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Brand New Toyota Aurion AT-X at $29990 Drive Away. SAVE up to $10600! (Depending on State)


This is Toyota's Best Deal in a long time.

Brand new Toyota Aurion AT-X at $29990 Drive away.

Toyota End of Year ALL OUT Clarence.

Recommend Drive-away Price usually at $40314-$40620.
SAVE up to $10600! (depending on state)

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    • How about VW Tiguan 118TSI?
      $30,490 drive away for DSG and $27,990 for manual.
      inc paint and eligible for capped price servicing.
      (expecting replies saying DSG is shyt blablabla…)
      it is a good price for a german made SUV.

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        DSG is Das Special Gear!

        i would've gotten a passat v6 as my commute car if it's not because of the shyt attitude of the dealers.

        At some point when I got to dealer #4 to try to buy/testdrive one, I just thought it's just not worth the pain anymore. (Can't imagine when I went back for some other issues AFTER i got the car.)

        so to those same sydney vw agents happen to be reading this…*middle finger*

        • thats shame…some VW dealers in Melb are very arrogant, well, some toyota dealers are even worse…
          despite VWA, dealerships and pricing, I do love VW cars…

        • Should of rung VW Australia and explained the situation. Would of given them an opportunity to bargain with you directly. Might of scored a few thousand off for bringing it to their attention… who knows…

        • +1

          i did thought of that, but end of the day, it's the "front end people" i'm dealing with when I have issues with the car, and not the HQ/regional distributor.

          Depending on the next models from VW, probably will test them out again the next car change cycle (7 years maybe?). I am not holding my breath though.

        • i got a ~$6k discount for my new golf 103TSI highline with options, no fleet/corp discount

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    There's a lot of positive votes but only 4 or 5 have commented. Toyota dealers must be too busy to leave one

    • No, there's just a hell of a lot of sheep frequenting this site…


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    Hi just want to share my awful experience with Holden. Bought brand new Holden captiva 2013. And gave me all sort of trouble in the engine since the beginning. Holden is never helpful and very sorry to chose this useless car. Holden captiva is just a lemon.

    • +3

      They're nick named the Craptiva on the internet - there's a fair bit of complaints with the Korean Holdens.

      • +1

        What you speak is true.

        Holden definitely have a knack for marketing crap. Other than the Commodore, none of their cars are really even close to being class leaders. Most of its rubbish. Craptiva, Crude etc.

        • Its a GM company. I'm not impressed. My next car will be a Tesla stage 3 EV.

    • Sorry to hear - document your correspondence with the dealer and make sure they fix it. There is a thread on this on another forum from someone who got a lemon captiva and some avenues on how to approach it

      Personally the only Korean car I'd be happy to drive are the Hyundais of the last few years. Other than that Japanese & Aussie cars are usually a safe bet.

  • Who pay $40600 for a AT-X? Who are you trying to cheat here?

    • RRP is $36,490 for the AT-X.

  • Go auto review here:

    Though any of these large sedans cop too much depreciation to make me think they're much of a bargain. This is almost rav-4 / cr-v / cx-5 money, and since SUV's aren't used to the same extent as fleet cars you don't see companies dumping them en masse at the auction houses (where the dealers usually snap up Falcons / Commodores / Camrys etc).

    All dealers will be running promos on their 2013 plated stock now/soon anyway. Keep ur eyes open for deals leading into December!

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    Corolla is the only car in toyota for my knowledge hold the value and doesnt depreciate that much like camry or aurion

    • 3 yr old camry with 4 cyl engine doesn't depreciate much either.

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    They'll be cheaper once they stop screwing a few parts together in Australia.

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      They'll be cheaper once they stop screwing Australia.

      fixed for you.

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      Indeed. Future Camrys are likely to come from Thailand meaning no import duty, and lower cost of building. I think it would be a good idea to have Camry I4 & V6 again rather than two separate nameplates. Simpler marketing, cars look identical meaning taking up less showroom space, etc.

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