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Cyber Monday: Low Bullion Premiums Inc Silver Coins @ Spot Price, Kg Bars For $20 Over Spot


Gold Stackers has listed some bargains for their Cyber Monday sale including Silver coins at spot price and some other heavily reduced Gold & Silver coins/bars.

Other bullion dealers that will be participating in today's Cyber Monday sale listed in this post:


If I have time during the day I will be tweeting other bullion bargains as I spot them:


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  • Rep?

    • Not associated with Gold Stackers, but have purchased with them before. One of the other dealers running a Cyber Monday sale (in my blog post) sponsors my site, clearly indicated.

  • What's your thoughts on the price of silver at the moment? Worthy investment or throwing away money as a long term investment?

    (I'm somewhat hoping for the bitcoin bubble to burst after I invest sending people scurrying back to invest in precious metals).

    • I'm buying :) but was also a buyer when I thought the bottom was forming at $26, so DYODD!

  • Do people actually stash gold bars under their bed?

    • In a safe that's secured down or in the bank would be a better bet.

      It's no different to having money laying around the house, if you had $5,000 cash in the house you would put it away somewhere. So it makes sense to put gold/silver/platinum or whatever it is you have away.

  • +1

    Don't know if it's just because I'm over cautious but I'm not a fan of their direct deposit payment method.

    • I've paid direct deposit with no issues in the past. The problem with offering other options (such as PayPal) is the cost. Bullion dealers operate on very small margins so they can't afford to wear the additional 2-3% that PayPal would cost them.

  • Wait until the after Christmas sales you'll save another 10%,…

    If Bullion sellers are dropping the price, they dont have much confidence that the price will be going up would they?

    • They buy and sell based on the current spot price, if they tried to sell at high prices then they would lose business to the likes of the Perth mint (direct) and other resellers.
      If they feel that the price gets too low then they may still sell small quantities but restrict larger quantities by saying they aren't holding the stock.