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Kids Safe Browser for Android Free with Lifetime License for First 500 Installers


From the site..
Works great,

Kids Safe Browser is a cloud based web content filtering browser to provide your kids a safer internet surfing environment.
Its a plugin to the Kids Place - Parental Control app and adds web content filtering feature to it.


  1. Block Porn, Adult, Social Media, Gaming and over 50 other categories of websites
  2. Create your own white and black list of websites.
  3. Set your own filtering rules.
  4. Configure web browser UI to allow address bar; searching; access to favorites etc.
  5. Access to settings protected by Kids Place PIN.

NOTE: First 500 installs gets lifetime license option.

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  • +2

    First 500 installs gets lifetime license option.

    Who's lifetime ?

    • certainly not yours old fella :p

    • Where is the lifetime license? Mine just has an "upgrade" button for about $5 for a license.

  • What's stopping them from closing this and opening the default browser ?
    Can you 'lock' Andriod apps ?

    • You use their other 'Kids Place' app which you can you lock down anything and add timers etc.

      The Video browser app isn't very good though.

      Its pretty sturdy.

  • "Block Porn, Adult, Social Media, Gaming" so what is actually left after you filter all that?

    • +2

      so what is actually left after you filter all that?


      • but jv that's a given…..and are you saying we ozbargainers ain't social? :P

  • Great idea hope it works well
    Can the default browser be removed?

  • As of Android 4.3 you can create restricted profiles which disallow access to apps and i think some features within apps (or at least in-app-purchases) so you can install this for your kid but keep the default browser for when you want to use the tablet.

    Now if your kid owns the tablet (you spoiling parents you) then you can uninstall the stock browser if you're rooted, but I've read it can cause problems (similar to uninstalling internet explorer back in the day) so you probably shouldn't do that.

    If you've got a samsung device I THINK there is an option to hide apps from the app drawer without uninstalling, otherwise you might have to get another launcher such as nova/apex that lets you hide the applications. Even then, an inquisitive young mind may be able to figure out how to unhide things anyway!

  • Mmmm not compatible with Xperia Z says Google Play… Oh well.

  • +1

    Wonder if this works, or is even needed, with a MiiPC.

    • That looks quite good, although I couldn't be sure if its anything much more than one of those Android USB TV dongles with similar software on, depends what price point and how easy it is for most people I suppose.

      • Hopefully it's a bit more than that, especially with educational software.

        Will see how my nieces fare with it!

  • They email password is plaintext :/