $16.50! But I paid it anyway to see Wolverine.

  • Tuesday prices are generally cheaper than that.

  • Any deals for Village?

  • whats with the special code "NS" ?

  • nice 1

  • I'll be going tonight! :D

  • Great voucher! Should have waited for my FREE tickets on bargain: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/11945
    ^_^ Nvm, great movie, I'll go watch again!

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