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[Two Blossom Lane, Baby/Toddler Clothing] Up to 60% off // End of Season Sale


Up to 60% Off // End of Season Sale

Two Blossom Lane is based in Sydney Australia. We launched our company in 2012 with the goal of offering quality, unique and fun baby and toddler clothing to fashion-conscious parents. We offer a variety of clothing made by Australian companies and designers.

At Two Blossom Lane, our kids fashions reflect our view that growing up should be fun. That's why we only stock items we feel support that premise. Kids will have plenty of time to be serious when they grow up. Now is the time to enjoy themselves and have fun. Our clothes are comfortable without being baggy and blah, fashionable without being too "nice" to play and have fun in.

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Two Blossom Lane
Two Blossom Lane

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    Might want to specify your location and type of store in the title

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    $50 RRP for a pair of shorts for a 2yo. I wish you well in finding customers to "support that premise"


      Thank you for your feedback, we do have a full range of products with most of our clothing ranging from a full RRP $18.95-$32.95. The particular shoes that you've mentioned are only two of our items and are specifically designed and handcrafted for toddlers who are learning to walk. Kindest, Sami


        $50 RRP for a pair of shorts for a 2yo

        Not sure how they'll help a toddler learn to walk but at $50 it's nice to know they're more than just a fashion statement.

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