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Free T-shirt for First 1000 Visitors to the Apple Store Doncaster (Opens 23rd May)


Come to the new Apple Store Doncaster, and bring your curiosity. It’s the place to test-drive any Mac or iPod, experience iPhone, and catch free workshops for all the latest tips and tricks. When you get there, find our Concierge in the orange shirt. The Concierge is your guide to everything, from checking in for an appointment to instant checkout. And if you’re one of the first 1000 visitors, you’ll get a free Apple T-shirt.

Cant say what that tshirt would be? any one own one from previous openings?
Sorry no pic, it came in an email…

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  • The Apple t-shirts that were given away during the Sydney store opening ended up selling for >$100 on ebay.

    Something to keep in mind =)

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      Only a couple, and that was the first in Australia… lots sold for $30-50 as well.

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    the T- thirt is American Apparel

    • that's better than made in Taiwan… :)

      • made in USA
        hah i just checked my chadstone one

  • the t-shirt is a collectible item :)
    just an apple logo and underneath will just say doncaster
    but it's priceless

  • Opens at 9 I assume? Shopping centre doors 8:30 perhaps. Hmm… wonder if I can be bothered.

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    I want one to give to my Fruit & Vegi Store guy. He always gives me a great deal on my weekly Fruit & Vegis. An "Apple" t-shirt would be an appropriate gift.

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      wow do you have a crush on your fruit & vegi store guy?

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        I think he just likes bargains on his fruit and veggies.

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        I like anyone who gives me a bargain. I have a crush on ozbargain also.

  • awesome doncaster. is this a mega store like sydney opening?

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      No, they only open flagship stores in flagship cities like Sydney.

      ducks and hides

      • /flamerwar start

        melbourne is better (i live in sydney :) - i work next door to the king/george haha

  • …We need a Apple store in SA….Come on Apple

  • how was the first shirt giveaway?? Don't tell me there were tons of people queueing up outside the shop.

    • yes it was.
      I was the 900es and I came to chadstone around 10am and if i could remember, they open at 10am.
      do anyone know what time they open at doncaster>?

  • Meh. Is there a train or something that gets to Doncaster Westfield? Went there once years ago and it was strickly a bus only zone from what I remember. Worth it going from Toorak to Doncaster for the t-shirt?

    Heck I guess I outta. I own several Apple products, everything from the Apple II right up to the 3G iPhone. :)

    Is this basically what the Tee looks like?

    With Doncaster written on it? :)


  • Spend about 30mins in the queue before being let in and given the boxed t-shirt (I assume, as I've not opened it yet).

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    Not worth travelling a distance to get there for it. The queue was well organised, orderly and didn't block anything (It helped that most of the other stores hadn't opened yet). Diehard fans had camped out early but there didn't seem to be any extra benefits for being the first vs the 1000th (who probably walked by on their way to the supermarket when their was no queue!).

    It was quiet then the staff did their usual American excitement thing just before the opening, running around the lined up crowd, cheering and doing high-fives. Then the store opened, half the lined up crowd was let in as staff clapped at the entrance and each person was given a t-shirt in a little white box (See pics. one size fits all, Black Hanes Beefy-T brand XL 46-48. Made in Honduras) and a general store pamphlet. People just tried out the gear instore and either left after they bought something or got bored (once they realised nothing else was going to happen after they got their t-shirt). Other customers were let in fairly quickly as other left. Well organised with no "crush" in or outside the store.

    You'd have to be really desperate to buy a t-shirt off e-bay. They aren't that special (print wise) and would only be of recognisable significance to real Apple fans. Save your money for the tech stuff in the store instead for longer lasting thrills or to impress friends…

    Pics of T-shirt and store opening

    PS. CompNow (Apple reseller) was also open in the centre. All the same Apple products were on show there just in smaller numbers.

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      absolutely nothing special about the shirt. i can just make a print like that on a black t-shirt if i want to. i mean im not living in poverty so i have enough clothes to wear.

  • doncaster wesftfield lots pretty awesome imho

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