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Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 @ $39.95


Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000

  • Rechargeable convenience is offered via horizontal charging station that
  • provides a sturdy place to recharge the mouse
  • Blinking green light offers charge confirmation; * 1 AAA rechargeable bat
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology gives a confident wireless connection with a
  • range of up to 30 feet
  • MS High Definition Laser Tech features the exclusive MS Intelligent
  • Tracking System for smoother tracking, 1,000 dots per inch for more
  • Responsiveness & 6,000 frames per second for better precision
  • One-touch access to Windows Flip 3D allows users to flip through open
  • windows in a stack & quickly switch between App
  • 2 Tilt Wheel delivers revolutionary 4-way scrolling capabilities
  • for smooth vertical & horizontal control & ease when navigating
  • long Web pages or spreadsheets
  • Magnifier tool enlarges any section of the screen, enabling real-time
  • magnified viewing and editing of images, documents, Web sites and more
  • SYS REQS -:
  • Windows Vista(Certain Features required) /Windows XP, 100 MB HD Space,
  • USB port on PC, CD-ROM drive, Internet access for certain features
  • Mac OS X v10.2x10.5x (excluding Mac OS X v10.010.1), USB Port on PC

Sydney $9.99
Australia-wide $15

RRP $99.00
Market Price from $59.76 + Shipping (based on Staticice)

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    what are you trying to do here Dan?

    first, you using shopbot as your link
    then, in there, it's $39.95 (cheaper) than what you advertise here.


  • Does 2.4GHz interfere with wifi routers since they operate at the same frequency?
    Also how is "Laser" different to your garden variety "optical" mouse?

      • I am using MS ARC mouse at this moment, which is using 2.4GBHz as well. It's no problem with my wireless router.

      • optical mouse has to run on flat and rough surface; and laser mouse almost can run on any surface including glass and mirror.

  • A wireless bluetooth mouse is more accurate than a wireless laser mouse, for roughly the same price.

  • I'd jump at this, except for the age-old SSq issue of high shipping.
    $15 is too much for me to swallow.

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